Fuck Off Advrider – Part II

Take the time to read this, and the revelation that follows.

Some are kind of dumb,
except for perhaps one or two,
and maybe, more than just a few.

Ya’ll didn’t know what was going on,
until the day was to finally dawn,
When it came away for all to see,
you still refuse what could have be.

The eagle that all seem to cherish,
determined long ago this would perish,
but not before the profits due,
was evenly extracted from all of you.

When the plan began to unfold,
many did exactly as told,
trusting fully in the story,
that all would retain the glory.

The value that was here and still,
is now on the market and in the till.

You made it what it was,
still here that because,
You were told it would not harm,
when they decided to sell the farm.

Now the milk gathered in will spoil,
 the fruit of your labors and your toil,
profits the men before,
and new owners in the door.

But that is not the entire reason,
you were not respectively warned,
in due season.

The reason not previously told,
was because minds grow cold,
The plan put in motion long before,
would have vaporized at the door.

If we had all been given just the chance,
and seen the secret hidden rooms,
the site would have never bloomed.

Ya’ll would have been very upset,
that tales told were not true,
but then all would have finally knew.
Truth stayed hidden for none to see,
the many recruited betrayed to be.

Even now, you still don’t understand,
that this was always the plan.
Hoping instead that things ahead,
don’t result in being further bled.

The evidence is clear, easy to see,
to understand the story of old,
 how to profit on all that was told,
To recruit and enlist willing help,
and to silence all those that yelp.

In this the site was a great success,
that all here thought they were blessed,
but this is the truth that we know,
that you are the ones taking the blow.

If you’d known what it was,
the tales told was because,
You’d have done none any harm,
realizing instead with growing alarm.

Knowing what lays just ahead,
everyone here will be still be bled.
except for the tiny few,
who know exactly,
what they will do.

So many here have volunteer,
often a source for endless cheer,
But now viewed with a price,
in a manner as cold as ice.

The value that made this place,
was after all, part of the race.
To leverage what it was,
not for community,
but because.

Now what does still lack,
was the choice of ethical tact.
Choose to continue the course,
or know when to abandon the horse.

If you are here and still can’t see,
don’t anybody come crying to me.

I’ve told you again and said before,
you can depart at the door,
Taking away what belongs to you,
making sure you get your due.

The creative spirit of this place,
was our critical part in this race,
Betrayed still it came to be,
certain to die because of the fee.

Many still choose not to know,
or realize it could just go,
into the hands of others that led,
so that they could then butter their bread.

Now take your due,
what is was owned by you,
leaving behind, the bones and the spine,
where others have are sure to dine.

A new adventure awaits,
for those that know,
if but enough, see the time to go.

You don’t need to leave home,
to enjoy the fun,
Just learn once again,
how to run.

This is the spirit,
that must now endure,
that we feel when we tour.

Riders we be if in truth,
we still remember in our youth,
the freedom we had,
could never be found,
on any price tag.

We are not cattle,
to be bought and sold,
we are men and women,
living life,
born to be bold.

 What done is done,
but don’t forget, the tales told,
should have never, ever been sold.

The memories here put on the auction block,
have indeed created lots of endless talk,
but the point here was to assist,
in a volunteer spirit with a new twist.

The plan here now proposed,
for everyone who made this place,
and those still running the race,
was to show the possible for telling tales,
and all the builds and all the sales.

To stay forever free from the phony claim,
that there must be someone who must gain.

This is the story that is simply not true,
and the reason why some are blue,
saddened the ride came to an ignominious end,
but there is another way if you’d only tend.

The above is the sequel to Fuck Off Advrider (now Part I). Here is the backstory and why I’m posting this here:

I learned that the ADVrider former owners sold the entire site without any notice to anyone, selling all the member contributed content of 400,000 members, millions of pages and thousands of stories, bike builds and countless photographs encompassing endless rides throughout the world. This has rippled through the riding ‘community’ like an earthquake, sparking endless controversy, angst and departure.

The buyer is a company that is well-known (not in a good way), having bought over 1,000 forums already for commercialization. Their track record after ‘take-over’ is beyond dismal and widely discussed. But this part of this post is not about the buyer, it’s about the staggering betrayal of a huge global online ‘community’ by the previous owners. Thousands of former ‘inmates’ are now leaving in complete disgust. Entire businesses that relied upon the site are being trashed as the members now realize that the new owners have a perpetual license to everything that has ever been posted, shared, photographed, told or built. This is no small site, it’s huge and likely the largest ever acquired.

I was not celebrating this development, despite my own deep misgivings about the site, the fascist moderators and their capricious and unaccountable behavior, and how it was being run. So  I offered a solution for the entire community that could still be deployed “post-sale” and which was categorically rejected (by the usual suspects). The amusing reality is the remaining members are now celebrating their new corporate overlords, despite being repeatedly told from numerous other boards what happened to them. Ignorance and denial are clearly enormous obstacles.

