Gulf Oil “Still There” According to Scientists

While the Obama Administration and BP are happy to report that 70% of the oil is magically gone (evaporated, burned up, dispersed or inhaled by dolphins, fish, whales and humans), the scientific findings are stating the opposite.

It’s still there, still toxic as hell and destroying the Gulf of Mexico and the food chain.  Found only 40 miles from Panama City, Florida too.  Be sure to watch the CNN video.

Georgia scientists report that the oil is still there.

Everybody should know why the U.S. government will flat-out lie — lying absolves them of the responsibility of facing up to this disaster.  BP wants the U.S. government to lie for the same reasons, they are financially responsible for every dead animal, every barrel of oil and every economic effect throughout the entire Gulf.

So predictably, from the very early beginnings of this disaster, there has been a massive coverup, deception, lying, obfuscation and intimidation.

And there still is.  It won’t relent either unless the American people tear these lies apart, again and again.  Fortunately, you really can’t “hide” millions of gallons of oil, but (very) unfortunately, being “right” about all of this is the worst possible outcome.

The environmental, social and economic effects are absolutely catastrophic, far worse then anything else this country has ever seen on its shores before.

But I suspect that we still haven’t seen anything yet.  Human health hazards abound — and it will be the sick and dying among us that will start to bring this Administration down.  Obama stands a gnat’s chance in hell of being re-(s)elected  after this already, but when the human lives start to accumulate, we’ll react rather badly I’m afraid.

As a side note — isn’t it odd that Bush had his 9/11 (another coverup and disaster) and now Obama has his “9/11”, another coverup and disaster (and bad reaction).  Except this time, the so-called “enemy” is a foreign owned company, but similarly, the victims are once again, the American people.  And once again, the support the people are actually receiving and their assisted recovery from the disaster is as marginally short as before.  Pretty much blows wholes in the theory of how great this government supposedly is.

Here’s what I think will happen as I watch the world implode everywhere else too — we’re going to careen from one disaster / collapse to another, like a pinball bouncing against immutable limits being smashed by human greed, in a long succession of self-induced near fatal mistakes.

All those “tipping points” you’ve read about?  Well, there heeeere if you catch my drift.  We’re going to see one catastrophe after another.  What is happening in Pakistan, in China, in India, in Haiti, in South America, in Australia, in the Arctic, Greenland, Russia — you name it, will also happen here.  The reasons why should be very evident by now — we did this.  We think we’re immune because we’re Americans, but we’re not.  Not even close.

My take on this disaster and what is sure to come is just the opposite — we can’t manage our way out of a wet paper bag (unless we’re blowing shit up, and that we’ve gotten very good at) and we’re woefully underprepared and incapable of doing the right thing when it’s desperately needed most.

I already stated that “you should move” if you live in the affected region.  I still believe that the hazards surrounding this disaster remain.  It is simply illogical and nonsensical to accept anything the U.S. government says about this disaster, or that oil can magically disappear.

Try this yourself – or go look out under your car where the oil has dripped.  It’s still there, years later.  Even with “dispersants”, this technique is not a magic bullet, it just makes the oil break up where it can enter into the food chain (and the dispersants are extremely toxic themselves).  And it will — we can expect toxic levels in fish and crustaceans for a long time to come.

I’m sorry to say but nobody should be eating anything that comes from the Gulf waters, for a very long time.  I can’t fathom what can be done about this either.  Nature will eventually clean this shit up, but we won’t live to see it.  By then, we’ll be dead and gone.  The fisherman that rely on these waters are already sitting on empty, nothing can be done about that now.

Our way of life caused this disaster, but even this hasn’t been enough evidence to cause us to even pause for a (necessary) moment and stop.  I’m beating my head into a wall hoping for a lifestyle / cultural change away from death-destroying planetary disasters.  Since that won’t happen, you must simply brace yourself now for what is sure to come.


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