Gigantic Floods Pummel Australia

Watch that video all the way through.  Then read this:

The leader not fit to lead: Abbott continues to deny climate change

Is Tony Abbott fit to lead Australia?

Based on his stance on climate change, one has to say no.

In what has to be the most dispiriting election in decades, the major political parties are doing their best to avoid discussing climate change.

Minchin denies climate change man-made

Considering all the skepticism about climate change, there are probably hundreds or even thousand more articles on the denialism coming out of Australia.  However, the catastrophic flooding is now undoubtedly causing some belated rethinking of the skeptics position.

Australia is expecting the death toll to rise.  As you can see in that video, some locations are woefully underprepared to deal with the extremely rapid rise of water. That entire parking lot was washed away in just a couple of minutes.
Brisbane flood to be worst in 118 years ““ “˜New flood records are being registered right across the state’

Somewhere back on this blog, I wrote that all we had to do was to take a “wait and see” position to prove all the deniers wrong, and that people will refuse to see what isn’t happening to them until it does happen.  But it times like this, where disaster is wiping out billions of dollars, killing dozens of people and destroying homes, property, jobs and future, there is no sweet satisfaction in saying “I told you so”.

I feel for the people of Australia, and Pakistan where MILLIONS still need help and assistance, and whoever else is out there that is being literally hammered into the ground by climate change effects.  The forces at work are truly stupendously huge and there isn’t anything anybody can do now.


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