First Commercial Ship Sails Over The Northwest Passage: “I Didn’t See One Cube Of Ice”

From the Climate Progress blog:

Desgagn’s Transarctik used the MV Camilla Desgagn’s because it is a super ice-class vessel, said Waguih Rayes, the general manager of the company’s Arctic division.

Rayes, who was on the vessel during its trip through the Northwest Passage, said the company informed the coast guard, which put an icebreaker on standby.

“They were ready to be there for us if we called them, but I didn’t see one cube of ice,” he said.

“They were informed about our presence [and] they were ready to give us the support needed. However, since there was no ice whatsoever, the service was not needed, we didn’t call for it.” No Ice In the Northwest Passage

This is even a year earlier then I predicted. But it was predictable by many. Climate change deniers be damned, the planet is heating up, irrevocably and dangerously.

I have no doubts at all that the majority have no clue what this news means. No matter, they’ll all be dead soon enough anyway.

To those that think this is harsh — what do you really think this level of climate change really means? Better harsh words now to shock the lethargic then the terrifying droughts and floods and starvation to come.

Addendum: Another climate impact comes faster than predicted: Himalayan glaciers “decapitated”

Addendum #2: Climate change dropped from The Weather Channel

Worth reading. I’ve repeatedly warned: Climate change is happening far, far faster then all the scientists have predicted.


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3 thoughts on “First Commercial Ship Sails Over The Northwest Passage: “I Didn’t See One Cube Of Ice”

  • November 30, 2008 at 5:07 am
    Amazing the power of these corrosive synergies.

    I imagine that when you mix the “audacity of hope” with the “imperative of denial” you get the group psychological equivalent of nuclear winter. Hope seems to persist regardless of any real world specifics, it becomes the syringe that enables us to mainline denial.

    Our thought process has paved the road to hell. Now we are building the enclosure and the one-way gates.

    Admin, thank you for speaking plainly of OUR death and OUR extinction. Few seem to have to clarity and courage to do so. Remember the warning label though, no act of tough honesty goes unpunished.

    This is sure picking up speed. I should have never had children. Our trajectory has been pretty well understood since at least the 70s. It just turns out the end game is concluding quicker in human terms. In earth time, these variances are nanoseconds.

    We knew this would happen in the 70s, and we did not act. We now have far more evidence of the catastrophic change, we still will not act on it. We are the doomsday scenario. It is a species defect, and like all such defects, the ecological solution is extinction, even if we would have the audacity to hope otherwise.


  • November 30, 2008 at 4:48 pm
    Not harsh words to me, just truth.
    It’s an eerie feeling where I live, knowing what I know on this subject, as I’ve seen and noticed the plants responding. Not many plants per se in the desert but never-the-less noticeable.

    Michael: your words are good to read as well, thank you for posting here.
    Don’t regret the children you have. Turn every available moment you have with them into meaningful ones and most certainly teach them the necessary survival skills to live on a different planet.

    Can’t wrap my mind around everyone dying though. Surely admin there will be some who make it out alive aye?

  • December 1, 2008 at 4:31 pm
    And while we ponder our last years, or months or whatever, some dynamite reading is to be found in MUTANT MESSAGE FROM DOWN UNDER, about a woman who by a series of events ends up on a walkabout with some Aborigine peoples. What a breath of fresh air! It’ll take one’s mind off our predicament, and is truly food for thought. Anyone who feels money or technology has value should read this book. IIRC, the author is Marla Morgan.

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