GATA Dishonesty

I’ve been doing a bit of research on gold, and if anybody knows anything about gold, they will have heard of GATA (Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee).

In today’s “dispatch”, they posted the following headlie (not a mispelling) – “Only a higher gold price can finance the necessary environmental remediation

Just stop and think about this claim for a moment. An increase in price will (finally) finance environmental repair. Really? This is a bald-faced lie no matter how you look at it.

Notwithstanding the obvious price-manipulation of gold issue, which is ostentatiously what GATA is about, higher prices of gold will exacerbate more environmental destruction (creating a gold rush and more destruction). Gold mining is HIGHLY destructive to the environment, and pretending that price increases will magically afford environmental remediation is to simply lie. That didn’t happen when prices increased before.

GATA seems more interested in shoring up the price of gold and gaining investors then anything else. Their dispatch links to a interesting page that you should read: Toxic City: The Cost of Gold Mining in South Africa. Be sure to watch the video, South Africa – Toxic City.

It’s pretty interesting and reveals the horrible destruction around Johannesburg, South Africa. It’s obvious the mining wealth isn’t helping the local community, but they’re definitely the victims of the toxic hazards being created. Radioactive mine tailings and toxic dusts are extremely high. The locals are literally swimming in toxic pollution.

What I find particularly scandalous, it to take the worst possible material, which is uranium, and grind it into dust comparable to flour, and make a hill out of it, and put it into places where people live. That is a colossally bad idea.

How does that make you feel? It makes me feel like a murderer.

What did gold mining do? It enriched a small percentage of people, so we have produced gold, which is the most useless thing in the whole world, it feeds human greed. (24:40)

So why is GATA clearly lying? You decide, but when you come across such obvious deceptions – what else is wrong with their claims? Information is power, and published deceptions can have a lasting impact. Look what happens in American politics and the manipulation of the media for present examples of how information is being used as a weapon.

I’ve long held the position that gold ‘investments’ are wasteful, destructive, manipulated, and almost pointless: The Fallacy of Gold – Some Truths About Gold

There are an enormous number of ‘signals’ that we’re headed for a massive recession or worse. Some people may be looking for a safe harbor for their money, but at what price? Gold fever has long helped destroy the planet and create massive levels of toxins that last hundreds and thousands of years.

There are better places to spend your money if you have any. Gold and silver is definitely not one of them.

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