Going Mainstream – Hijacking The “Movements”

I don’t listen to hardly any talk radio, because talk radio is almost always part of the social conditioning and manipulation agenda being so widely practiced throughout our society.

However, I did stumble across a Lee Rogers broadcast that is worth listening to for a few important points.  Some “truthers” (Alex Jones in particular) are part of the social conditioning / divide and conquer strategy taking place now in the alternative media:

Alex Jones Going Mainstream


Rogers and I disagree on some big issues like climate change, but to his credit, he’s dramatically reduced his anti-global warming news on his website.

But I digress: the points Rogers and “Josh” (I don’t know who this is) make about Jones and the Tea Party are correct.  I still wouldn’t give you a plug-nickel for Jones and his ranting tirades which have accomplished absolutely nothing at all.

The reason for me has always been clear: he’s not “real” and never has been.  He’s like Quayle and so many others — profiteering from the fear they foster under the guise of “preaching freedom”.  Always coming out with something “new” to garner your audience (and fleece your pockets).

But now he’s melding his “movement” (brainwashing) into something else (apparently). If this is what going mainstream means, then it also means exactly what I’ve just said, he’s not real.

Both “movements” are an absolute joke and have zero chance of changing anything except “your mind” and quite possibly, your future freedom.  They’re being manipulated by some pretty powerful forces to gather as many people as they can (besides the obvious profit motives).

Josh say’s “they’re going to make a massive example out of all the people who are in any resistance to global tyranny”.  Well, they already are.  The recent arrests of anti-war activists is but one example among many thousands now.

EVERY organized group is already on a watch list.  Every lone wolf, every dissenter, every “patriot”, every contributor, every Tea Party supporter — everyone is being closely monitored for misbehavior, which includes thinking clearly by the way, and seeing past all the illusions and lies being propagated.

Be aware, that the “lowest common denominator” is the highest standard that these efforts of gathering-in the various groups require.

And if it is not already obvious — that standard is for you to be simply disgruntled and nothing more. Doesn’t matter which group or effort or movement or organization you may belong to — the new message is “join in with us (too) and we’ll become a force to be reckoned with” – which is absolute bullshit, an obvious ploy to defang and disempower everyone that falls for this.

The “new boss” should we ever get one, will be just like the old boss — mark my words, because that’s how things actually operate in this country.

Should any of these groups actually take up armed rebellion as alleged — you might as well kiss your country goodbye (and your life).  This isn’t how you would “take back America” by force — or by vote.  By taking in every couch potato and keyboard commando into your “army” of resisters?  How stupid do these people think we really are?

Lacking is the basic understanding of what people are even fighting against (or for), let alone the rather massive issue of logistics and what “comes next” — a topic which they have absolutely no answers for whatsoever.  Most people still cling to the illusions that they’re going to somehow get everything back — their country, the heretofore levels of abundance, jobs aplenty, prosperity, freedom, liberty, even peace.

FORGETABOUTIT.  As “nice” as this may sound and be, it’s not ever going to happen.  There are stupendously huge forces at work here that are not going to be overcome by any such mickey-mouse movements under any conditions.  If any changes or revolution happens — I repeat for emphasis: the new boss will be just like the old boss.  We’re going to get what we’ve already gotten.  The decline of our society is inevitable now.

This isn’t defeatism, it’s realism.  All these talking heads and profiteers forget about the simple fact that we have pretty well destroyed our resource and environmental base that has supported our growth and development up to this point.

Why they are so utterly stupid on this one point is worth another post altogether, but sufficient for now is the fact that without the abundance we once had, there is no way in hell we can achieve a “return” to anything like we’ve had it before.   Don’t forget that there are now 7 billion people to still house, clothe and feed to and more on the way.

What they promise — and what could even possibly be delivered are two worlds entirely apart, and you’d have to be living in a dream to fall for their lies.

This is a death-spiral, leading only to one possible conclusion (should it go that far).

Don’t fall for it — stay far, far away.  I’d make sure my name wasn’t even on their subscription list.

It’s all just another form of tyranny under a new label with the same worn-out promises as before.


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