Global Warming Book Withdrawn

If this story is true, I’ll bet that this blog, the newsletter and the old forums were truly hated by the anti-global warming crowd:

In the video, DiCaprio attributes global warming to mankind’s “destructive addiction” to oil. He says “big corporations” and politicians gained too much money and power “on our addiction,” making them “dangerously resistant to change.” Global Warming Book Withdrawn

We live in the day when telling the truth is wrongProtectionism is always better.

It’s much easier to explain things to your kids later when they’re hungry or unemployed or forced to move.  Or maybe when you send them off to yet another war in the endless quest for more oil started by another one of our fearless politicians.

Of course there is no connection with increased levels of flooding, depleted aquifers, rising sea levels or disappearing glaciers, these things are all coincidences, and not meaningful at all. Your children will never have to worry about any of these things, certainly not humanities impact on these events as nothing has been proven, there is no connection at all to rising populations, increased oil consumption or the endless wars we fight over energy.

Our non-existent oil addiction is meaningless, this is how humans have always lived, there is simply no risk or concern with this need, we can fix anything that might go wrong.

Yep, that’s certainly a lot better then risking polluting their little minds with uncomfortable facts or preparing them with some truth.


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