Flushing Civilization

I do a lot of reading, each day if I can find the time. Most of the current events that I read are actually symptomatic reports of an “invisible plague” that infects the majority of mankind, and especially those living within modern societies.

I call this plague “connedsumption” because it describes the primary function and activity of humans throughout the modern world. An endless barrage of propaganda promotes a consumer lifestyle of endless consumption. In a finite world, this is bound to become a problem, and it is.

We’re even called “consumers” which is both demeaning and demanding at the same time. There is something “wrong” with you if you are not consuming, in debt and constantly working to pay it all off. Everyone is encouraged by law and decree and incessant peer pressure to participate. Those that don’t are singled out and many are actually slaughtered as our history has shown.

It doesn’t seem like most people understand or even want a cure to this affliction, but even if it is admitted, they prefer a quick but temporary fix, such as “get out of debt” which then allows you to buy more, resuming the destructive cycle.

This approach isn’t really a solution, because it remains bound to the cultural expectations and causes that created the problem in the first place. The easy fix approach almost always never solves anything, failing to reach core issues and causes.

The core issue of consumption and dependency is actually found within our society and civilization, which was specifically designed to promote this lifestyle. It’s being actively marketed on a daily basis by every institution known to man. Within modern societies, it is the only lifestyle that is being permitted.

Unfortunately, it appears that we are destined to destroy ourselves because we simply can’t bring ourselves to address the real issues of endless consumption and demands. This will lead to our demise as civilization over-consumes (and pollutes) the resource base.

I read a lot of non-fiction books and articles that interest me. Lately I’ve been reading about ancient man and ancient cultures. This type of study shows the obvious nature of modern culture and society, and how it is destined for the scrap heap through hubris and indifference. I’m not referring to just America, but a worldwide collapse. The present course of civilization is clearly headed for self-annihilation.

Unable to sleep the other night, I read through chapter 9 of the Final Empire by William Kotke. I definitely recommend reading this book.  I found a lot of resonance in what I read and what I have come to understand and know about our culture and civilization.

Today, I found this article about the Kogi. To the uninitiated, much of what the Kogi believe and practice might seem far-fetched, but one must consider our frame of reference. The Kogi consider us and our civilization “dead”. Quite frankly, I have to agree with them. They are obviously a thriving culture, somehow surviving amongst an ever encroaching world for over a thousand years. They clearly have a better understanding then we do of the planet on which we all live, but like indigenous peoples everywhere, they are now among the victims of global genocide. It is the United States and her “allies” who are intent on destroying the Kogi.

While I am not surprised at all, I am deeply saddened by these facts. The lasting genocide committed by the US government against the indigenous people of America, the American Indian, continues to this day. A little looking around shows a deliberate pattern of oppression, genocide and environmental destruction to indigenous peoples all over the planet.

I wonder how we think we can survive as a race of supposedly intelligent and caring beings if we insist on destroying absolutely everything we simply don’t agree with. It is our self-centered supposed “superiority” and way of life that is at fault. But this remains nearly unrecognized within the modern world, which insists on going faster, bigger, always “better” and constantly demanding more and more.

This is actually a form of fascism, exemplified by the Nazis and the “Master Race”, whom Prescott Bush (George’s grandpa) helped financed. As the master race, all others were considered inferior and even to subjugated and eradicated. And we all know how that turned out…

There are uncountable examples of this type of fascism found throughout the world today. Most of us know this as “Manifest Destiny”, which was brought to America centuries ago but actually still continues to this day. This is still being practiced throughout the world, a type of fascism that emphasizes but one connedsumptive existence, eradicating all others.

It’s very clear to me that Nazism is on the march in America, under the guise of Christian extremism, the Patriot Act and the War on Terror.

The real terror is what is happening to our world and the unfolding destruction of the human race. I’d rather be living with the Kogi or any number of indigenous tribes, turning my back forever upon the so-called “modern world” and all of the useless crap that I’m “supposed” to have and work for.

A culture that takes, takes and takes, destroys everything it touches really isn’t worth saving – or living in. But for the moment, that’s all we have.


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