GM Crops Attacked

Decide for yourself on this one. A field of crops and a nursery in Brazil was attacked by woman and destroyed.

And here’s a little just(us) for you, right on cue. Nice little thing those Baltimore thugs got going there. Fits right in with this RateMyCop. I don’t know why people think they should even bother with stuff like this. It’s everywhere.

Maybe what we need is a armed mob of 300 Brazilian women to show us Americans how it’s done.


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One thought on “GM Crops Attacked

  • March 12, 2008 at 2:14 pm
    Women in India have similar legal movements and have won almost every lawsuit they have waged against Monsanto-pretty telling since one woman had about $600 to her name when she started.

    here is one group of women:
    “Earth Democracy comprises three Swarajs, or sovereignties. These are:
    Seed Sovereignty (Beej Swaraj)
    Food Sovereignty (Anna Swaraj)
    Water Sovereignty (Jal Swaraj)”

    When most women know something will destroy their kids’ futures, there is nothing any government can threaten them with that will be worse than that. Which is once reason why I don’t believe we will be fighting the police state boogie man.(going to run a different course than passive breadlines)

    US citizens have already come to understand that the corp/gov complex isn’t competent to provide water or bread in a disaster, why do we continue to assume they are mighty and/or competent to run a police state? Not only does it require significant coordination, rational thought,self discipline and planning, it requires metals, factories and resources for electronic technologies. (China exports around 40% of our critical military materials to us and can just quit shipping if they choose- plus peak metals shortages)

    Finding out about corpgov even messing up their own bank accounts with Carlye’s ‘financial planning’ this week makes a person realize the powers-that-were are in pretty pathetic shape and soon to be without allies once their cash is gone.

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