Food Prices Rise 300% in 1 Year

My fingers shake uncontrollably as I type, and my left eye is twitching from the stress, but I heroically soldier on, valiantly trying to keep my rising panic under control, mostly by “accidentally” mixing up my medications to go heavy on the ones that seem to turn my brain to kind of a tranquil goo, especially when taken with tasty alcoholic beverages. Which is dangerous as hell and really stupid, I know, but it is the only thing that seems to work, given the extreme economic circumstances in which we inextricably find ourselves.

My mounting anxiety is not, as is usually the case, because Total Fed Credit was up or down, although it was up a little last week, rising $2.2 billion. And always on the lookout for something to get snotty and hysterical about, I will happily note that this was less than half as much as the $4.7 billion in U.S. government and agency debt that foreign central banks bought up and conveniently stored at the Fed, also last week.

No, what I am in a panic about is that from the Financial Times we read the terrible news that “Retail food prices are heading for their biggest annual increase in as much as 30 years, raising fears that the world faces an unprecedented period of food price inflation. Few countries have not felt the impact of food price rises. In the US, prices have risen by 6.7 per cent, seasonally adjusted, since the beginning of this year, compared to 2.1 per cent for all of 2006, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.”

As much as I am horrified by this news, the silver lining in this dark, dark cloud is that now I can be not only sarcastic and cruel, but I can also prove my bellicose point with a mathematic precision out to three decimal places, just like the U.S. government does now!

So, prepare yourselves to be absolutely chilled – yet thrilled! – at the resonant-yet-piercingly-shrill tonal quality OF my voice combined with the utter conviction and hostility IN my voice as I indignantly bellow, “In one lousy year, inflation in food went from an annual rate of 2.1 percent to 6.7 percent? Is that what you are telling me? Huh? Is it? Because if that is what you are telling me, then that means that inflation in food prices is up more than 300.000% from a year ago! We’re freaking doomed! And now I laugh the tragic laugh of the damned! ‘Hahahaha!'” Forced To Eat Higher Food Prices

Saying “I told you so” is wearing a bit thin, so I’ll shut up. Bear in mind that next year, we’re expecting dramatically higher prices then this year. The figures above represent last year and this year, but not next year.

If you were to erroneously assume that next year the rate of food inflation would stay the same 6.7%, then you could use the basic math in Arithmetic, Population and Energy to grasp what this means. While this is very important to understand, it’s not sufficient in itself in this case because the annual rate of food inflation is not constant. A 300% rise in less then a year isn’t a constant. Next year, it may well be 9% or 15% over this year, or even 20% over last year.

Sound far fetched? Hardly, it’s already happening –

My brain is swimming from all the numbers and the awful implications of so much inflation in the price of food, and I was so off-balance that I was floored when they went on, “US research firm Bernstein estimates that its Food Commodities index, which tracks a dozen agricultural raw materials used by food companies including wheat, barley, milk, cocoa and edible oils, will show cost inflation of 21 per cent this year – the biggest increase since the index started almost a decade ago.

21% in basic foods costs… this is staggering. It’s a warning that I’m going to keep on giving out though because it’s soon going to be a life or death issue for millions.

This post is being filed under Collapse for a reason. The signposts of collapse are absolutely everywhere, if you don’t have your food plan started, you’re fast running out of time.  Affordable food is something we take for granted.  DON’T.


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One thought on “Food Prices Rise 300% in 1 Year

  • June 1, 2007 at 9:57 am
    On the bright side, more and more sheeple eating less and less food makes for:
    1. fewer 250 to 350 pound walruses impeding egress and eating up handicapped parking spots at Wallyworld, etc.
    (“Super-size Me” being an exceptionally apropos and accurate marketing slogan)
    2. a lot less shit to ‘process’ – as in Other People’s Shit (OPS), which is the best news I have seen or could even imagine today
    {actually, that’s not correct, an asteroid impact or La Palma eruption&collapse would be cosmically better news – IMO}

    OTOH, Ameriroids – aka American’ts – will NEVER slow consumption one bite [sic]. That is right up until the proverbial baseball bat strikes them upside the vacant cranium (damn, the echo must be outstanding). In fact, as stressors accumulate and accelerate from every sector/vector, many will likely attempt to consume even greater quantities of gravy drinks, blood laced with antibiotics and ‘animal by-products’, and chemically enhanced artificially flavored lard or every sort – seeking both momentary comfort and sole solace in abject gluttony and cognitive dissonance.

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