Genocide In The Philippines

I spotted this over on Desdemona Despair, but the original article is here which you should really look at and ponder what this means. The police, under the instructions of the Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, are engaged in a genocidal war, killing thousands and thousands of people in the Philippines.

This is why the people should never be disarmed. I’m not endorsing drug use, but whenever political power is used to wield oppressive and deadly force over a population, the people need to rise up and put a stop to it themselves. If you read the article, you will swiftly realize that there is no lawful actions taking place, no due process, no trials, no justice, just outrageous murder by police summary execution style for thousands of people. That’s genocide.

I suspect the backlash from this will be horrendous (somebody will assassinate the President sooner or later and the the police forces will be attacked). This is not the way to deal with drug use / abuse.

The civilian slaughter in Mexico, aka as “the drug wars” has killed tens of thousands (a number now exceeding 164,000) civilians. Rival gangs and cartels have conducted a civil war in the streets. Some of this has spilled over onto U.S. soil and city streets. Yet another reason to never be a disarmed population, but that is not my real emphasis here.

Power corrupts, and when placed in the hands of a megalomaniac, it corrupts absolutely. History is replete with examples of genocidal oppression used when corrupt power is wielded. Millions die as a result. Eventually, it finally dawns upon the survivors who yet live that they must rise up and resist or else they will all die.

Government sponsored terrorism is the worst kind, because it proposes to present itself as lawful, moral and just. This is why so many millions (hundreds of millions of people) go along with it, if the terror / genocide is being conducted by government, then there must be some moral rightness or essential necessity. Yet this is never the case. The State will take upon itself rights which it has never been authorized to have. The citizens are either too powerless, too afraid, too disarmed or too brainwashed to prevent it. That is the perfect recipe for genocide.

What is happening in the Philippines could be stopped, but probably won’t for some time yet. The people have always retained more power then the State, but they are often unwilling to engage or use it. In democratic countries, we are supposed to believe that voting is “the power of the people”, which isn’t true. It is the power of the (s)Election process in reality, after which the illusion of people power are simply ignored. There are far more ways to use the power of the people that go far beyond the ballot box.

The rising tide of violence isn’t just in the Philippines. My wife’s home town recently announced that the police “would no longer investigate non-violent crimes” due to the escalating rise in violent crimes in the region. You’ll need to get killed, raped or kidnapped to get any kind of police response by your survivors. This announcement by the police is an invitation for more crimes to be committed.

Here at home where I live, the news is full of escalating reports of crime. There’s no doubt that desperation is increasing, but so is the oppression by the State. It is stating the obvious, but what the people have always needed was less government, less legislation, fewer laws and better individual rights and protection from government. But that’s not all, because many corporate entities have become more powerful then the State itself. The same needs of the people apply here too, and must also be extended to government too, which need protections and insulation from corporate control and influence. The super-state entities of corporate control and influence that the world has seen needs to end.

That is all incredibly unlikely to happen.


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  • December 8, 2016 at 9:04 pm

    I have increasingly distrusted the mainstream media over the past 20 years, and have personally witnessed numerous cases of deliberate misreporting of events for political purposes.

    This is clearly not a new phenomenon, since Mark Twain is quoted as having said over a century ago: “If you don’t read a newspaper you are uninformed. If you do read a newspaper you are misinformed.” Similarly, Eric Blair (George Orwell) supposedly said over 70 years ago: “I have never known a newspaper report any event accurately,” or words to that effect.

    We definitely live in propagandized societies in which corporations attempt to mold public opinion (and often succeed), and governments act as agents of corporations. As far as I can tell, in America the battle for control of society was lost to corporations and opportunists in the late 1800s. In other parts of the world corporations (e,g, the Dutch East India Company and the British East India Company) had near complete control and could enslave or kill people at will and steal anything they wanted for centuries. Collapse of colonialism allowed varying degrees of freedom before the corporations regained control of most ‘democratic’ societies.

    Duterte rejecting American imperialism and forming closer links with China and Russia may be the background for the New York Times piece. (Interestingly, Mark Twain was vilified by the US government for opposing the American invasion and colonization of the Philippines.)

    We have seen a lot of idiotic narratives from the mainstream media in recent times, such as the suggestion that Trump was Putin’s puppet, that Putin was hacking into and controlling the US elections, that Putin was about to unleash a tank army that would sweep across Europe, that China was setting up military bases to impede international shipping etc.

    I interpret most of what we are told by the mainstream media as desperate attempts to maintain confidence in a corporatized economic-political system that is in its death throes as it ‘progressively’ exterminates species and ‘progressively’ destroys any prospect of life-as-we-know-it surviving on this planet.

    And there is the ever-increasing human population (for the moment) that adds to the magnitude of the global predicament, of course.

    ‘Giraffe numbers have declined by as much as 40 percent since the 1980s in a “silent extinction” driven by illegal hunting and an expansion of farmland in Africa, the Red List of endangered species reported on Thursday.’
    Populations of the world’s tallest land creature fell to about 98,000 from an estimated 152,000-163,000 in 1985, according to the List compiled by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

    • December 9, 2016 at 12:04 am

      “And there is the ever-increasing human population (for the moment) that adds to the magnitude of the global predicament, of course.”


      Philippines case in point. There’s about one hundred two million, six hundred twenty-four thousand (102,624,000) homo sapiens on that archipelago.

      Maybe that’s got a little something to do with how FUBARed things have become there?

      Got to also acknowledge the handicap of its colonial past, but still, for those of us possessing “the penalty of an ecological education,” 102.6 mil sure seems like a pretty big number, especially if you’re herding bunches into cities.

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