This comes as no shock to me, it’s how people are. They refuse the obvious, being unable to conceive of anything different. Their stillborn minds are incapable of grasping fundamental change. This was the real reason I wrote The Slave and The Sun here, and to the site. I also wrote the above poem, but the fascist little moderator over there had already locked me out. They’re running scared and afraid of having their fabricated ‘legacy’ exposed to the truth of what’s been going on for a long time.

There are probably dozen ‘spin-off’ efforts already underway to develop similar boards, yet all have the same structural problems as the first board. None of the new boards will protect the member contributions from being sold. None will be run as non-profits. None will preserve the spirit of volunteer cooperation and a global community. Most still don’t even realize the depths of the global betrayal and how long it was occurring (or want to know).

And now for the reason I posted this poem:

Change just a tiny few of the words in the above poem, because what was true there, is true here, in America and in most countries of the world.

The ‘story of old’ is the plan that was set in motion, and intended to betray all those that obeyed. Fascist little self-appointed ‘moderators’ running all over the world, telling everybody else what to do, stomping on their contributions, creations and content, trying to rule over our lives. Treating us all like cattle, to be bought and sold, for the lie that there must be someone to gain. These stupid fucks think they own you, and they’ve set it all up to make sure they extract as much as they possibly can from you.

Go back and read it again. We are the real ‘value’, the living representation of what this world now is. Not the phony edifices and corrupt and archaic institutions that try to control it all. Ruin it all. Destroying it all. We’ve all embraced their endless lies, being born into them and being told since birth that we must ‘obey’. But it’s all a lie.

We are all riding through this life, born to live, born to run.

There is another way, and there always has been. It’s time to go and find our own path. We do not need to hold onto the lies of the past any longer, or support these faltering institutions any longer then we absolutely must. But it will take courage, commitment and dedication to walk away.

Most don’t have what it takes, preferring instead to say within their confines and the prisons of their own minds. Don’t be surprised if they come after you when you object, because they’re scared. You see what they can’t, and that makes them angry. This all comes from a deep seated fear that they will be found out, because they know that they’ve created a lie, a house of cards that can come tumbling down at any time.

I no longer wait on the ‘masses’ to wake up and take action, because the majority are no different then the prison guards, most want to be prison guards themselves. The only ones I have any interest in anymore are those that already understand what is going on. The rest are hopeless, contributors to the problem, likely irredeemable, and likely to devour you if they could. They’re not interested in understanding, or cooperating, or abandoning false principles and endless lies, they fully intend to perpetuate this sort of garbage.

Walk away if you can from such people and their prisons they’re erecting. You don’t need them and never have. They needed you, but they’ve learned to reject those that expose the lies and reject their idol worship, the golden calves they’ve fabricated. It’s a defense mechanism that is intended to perpetuate the lies and encase the lies in myth and legend. We’ve all see what happens to these lying myth-makers. Their statues get torn down eventually.

But the real reason to walk away is simply this: To disempower those that appointed themselves your masters, because they’re not and never were.


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5 thoughts on “Fuck Off Advrider – Part II

  • February 5, 2022 at 10:58 am

    The thieves and liars, the orchestrators of looting and polluting, the manipulators and sociopaths that comprise the governments of ‘developed nations’ are losing the battle for the minds of the masses, and each day that passes, the number of people who still believe  their bullshit declines, whilst the number who can see it was all lies all along increases.

    No one knows how this will play out: usually governments use the military or other ‘security forces’ to force the masses to comply with their pathologically bad policies and outrageous edicts, and use ‘security forces’ to ‘annihilate’ anyone who refuses to comply.

    But now the so-called leaders have become so detached from reality we can justifiably say they are completely nuts or totally evil. That is certainly the case with Jacinda Adern, Justin Trudeau, Scott Morrison, Boris Johnson etc. Biden appears to be little more than a cardboard cut-out or an inflatable doll with a voice synthesizer that doesn’t work very well.

    In the meantime, the cost of energy continues to surge, as fiat currencies become increasingly worthless. Benchmark Brent crude that was around $56 (US) a barrel a year ago was trading at $93.27 yesterday.

    For people in NZ, the drop in the value of the Kiwi dollar from around 0.72 to 0.65 cents US compounds the international price rises, and translates into surging fuel prices at the pump. The diesel that was just over $1 a litre a year ago is currently around $1.80 a litre. And practically everything gets moved by diesel truck at some stage. Petrol that was around $2.35 not many weeks ago is now close to $2.60, and due to rise again.

    The criminals and clowns at the local council have proven themselves incapable of even managing to organize the repair pavements that have been in a deplorable state for years. Their almost total lack of planning and general gross incompetence are having a seriously debilitating effect on everyone in the district, exceeded only by the sabotage carried out by sociopaths of the Adern ‘government’.

    People have had enough of the incessant bullshit that comes from politicians and have risen up against it in Canada. Similar ‘convoys of freedom’ are underway in other nations, including NZ. The coming few weeks will bring either an increase in freedom and toppling of the despots who are in control, or total repression by western governments.

    As one commenter put it recently: “If  people fail to take back their countries now, they will be governed by criminals till the end of time.”

    Interesting times.

