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This is a quick post of some sites on wood gas or producer gas to add what Admin posted some time back. Gasification or Proylitic conversion.

(Briefly biomass can be gasified pyrolytically by heating to >400 C, yielding also 25% charcoal and LOTS of condensibles – tars. Or it can be gasified with air to make “producer gas” (typically CO 22%; H2 18%; CH4 3%, CO2 6% and N2 51%)

From what I have learned this is the most efficient way to convert a carbon neutral fuel source to work as long as one can maintain a sustainable raw material source which up here the DNR says one can harvest ? cord of cull wood per acre per year and still leave saw logs to grow. On a truly sustainable level I doubt the gasifier unit would last long enough to offset the imbedded energy of its construction material but with the built environment or detritus around us. Leveraging the embedded energy of the biomass around me will give me a better quality of life (ie:labor saving) not dependent on fossil fuels and more time to help others.

My thought is that by reducing my daily energy demand to a point where a small scale gasifier could fuel a small 4cyl engine hooked to a 2 pole generator running about 4 hours on a single charge of wood or any dried woody biomass under 20% MC. This will be my first project to setup this summer more of a test bed than a final product. I will mount this all on an old trailer for a portable/backup unit. Future plan is a dual fuel a slow speed Listeroid, which is an Indian version of the British Lister design.

First off this guy is an inspiration, scroll down to the pic of his ?filter? and the medium in it!
Next is the FEMA plans to build a gasifier from parts scrounged up. This is the unit I will first build.
This is some more tech material for engine design/performance.
This is the site of Doug Williams one of the sages of gassifiers IMHO.
A board he posts to where they discuss all things on gassifiers.
And last but not least this site from Tom Reed for books and info on gasification another sage. Check out the small gasifier stove.

I will be out of town for a week. This is just an overview there are a lot more details that go into working out a plan to integrate this all into a homestead. I need some feedback, would fleshing out a project more be helpful or are just the links enough.
Almost forgot, I always like the sites of people who actual do something.


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