Freedom Under Assault

Fingerprint scanners, photos, security cameras now required – to skate.

This sets a very bad precedence. If the people accept this, then they will start doing this in other locations. This needs to be categorically rejected.

Bureaucrats are pretty stupid and so are most cops. These kinds of things do not stop crime, and are very easy to circumvent. A number of studies have been done proving that surveillance cameras don’t work at preventing crime.

England has over 50 million cameras and the United States over 30 million, but they simply don’t live up to their expectations (and can’t). Surveillance does not stop crime, because it does not address the issues of crime.

Imagine having to give your fingerprints to go shopping…. or use a public restroom… or drive on a turnpike… or enter into any building… Some of this sort of tracking already exists in various degrees, here are 10 Ways We Are Being Tracked.

The article forgot several points, such as when you register with a “free email service”, you are putting down (recording) personal information. Nobody should ever do that.

These companies in turn sell this information, and share this information, which makes it to mailing lists all over the world. And databases that you do not want to be found in. These mailing lists and databases are then used to target people; to sell crap; to locate persons; to identify relationships; to create friend “networks” (who knows who); and so on.

Many people are quite ignorant about all of this, putting down all sorts of personal information. The need to retain online privacy begins by not giving out information. This is the key principle to remember.

Any “required” information can simply be lied about. You lie about everything, name, age, address, all of it.

Every single place, person, email address you have ever emailed is documented and recorded (archived). Think about that for a while and realize what this means. Anybody with the right access could sift through your life to the nth degree, “proving” anything that they may want (they’d pick out anything that looked bad or helped their position).

This is how a lot of information is gathered, because we “gave it to them” by naively sending and sharing information on the Internet. Each person that receives email has probably done the same thing too – failed to maintain an anonymous online profile, so it is very easy for them to identify the relationships that exist.

Many social websites actually encourage you to publish your “network” of friends and family, but this information is not private or secure. It’s one of the first place people will look, digging into your life for whatever it is that they can find.

The people that have access to this level of information are not your average joe blow, but agencies dedicated to this task of collating and digging out this information. They in turn will share it with other agencies of all types. This is a very common practice these days and has led to all kinds of “interesting” things.

Have you heard of the new cyber command, the Perfect Citizen program? It’s in the news right now. This is a psyops program with a hidden agenda. Be a good little citizen, don’t object, don’t dissent, do as your told. But that is not how it’s being presented by the lame-stream media.

Employers, head hunters, insurance firms, financial institutions, essentially every business that needs information about you can also make the effort to look in these databases (they often hire this out) if they so choose. Wonder why you didn’t really get hired? Think back — what does somebody actually know about you?

The simple rule of thumb is if you must use the Internet — never reveal anything about yourself. Nothing. Make it all up. And never give out your email address whenever possible. If you do, make sure that they don’t share it with anybody else.

I collect email addresses for my food website for example (I only use these to contact you about your order and tracking number) — but I NEVER give this information to anybody, not even the canneries. Recently I was contacted by a camping supply house who offered to exchange mailing lists, but I refused. I don’t believe that giving out your information is in your best interests and simply won’t do it.

But that won’t help if you’ve been careless yourself. They have prosecuted people for online comments surreptitiously recorded from years back — but still saved in a database for later use if ever needed.

People tell me all kinds of stuff online — that should never be shared, never revealed. Our society is not “free” or at liberty, but is now tightly monitored and controlled. Anyone that steps out of line, they can tear that person’s world apart, piece by piece. Ever wonder how they “know so much” about a person as reported by the news? This is how it’s done, they already know or they know where to look. The Internet makes this so much easier now.

You do not have to be a criminal to be concerned about this, everybody should be concerned. Your business (your life) is nobody else’s business in reality. But the US is a huge surveillance society now, unbelievably huge. We are one of the most monitored populations on Earth now, England is very likely #1, it’s even worse there, with over 50 million cameras in use (I may need to update these numbers, as it might be much higher now).

This article says that there are 30 million cameras in the US. Here’s an article on political spying in the US.

There are tens of thousands of real examples of surveillance taking place here. People should realize that they would not let a stranger into their bedrooms at night to “watch over them” — it would be risky, dangerous, even life threatening, you have absolutely no idea what they might do if you gave them that authority.

But that is EXACTLY what is happening on the Internet and throughout our society. Total strangers are watching our every move, every word, every activity, which we are told we should “trust” them with.

