Global Alarm Now Sounding

It’s been a hard day. I injured my back and headed to the doctor. Then I fell off my deck and sprained my ankle. To make matters worse, I never did get to see the first doctor. And I’m about ready to shoot the local ISP provider. But this is the least of my worries. Global meltdown is occurring around the world and I can barely keep up with it.

The global klaxon is sounding, with “immediate action” to “cap the average global temperature increase” before it rises another 2°C. Yet it already has the appearance (to me, anyway) of being too late. I know I’m sounding like a broken record, but what else can I really do? I’m implementing my own plans and preparations as fast as I can.

Drought is affecting food prices all over the world, in Australia, Zimbabwe, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Canada, India and Trinidad. Portions of Italy have declared a state of emergency.

After everyone gets done selling off their “excess” beef, poultry and pigs due to being unable to feed them, expect a global shortage of meat to immediately follow. And in the nations affected by the bee colony collapse disorder, a shortage of alfalfa will also lead to a very short glut of beef for the same reasons, followed by a beef shortage.

And lest we forget, in our infinite wisdom we’re pouring another critical food crop into into our gas tanks these days – corn. This is also causing a milk shortage in the U.S., along with rising food prices across the board. I paid $8.06 for nine green apples the other day. Just nine!

As nations slowly starve, the world community will undoubtedly step forward (for now), causing global price increase.

And the drought will have huge other effects too. Malaria will increase in First World nations while fighting begins over simple drinking water.

Here’s what you need to do – gear down (abandon frivolous pursuits) and gear up (get what you need) right now. Unbelievably, very few people are paying attention. That’s great for you, it’ll keep prices lower (for a while) and availability high. And no insurmountable backlogs for the stuff you’re going to need. Once the herd wakes up, all bets are off.

Use this window, if you can. And stayed tuned here if you can.

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