Gulf Of Mexico Gigantic Dead Zone / Government Coverup Continues

Here is some bits of news to chew on regarding the Gulf disaster:  UPDATED WITH VIDEOS

1. We are already being told by the White House that 75% of the oil is now “gone”.  But nobody really knows where millions of barrels of oil “went”.  Theories abound, but most do not fit in with common sense, or experience.

44 million gallons or more are “unaccounted for“. This is something our government has refined to a fine art – funds to Iraq and Afghanistan “disappear”, hundreds of billions to “bailout” firms “magically gone”.  Anytime you read statements like this — you’re being shafted.

2. The Mail published a bizarre story of a pristine beach (just 1) and no tourists. Read the comments and take a look at the “ratings” on each one.  Ignore the political comments, look at the logical ones, and their “ratings” (which are in my opinion, obviously spiked).  Common sense responses are all widely voted down. Either this means people are really very stupid, or the media spin is working overtime.

3. BP is going to drill again in the same reservoir.

4. No-fly zones, security guards, threats of arrest, midnight cleanup activity, banned journalists were widely reported.  Dead animals were removed under high security and the cover of darkness.  Fisherman were banned from talking to the media.

5. At least 68,000 square miles were affected by the spill and toxic Corexit chemicals. This figure continues to grow.

6. A gigantic coverup of the environmental effects, widespread devastation and extensive animal / fish kill continues to this day.  Reportedly, the affected Gulf region is a total dead zone.  No fish, no birds, no whales, no dolphins, nothing but greenish water and reportedly, nothing alive.

7. The entire Gulf food chain in the affected regions (and spreading) is polluted. That’s what happens when you dump millions of gallons of toxic chemicals into the water.

8. The “feel good” spin now being promoted by the media is highly suspect. The Gulf region, economy, environment, people, wildlife are being swept under the rug, again by a lying media, complicit with big business and government corruption.  Somebody should go talk to the people who live there, most are still out of work (except for BP jobs of course).

9. Obviously, for all life forms involved, and the entire ecosystem, “it ain’t over yet”.  I promised that you would see more spin and here we have it.  BP is desperate to continue to play up the PR campaign, and the American media is whoring themselves to the highest bidder.

I can’t say with any certainty how bad it is down there, as finding trustworthy sources is difficult.  Who do you believe? Who do you trust?  Who’s telling the whole truth here?

Time will tell just how bad the environmental effects are, but the PR campaign and media brainwashing is picking up again. What is amazing is how easily controlled our media in this country has become.  It’s as if nothing can be told (the truth) that isn’t first sanitized and vetted for public connedsumption.  It has gotten so bad in this country that you have to go offshore to find real news.  This is one of the leading reasons Americans are so duplicious and apathetic, they’re spoon-fed pablum to keep them completely complacent and ignorant of what is actually happening in the real world.

This blog, and ten thousand others will not change this fact. I’m pissing into the wind on so many topics and issues that writing anything that depicts the truth has become a huge chore. Nothing wakes up Americans anymore, it’s sound bytes and 2-second attentions spans and who’s boobs did what that gathers fame.

I’m deeply saddened by this pathetic state of affairs in this country. Many are foolishly pinning their hopes on the next (s)election, but let me tell you, nothing will change, it will be more criminals, more corrupt crooks in the White House no matter what.  BAU (business as usual) is all we seem to ever get, even in the face of disaster. The world will continue to drill in deep water, we place energy and “need” above everything else, even if that means we kill everything else off.

I do not expect this to change.  I do not expect anything to ever change until we deplete it all, destroy it all, consume it all, use it all and find ourselves living in a cesspool of human refuse and waste.  Desdemona has done a great job of documenting the ongoing environmental collapse occurring all of the world that amply proves this point. Humans prove incapable of change, even if it means self-destruction.  History shows that this is true throughout all former civilizations.

In the book, “Collapse of Complex Societies”, we have done this many times before, never learning or preventing our own collapse.  There is no logical, moral or even ethical reason to believe that our civilization this time around will be any different.  We have all the sign posts at hand, but nobody is listening.  History demonstrates to us already what will happen.

We can pull back long enough to understand what is going on, but we cannot change our course despite this knowledge.  I therefore remain absolutely convinced that this civilization is just as doomed as all those that have gone on before.  But living through the collapse, witnessing it’s cause and effects day-by-day is not fun, nor entertaining, but downright scary.

You NEED to prepare yourself and your family.  There is no “recovery” in any way, shape or form.  We are in the long descent towards a new equilibrium that will not even remotely support the civilization and society that we have still today.  Our BAU model ensures our absolute destruction and that of the biosphere that sustains us.  Do not fall for the lies being promoted that you are safe, secure and all is well now.  This is not even remotely close to the truth.


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