There is no reason whatsoever that we should trust them with anything. If we conducted our lives like they conduct their alleged “business”, we’d all be bankrupt, abusive, law-breaking, corrupt, vengeful pedophiles. Why should we trust anybody that exhibits this kind of evil behavior?

But it is really a bigger issue then this in reality. Privacy is what protects your freedoms. I’ve written before on this, and said that anonymity is a cornerstone of freedom. A better and probably easier to understand point is when your life and your affairs remain private, they are inherently protected from surveillance, and therefore from manipulation, from coercion and from possible abuse by those that would seek to engage in these activities.

That alone is reason enough to demand privacy, free from monitoring, and categorically rejecting all this big brother surveillance society crap. You maintain freedom when you are not being monitored. This is not an illusionary freedom either, but real freedom that does not constrain you and have you looking over your shoulder all the time.

But what they are offering is the illusion of freedom through surveillance. This is a blatant lie. We must give up a little liberty for our own safety is their mantra. But we are not safer. We are not better protected. We are not anything but lessened, a little bit more each time new legislation is passed, new cameras are installed, new monitoring technologies and databases are implemented. This has now gone on for so long that you can’t even recognize this country anymore as a place of freedom.

This is all blatantly wrong. The number of abuses of this “authority” are now in the tens of millions of cases where private citizens have been harassed, targeted, fired, rejected, denied, even killed.

Remember the no-fly lists? How come children as young as 6 are on it? Are we to believe that they are terrorists? Why has so many journalists and reporters “made the list”? Editors and magazine owners? Political dissidents and protesters?

A half-million people can no longer fly because they do not make the grade in the eyes of the government. They want us to believe that these people are “dangerous” but just the opposite is actually true — it is political suppression taking place, big time, all over this country. They are trying to control anybody that even just “disagrees” with the political leanings of this country.

This isn’t about terrorism or going after known criminals or preventing some sort of mid-air tragedy, it’s about suppression and demonizing the average citizen to bend over and bow down and literally take it up the ass because “we have to” (no you don’t — you can stop this anytime you want).

Full-body scanners and facial recognition and so-called “predictive technology” and “pre-crime” detection and all that crap. Absolute fucking nonsense. These idiots aren’t interested in the least in “preventing crime” (there are far more effective ways to do this such as social justice and getting rid of these oppressive practices), they are only interested in suppression and control.

They’ve sold the American people a bill of good that they are “helping” protect us, when just the opposite is true — they are stealing our freedoms away, right before our eyes and claiming that they are doing us all a service. They want us to be thankful for all of this abuse — but we should be enraged.

Most of the people they suppress through things like the no-fly lists are well-known online — their views, attitudes, opinions, everything, and they are being “punished” economically and in their private lives. This is now a very, very common practice in this country, and yet we are constantly told we are “free” to express our views and even our dissent, but not many will tell you that there is a real price to be paid if you are too popular with your views.

I could go on and on and on about this, it’s one the most undiscussed topics of our day. This is not a free country — not even close, this is a surveillance society with widespread political dissent and oppression being openly practiced.

In other countries, they call this fascism. They also call it a police state.

Pay attention to the Oakland riots. Here is yet another case of murder-by-cop going relatively unpunished. Not really a side issue at all, it is related because some of the people that are behind all this surveillance oppression are also the same people that are killing us. And they never seem to get properly punished.

But don’t think this is just at a local level, city cops and all that, this goes up the highest levels of government, to the very top, worldwide. Obama wants to stop political dissent, he’s called for total control over the Internet now, even passed a law giving him that right. He’s commented several times that we don’t have the right to criticize his policies. He’s following lockstep in line with all of his predecessors.

We are far less free under Obama then we were under another Democrat (Clinton), but it make no difference whatsoever who occupies the White House anymore — the agenda is dead clear: submit, obey, shut up and bow down. Accept these chains that bind you and be glad for them — or else.

There is a ton of legislation at work here, right now, trying to gain total control over the flow of information on the Net. Many website have been dedicated to stopping this, but they are still losing ground.

Imagine if you were a political journalists, covering stories all over the nation, but now can’t fly.

How would that effect your livelihood? Your career? Your life’s work?

How does this effect the readers, who are now not even able to learn of these stories you’d have written?

What does this then tell us about the stories that do make it into print?

Total control is the goal, and not just information, but total control, period. Suppression and targeting of dissidents, control the flow of information, through the media and even the courts. This activity is controlling our very lives.
Welcome to America.

You and I live in a fascist country.

Make no mistake about this, and where this is all headed and how unbelievably ugly it is going to get.

It happened before. It will happen again. It is happening here.


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