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If you’re into saving money and energy efficiency, you can convert your freezer into a refrigerator, cutting your operating expenses rather dramatically.

Modern refrigerators are very inefficient, wasting the cold air they develop in several ways. Most obviously, when the door is opened, the cold air inside dumps out on the floor. The frost-free cycle that most refrigerators have also pumps heat into the cabinet. Finally, the thin insulation used in the modern fridge allows ambient heat (room temperature) to penetrate into the cabinet creating energy loss.

A simple conversion to a chest freezer can be accomplished by using an outside thermostat, which turns the freezer on and off within a specified range. Most people that have tried these conversions report that their chest “freezerators” run about two minutes per hour – a significant reduction in energy use.

The trade off of course is user-friendliness. You have to put your food stuff in a different compartment that has minimal amount of shelves. Rooting around for the jar of olives is a little more trouble, but you can do that, right?

Such measure may be needed to lower the energy consumption of American, which consumes more energy per capita then any other nation on earth. This doesn’t seem to mean a lot to most people, but when you consider the issue of global warming (it’s very real) and the energy wastefulness of our modern lives, a little “inconvenience” can go a long ways toward sustainability.

The issue of global warming cannot be ignored any longer. At heart is the fabric of civilization – how we live and the impact of our existence on the planet (and each other). It totally eludes many people that we are not the only life forms on the planet. We don’t only consume far more then we need, we waste what we have in many ways.

The problem with global warming is that it’s true and misunderstood by most people. Basically, global warming is significantly affected by human activity. CO₂ emissions are up 31% in the last 50 years (calculated from ice cores dating back 420,000 years). I don’t know how we can continue to ignore such measurements, but it appears we are trying very hard. Efforts to limit global warming have been curtailed, particularly by the United States. But this is a problem that cannot be ignored much longer. We are already experiencing changing weather patterns and ocean currents. Rising temperatures and sea levels are now affecting Alaskan villages and sea ice. The affects of climate change are being witnessed more readily in sensitive eco-systems and keystone species.

There is a growing body of evidence that it may already be too late to stop the climate shift. (Update – Gigantic Siberian bogs melting) If this is true, then our way of life is already in severe peril. Continued population growth, unending economic expansion and the corresponding resource wars are contributing to our own destruction. The only long term “solution” (irrespective of the changes that have already been wrought by human activity) is to change the cultural mindset of the earth’s populations. In simple terms – we need to change the way in which we live on this planet, period.

The Real Meaning of WWD

The vicious cycle of human slavery (Wages), resource consumption (Wars), and global hegemony (Dominance) has to stop. These Weapons of Wide Destruction are destroying where we live, what we eat, how we survive and what future remains.


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