God Strikes Back, er no…. Just an Extreme Climate Event on 9/11

A massive crane has collapsed upon the world’s largest mosque in Mecca today, with 87 dead and over 150 injured.

It won’t be long before the connedspiracies begin in earnest, so I’ll beat them all to the punch.

Only 1 of these is true, sensible and provable:

a) this was an act of God seeking vengeance upon the Muslims with the “proof” being this occurred on 9/11 and in Mecca;

b) this was an act of “weather manipulation” wrecking vengeance upon the Muslims;

c) this was another extreme weather event that struck during heavy rains.

C) is the correct answer. Severe storms and heavy rain. No connedspiracy. No judgement. Just more proof the extreme weather events are actually happening (even in Israel).

You can safely ignore all the other claims, conspiracies and conjecture that will undoubtedly arise.


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