Flirting With Disaster

Oh boy.

The Heartland Institute plans on contacting EVERY science teacher in the country. To do what, might you ask? To encouraging these teachers to consider and teach explanations for global warming that reject humans’ role in a changing climate.

This boils my blood, because the Heartland Institute has a long, long history of despicable practices and deceit. Their lies about the scientific consensus has long been taken to task, and yet they’re still regurgitation this crap and insisting this is taught to every child in the country. They’re siezing the political opportunity generated by the Trumpanzees and Trumpatollah and the miserable failure of the whore media which sold out America long ago.

It is my opinion that this organization should be immediately outlawed, have all of its assets burned to ground, with the ashes scattered to the four winds of the earth, and then salt the ground wherever any of these stupid fools once lived.

Either that are we just kill all their members, because that’s what they’re going to do to all of us. It’s idiots and morons like this that are going to ensure that nothing is done in the years ahead about the greatest threat of all facing humanity. Greed and profits are much more important that a survivable, livable habitat.

It’s hard to believe that at a time like this, when climate change is having a serious impact upon millions of people already, that we’re still having these asinine “debates” which are really just  efforts attempting to disguise and deflect human responsibility, specifically for the most polluting industries of all, energy and oil, which the Heartland Institute is very much a part of.

They’re not interested in honesty or discussion, having for years and years irrationally rejected all the facts, evidence, science and observations regarding climate change and what’s causing it. They’re only interested in further their own vested interests in polluting the planet even further for profit. Of course this should be illegal, but barring that, we might need to step in ourselves and take matters into our own hands.

But we won’t. It’s not just Americans that don’t give a damn about their own future, it’s most Europeans too. And now Vladimir Putin has chosen to jump on the bandwagon of stupid fools. None of these morons are climate scientists. None have the qualifications, credentials or experience or the expertise of climate scientists. None are listening to the climate scientists, who are exasperated and befuddled by the sheer level of utter stupidity now being expressed by world leaders.

This comes as no surprise to this author, because it’s always been plainly evident that little to nothing would be done and the business-as-usual model would be maintained as long as possible, and all these leading fools are seizing the chance to do so. The reality is humans are going to sail right into an Apocalypse of their own making, eyes wide shut, screaming with glee. It won’t be out of ignorance either, it will be because of apathy and greed. Too lazy and indifferent to truly care, too greedy to give any of it up.

Now pay attention here – there is a shift in the vernacular (speeches, statements and language) being published and more then likely, spoken in the back rooms out of sight. The change you should notice is this, they’re admitting (already, without even trying) climate change cannot be stopped. To even say that (which Putin just did, as have many other figures) is an admission that climate change is real. Several non-experts, non-scientists are claiming it’s “natural” and unstoppable which when compared to the extreme rate of change being measured and experience is simply not true (there is such a thing as natural climate change, but it does not fit the actual current record at all). The rate of change we are experiencing has been directly tied to human activity, which these deniers are pissing all over themselves about.

But the important things is this – they’re starting to admit it’s all true, and adaption is the answer to something humans have no control over. In other words, they are denying any human responsibility, and thus ensuring the business-as-usual paradigm continues (polluting the atmosphere and planet with greenhouse gasses), and looking ahead to how they can profit from adaption efforts. None of them are bright enough or care enough to realize that there will be no adaption to climate change like they assume, especially if they keep pumping gigatons of carbon into the atmosphere like Trump wants to.

There is a very narrow band of survivability for plants and animals and surface and water temperatures. Once the wet-bulb temperature exceed plant survival in food producing regions for a long enough time (ruining crops and harvests, impacting pollination) – it’s all over. And there are dozens of other knock-on effects to consider, like sea level rise, extreme weather events, ocean acidification, effects on the ocean currents, species extinctions and many more. I covered this years ago in This Means Extinction and elsewhere on this blog.

I’ve dared to publish the words that won’t be spoken. Climate change is going to wipe out humanity. There is absolutely no doubt about this at all. And it will happen far sooner then most people will think possible because apathy and indifference will accelerate the effects of climate change which will rapidly worsen as we continue to deny our responsibility and fail to make any sincere efforts to change our ways.

We’re flirting with disaster in ways which may not be obvious to millions and millions of people, but that does not make it any less of a threat. The morons that are contributing to this crisis are a clear and present danger to us all and they need to be removed, stopped and jailed for crimes against humanity. It won’t be enough, but it will be a start.


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