Forecast 2009

Kunstler has a new post out today, Forecast 2009 (link removed).

I agree with most of it, but not all of it. Kunstler missed the heartache, sorrow and suffering that will earmark 2009. And the fascist police state as it cracks down ever harder on Americants will be pretty harsh in places and shock some of the even the most dense among us.

I also predict Americants will line up like Holocaust Survivors, hollowed eyed and gaunt, overwhelming ‘basic services’. Most will stupidly ignore the empty lots and dried-out lawns that could have made a difference in their lives.

The Warsaw Uprising that we desperately need won’t happen. Contrast this to the rebellion and riots we will see in Europe and South America in particular. Much of this will arise because economic starvation but not all of it. Perceived religious oppression will also spark riots and come close to toppling governments.

I expect Obama will choose a lot of the wrong things, there is already strong evidence of this. The anti-Obama supporters will gleefully point this out to anyone who will listen as they drink they’re watered down coffee or MadDog wine. And they’ll be right of course, but it won’t matter. Americants will still stupidly believe that salvation (for some) lies in the hands of politicians, while the rest will become increasingly frantic that they’re still here.

This latter group will become increasingly aberrant and bizarre, exhibiting very strange and dangerous behavior as more and more outrageous views are embraced. Stay away from them, their implosion and self-cannibalization is not far off.

Deep signs of Americant polarization will continue to worsen, with the rabid Right hurling more then vindictive’s to the Left, who will respond in kind. Confrontations involving several deaths will occur as wasted blame and energy is focused on all the wrong places.

Ignorance will remain as rampant as ever, as media brainwashing by government edict continues. A new “Green” awareness will be heightened and will remain as stupid and misguided and unsustainable as ever, but will be embraced by both the fawning public and government.

Hundreds of billions of ever-worthless dollars for ‘new programs’ and initiatives will be committed to propping up our failing system. None of it will work.

2009 will be business as usual for Americants still plugged into the System, with new faces, new slogans and new names plastered over everything. But it will be significantly worse then 2008, as more empty bubbles pop, sending their soap scum back into the dirty dishwater of American greed.

Millions more will be unemployed with no work to be found. By this time next year, we will be talking hard-core survival for an entire segment of our population, both the lower and middle class ‘survivors’.

China will very likely pull the plug on financing our further indebtedness. The North American Union will be rammed through (made public) as Canada and Mexico realize they have no choice either. This way, we’ll all go down together.

I expect zero prosecutions for the high crimes and misdemeanors exhibited by past and present political figures, including Paulson and Bernake. Protection of the privileged elite will remain despite their malfeasance, and only a pretense of ‘investigation’ into their frauds will exist, but nobody will be rightly punished. The only justice there will ever be will be at the hands of bumbling vigilantes who will be the homegrown disenfranchised ‘terrorists’ in our midst. I expect a few of these will pop up in 2009.

By 2010, I propose that things will be significantly different here, for all of us. In part, battle lines will have finally been drawn and the mindless polarization will be somewhat set aside as the issue of personal survival takes the forefront over politics or belief systems.

The police state will have driven a gigantic deep wedge permanently into the minds of hundreds of thousands, and many of us will have finally hit rock bottom and have nothing left to lose.


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