Greg Palast: Rove Has Already Fixed the 2008 Election

Truthout has a video of Greg Palast telling us the “fix is in” for the 2008 (s)Election.

Now check this out — Headline news on Drudge is – “Pollster says election could end in landslide“, but it’s not the landside you think:

Despite two books by Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama, Americans still don’t know enough about him. And if they don’t think they know him well enough by the time they vote, they’ll go with the “comfortable old shoe,” Republican Sen. John McCain, Zogby said.

However, right next to this headline on Drudge, is yet another misleading one, which says exactly the opposite: RealClear Poll Avg.  This contains a chart showing Obama substantially leading in 9 out of 11 polls.

I could actually do this all day, showing the gross discrepancies in the leading media news sources.  But I rarely bother, it’s something everyone should already know for themselves.  You simply can’t believe most of what you read or hear anymore.  It’s gotten so bad that you’d actually be better off if you turned off the Internet, shot your television and threw away your radio.

Save some ammo for the revolution though, you’re going to need it.


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One thought on “Greg Palast: Rove Has Already Fixed the 2008 Election

  • September 26, 2008 at 11:27 am

    was there ever any doubt?

    When the GOP steals/hacks this one (which they will across the ‘nation’) and their be bonfires and stomping in the streets from sea to reeking sea – followed swiftly by black stormtroopers, tanks and robotic sharks with lasers attached to their frickin’ heads.

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