Geopolitical Rivalries

Geopolitical machinations. Worth reading all the way through: Canada Needs A History Lesson

What’s interesting about this is how the far-right in South America has been “created”, which predictably, would support the overthrow in Venezuela and the suppression of dissent throughout South America. There is some history here that Americans are definitely not aware of.

On the other hand, there’s this: Inside a raid in Maduro’s crackdown on critics in Venezuela slums.

Don’t let the headline (headlie?) fool you at first. There isn’t any evidence that the crackdown was ordered by Maduro. I don’t know if this story is true or not, or if it was done by a rebel breakaway group or what.  But because the media very often lies to support a particular narrative, especially with the U.S., deep skepticism is warranted (especially now with a coup d’etat underway).

The real irony is this – strongmen in South America, the “far right” have risen to power, openly advocating brutal methods of suppression (read up on Bolsonaro for plenty of examples) from their detractors. The hypocrisy is strong, as it is with Western “democracies” that violate international law to get whatever it is that they want (oil, gold, the usual riches).

Our own Trump has openly admired and aligned himself with Putin (Russia), Duterte (Philippines)  and Bosonaro (Brazil) – all of which have engaged in absolutely brutal, bloody repressions against their own people. Only Russia has opposed this coup d’etat in Venezuela (they’ve got their own eye on the oil prize). I can’t post all the links because there are thousands of them.

Venezuela may not be the only goal here – it may be Cuba too (turn off browser blockers to view YouTube video):

John Bolton makes no secret about the desire to gain American control over Venezuelan oil. They’re not even trying to hide their intentions anymore.

Trump has been advised that the border wall he so desires will be required to stop massive levels of immigration from climate change. The Wall as it is known, will need to be huge (no Trumpian pun intended here) and manned with machine guns. The numbers discussed are equally huge – hundreds of millions of people will try to flee north.

The Wall and the Coup are related. As the world careens headlong towards disaster, the remaining energy resources will be hotly contested. Preservation of the Empire can only happen if other nations are impoverished of their wealth, de-legitimatized and suppressed. In disarray, they will seek outside help and assistance (eventually) which allows energy corporations and funding to swoop in and take control, ensuring the flow of oil and wealth continues. It’s a tried and true methodology.

Meanwhile, climate change will continue to force larger and larger immigration and refugee numbers north and south, away from increasingly inhospitable regions. The only way they see to combat this threat is to swing hard-right and engage in brutal suppression and tactics. You could say this is the beginning of the die-off long predicted to happen.

I predict that the world is headed for increasingly serious conflicts, which is exactly the position the U.S. military predicts. They will be tasked to both protect and defend the country and suppress the growing tide of refugees. This all takes enormous amounts of energy, resources and money which have been drastically increased for their operations. There is a lot more going on here then Trump’s xenophobia, racism and hatred and climate change denial.




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