Food Report

I’ve been working nearly non-stop and cannot update this blog adequately.  Plenty of worthy news links and stories to share, but I want to share the “food report” happening here and everywhere else in the country.

The cannery reported a “competitor” who has now ran out of food for the next month or so.  This has NOT happened with us or any of my suppliers.  Most likely, this other company does not have our level of stock or supply resources.

Somebody else reported to me that wheat will no longer be available.  This is also NOT true.  Wheat prices have jumped, but that’s all I’ve seen.

Quite a few people have requested freight quotes, we’re doing these as fast as we can.  However, be advised that the delays I’ve seen with people waiting several days or a week to actually order, over one thousand people are jumping in line ahead of you.  We are now dealing with a pretty substantial backlog of orders, it “appears” to be a Y2K sized event all over again.

I say “appears” because this should die back down (slow down) again, but we’ll see how this plays out. I basically collapsed yesterday, stopping after a 18 hour shift, but this has been going on for over a week.  I’m just not used to this.

If you’ve got time, read *****WHY DEFICITS STOPPED MATTERING: MAGIC OR CONSPIRACY?***** and always, keep up with Desdemona.

I will update links and stories here as time permits.


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