    By the way, the NZ weather has been nothing like midsummer weather; cool and wet, with major flooding and damage on the West Coast.

    And I see the level of Lake Mead is falling again, when it would normally be rising rapidly; that’s a clear indicator that the system is coming to a rapid end: no water, no crops and no hydro-electricity.

    • February 5, 2022 at 12:08 pm

      Pretty sure that truck convoy isn’t about ‘freedom’, but the right to remain unvaccinated. They still want to run their pollution trucks, burn diesel, maintain the status-quo and so forth. They’ve wrongly conflated their issues, as have many others into something that it isn’t. But that’s how it today – spin it all around ideology and politics.

      I imagine you saw the story about the Washington State Trooper, who was anti-vax. He refused compliance with the mandate, told the Governor to “fuck off” in his last rant, then contracted COVID and died. That’s entirely on him. He refused and paid the ultimate price. Countless stories just like this all over the country, and all over the world, thousands upon thousands wrongly conflate this health issue with ‘freedom’. Virtually everyone’s freedom is still intact, whether vaxed or not. An employer CAN fire you for any cause if they want to. You have the freedom to choose whether or not you will comply, whether it is a workplace policy against racism, sexism or vaccination. But this topic is not about ‘freedom’ in the larger sense. That is a distraction, a ‘false flag’.

      The convoy truckers are doing the same thing as this trooper did, as have countless show hosts, pastors, mother and fathers, etc., etc., falsely politicizing a health issue and claiming it’s ‘freedom’. Bullshit. Nobody is forcing anybody to get vaccinated. Do it or don’t do it. But there are consequences EITHER WAY. Then to whine and cry and complain about those consequences just means that these people are irresponsible FOOLS, who are still refusing to take self-responsibility for their actions.

      Change the narrative a little bit. Say that “‘you can’t work “here” unless you take this class”. Oh, hell no! Not going to take this class, that’s against my freedoms! Then don’t get hired, or don’t stay hired. The expectation that some workers have is that they can do anything that they want – and still stay employed. That’s bullshit. It’s not up to you if you are employed. It’s actually up to your boss and their expectations.

      I’ve zero problems with vaccination mandates. I haven’t fallen for any of the deceptions and lies that surround this topic – and NONE are about ‘freedom’. Texas fascist think they can demand what a woman does with her womb, but they hypocritically declare what then can do with their own bodies while denying that same right to others. You can’t have it both ways and not be seen for a fraud. We all have the right to choose, but every choice has consequences. That trooper and millions more paid those consequences, they do not have my sympathy for being fools. They bought into the endless lies, false claims and massive deceptions that arose around vaccination. That’s on them, and entirely their fault.

      Here, children are required to be vaccinated before attending public school. If you travel overseas you have to be vaccinated (was the case for me, so am assuming its true for all American travelers). It’s been like this for decades. If you join the military you are required to be vaccinated, they give you a whole battery of shots. I don’t see anybody claiming this is a ‘freedom’ issue, hundreds of millions of Americans have been vaccinated for many decades. The disinformation about this particular vaccination polarized the idiots, then killed them by the millions. Bunch of dumbasses.

      Canada can pass whatever vaccination mandates it wants. Anybody that objects can accept the consequences. After all, this is the same right we demand ourselves, the right to choose, it is no different. The hypocrisy on this issue is just utterly fucking ridiculous.

      This is a false flag and isn’t even slightly about ‘freedom’. All these people still want the same status-quo as always, they’re still engaging in supporting the entire empire in all of it’s forms. They’re not freedom fighters.

    • February 5, 2022 at 2:36 pm

      I had to delete access to a poster here, because he constantly claimed that a 100 million people (here) would die from the ‘kill-shot’, also claimed that athletes were dying by the droves, and even said I’d be dead by now. He became a stalker, constantly harassing me (to no effect, I shut this shit down). This type of hyperbole is worse then useless, it’s dangerous deluded nonsense.

      The claims of ‘freedom’ are false because freedom does not mean “no responsibility”, it means the exact opposite. Freedom means that YOU are responsible for all your actions AND your inaction, especially when your inaction is causing the deaths of others. This clearly includes taking the responsibility to NOT infect others.

      Nobody is “free” to be a Typhoid Mary. Society does not have to accept false notion that people are “free” to infect others and then go along with their erroneous notions on freedom, because it is not. It is irresponsibility and extreme selfishness on display. They don’t have to get vaccinated, but that also means employers do not have to employ them, governments do not have to allow them to travel and so on. The social responsibility that comes with true freedom is never absent, even if they do not realize it.

      These convoy idiots aren’t even slightly interested in “taking back their countries” (another false flag), what they’re actually after is the freedom to do whatever the hell they want and avoid all responsibility for their actions.

      Nothing of substance is going to come out of this. Some of these idiots will die, as they are already doing, and even on their death bed will be claiming they’re “free” (to die). Yes they are, but meanwhile they’ve just become more pawns in the disinformation game being played out. They can’t even get their narrative right. I would not follow this crowd out of a wet paper bag, because they’re quite clueless, irresponsible and are spreading lies.

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