Garbage Dump

You really should watch the videos of our trashed oceans. This is the same link I posted a couple days back. The LA Times has got almost all of their video presentations now available.When I saw the sea of floating sewage being dumped into the oceans, I couldn’t believe my eyes.

The human detritus of a extremely careless civilization is absolutely disgusting. And life threatening. Treating the world like a giant garbage dump is only backfiring with severe consequences. But the real question isn’t even being asked – why are we creating all this garbage in the first place?

Worldwide, it amounts to billions of tons of toxic waste, some of which will last for tens of thousands of years. This means that what this present generation casts off will be polluting the planet and the surrounding soil, water and animal life for umpteen generations, dumping a constant stream of toxins and pollutants into it’s surrounding.

We tend to think of our trash as being out of sight and out of mind, by the gyres (floating trash heaps) in the oceans are twice the size of Texas! And there are at least two of them, an eastern and a western gyre. This garbage is changing the chemical makeup of the oceans and causing massive loss of sealife. Birds, fish, mammals, crustaceans, you name it, it’s being killed off by our cast offs.

The islands of Hawaii are routinely cleaned of trash dumps from the ocean that are over ten feet high! All the garbage is being swept into the oceans from coastal cities around the world. Which makes me wonder greatly about all the other non-coastal cities and their garbage heaps leaching their chemicals and toxins into the soil and ground water.
Maybe I don’t want to know. Maybe this is just too much to comprehend. To witness the deliberate and slow poisoning of our planet by a race of beings who are simply too stupid to care.

Did humanity take a stupid pill somewhere way back? I’m seriously beginning to wonder. The constant quest for more, bigger, better, faster, wealthier, brighter and shinier is creating a world of unbelievable consequences with horrifying side effects. Our global greed of material gluttony is destroying everything. They should pass a law against this and shoot the offenders.

Ah, but I forgot! Congress is too busy playing CYA and pretending they’ll actually have a country left to govern after they get done playing in the Middle East or backslapping with the corporate lobbyists. Now these are the scum that should be shot, they’re the ones who are making this stuff for our consumption.

Do you suppose if we stopped buying it, they’d stop making it?


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2 thoughts on “Garbage Dump

  • August 2, 2006 at 9:09 am
    I’ve often wondered about countries like n korea, china, and russia. What are they doing with all their garbage, toxic waste and used oil? we have a big problem with violaters in this country. {usa}
    Are they going out to the middle of the ocean dumping nuclear waste?
    Are black market contractors dumping all their illegal wastes into the rivers and oceans? Maybe I dont want to know.
  • August 3, 2006 at 9:28 am

    I think they are, from what I’ve heard in the past. I suspect if we really knew the massive extent of the problem, we’d be seriously shocked.

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