Future-Proofing Is How Texas Pretends to Address Climate Change

Once again, a State government has chosen to follow the path of ignorance and denial, misleading the public and their constituents about the realities of climate change.

This time it’s Texas. They’ve issued a new report, “Eye Of The Storm – Report of the Governor’s Commission to Rebuild Texas“.

The 168 page report does not even mention climate change. Not even once. Instead, it’s coined a silly combination of words called “future-proofing” which totally fails to convey much of anything.

Will their economy be future-proofed? Will their job prospects be future-proofed? Will their food production be future-proofed? Who the fuck knows? The words are factually meaningless. But they’ve chosen to pander to the growing idiocy and cowardice in this country by refusing to admit to the cause of what is in fact, proving to be very expensive, very deadly and very difficult to try and solve. And that term which they’ve ridiculously chosen to ignore is climate change.

Well, does it actually matter what term they use? Yes – it does, because when you seek to change the narrative and the definition and the meaning of a term – or just make one up like “future proofing” – you’re going to lose a large portion of your audience. A lot of people who hear this term won’t read the report, and will have no idea what the new term even means. It’s used 44 times in the report, but climate change isn’t, except just once in the footnotes (which nobody will read). But in all 168 pages, they couldn’t find the courage to stay on script, most likely because they’re pandering to Republicans, Big Oil and the current Administration.

And that’s the sad part – cowardly reporting and redefining the narrative to keep from pissing off the crowd of stupid that runs a large portion of this country. They can kiss my ass. I’m so sick of these stupid fools screwing everything up for everyone else as they rape the planet and destroy the future. They should have used the term “fucking up the future” instead. It would have certainly been a lot more descriptive and meaningful when you consider their pathetic non-action and refusal of responsibility to climate change.

Oh, and if you thought that this was either accidental or just a political ploy, think again. Governor Abbot of Texas is a major climate change denier. Unable to suppress the report, the authors simply bent over to cowardice. In a state saturated with toxic oil industries that are directly responsible for polluting the atmosphere and changing the chemical composition of what we breath, using words like “future-proofing” is a pathetic attempt to deflect responsibility and blame.

They’re not alone. The Federal Emergency Management Agency did the same thing, dropping the term “climate change”, as did many other Federal agencies. This idiotic Trump-speak, an effort bury the reality of deadly climate change now unfolding around the world.

Texas is woefully under prepared for climate change and no amount of “future-proofing” euphemisms will hide that FACT. And the other irrefutable fact is the United States, under Donald J. Trump is worse off then ever before when it comes to climate change (and every other issue I can think of). Trump has caused enormous division, dissension and propagated endless lies and deceit over the entire issue, ordering Federal Agency’s to ignore climate change, cut their funding, fire their scientists and water down their reports. It’s absolutely positively disgusting. And yet other entities like the Pentagon, World Bank, World Trade Organization and every OTHER country in the world have clearly stated that climate change is a severe threat to the survival of mankind. Go figure. Before Trump, the country was allowed to talk about climate change. But during his Twitteridiocy, not.

So why are states pandering to the present “standard” of pretending it’s not real? Not all States are, only some, and only in Republican controlled States. This may be an uncomfortable truth, but it’s a fact nonetheless. Republicans seem to be woefully unequipped to deal with reality and would by and large, prefer to take the country back to the Dark Ages where rich white men rule and whatever they say goes. The rest of us are just serfs, slaves, laborers and wives to be exploited at their pleasure, eating the crumbs from their table. That in a nutshell is what the Republicans represent. Forget equality. Forget justice. Forget fairness, retirement, medical care and the environment. It’s all just crap that’s in their way to personal gain and riches.

Pay particular attention to how most of these Republicans in office, wherever they are found, simply vote on party lines – no matter what the issue or legislation may be. Whatever their Party wants, they will vote to support it (in most cases). Nowhere is their fair and honest representation of the people they are supposed to be representing. This new governors report is the same kind of gerrymandering with a massive public issue of critical importance. Every single one of these politicians (on either side of the fence) that engages in this type of practice is a coward.

So Texas isn’t future proofed and never will be. Denial comes in many forms, and this is just one way in which it will be expressed. I’ve always said that you would be on your own. Do not expect responsible leadership or assistance, or mitigation or adaption or any other thing to “help you” when things go wrong. You’re just as likely as not to receive nothing. And most of the responses that we’ve seen always happen AFTER the disaster (when you might already be dead). Real adaption, mitigation and preparedness comes BEFORE disaster strikes. It’s the most cost-effective approach too. But we’ve very little of that in various parts of the country. Destroyed homes and communities are simply rebuilt in the same places as before. But this solves nothing and never will.

That’s why you have to make the decisions to protect your family and yourself on your own. Don’t expect a government that can’t even use the world “climate change” to solve climate change. They absolutely won’t.


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