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Tucker Carlson has been in the news lately, showing support for that 17-year old kid that murdered those people in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

First of all, a little backstory is due here (disclosure). During my long absence, I had used Twitter to argue against Donald J. Trumps rancid lying tweets a number of times. At one point, I posted a Tweet regarding Carlson, as follows:

July 26, 2020: @oliverdarcy @DRUDGE Carlson is an ignorant twit. This babbling idiot is beyond stupid, anyone that listen to anything this fucking fool has to say isn’t worth paying attention to on anything. Fox should fire this moron, asap.

My Twitter account was blocked within a few hours, and under “review”. Over a month later, it’s still blocked. I’ve been encouraged to “remove” the tweets, but I won’t do so, because what I wrote is still true and will always be true in this matter.

Twitter is actively engaging in a form of meme modification (on many topics). Very vocal people that think Carlson is a clear and present danger to the country are being silenced. He’s now proven that beyond any doubt.

Tucker Carlson has come out in support of the this kid who murdered bystanders, resulted in two deaths, a third injured and untold grief and suffering that will last for lifetimes:

‘Fire Tucker Carlson’: Fox News Host Condemned for Comments on Deadly Shooting of Kenosha Protesters

An immediate backlash against Carlson has resulted. Supporters for Carlson and supporters against Carlson have weighed in, as have I, but I have not changed my opinion about Carlson at all, he’s still an idiot:

Those that support Tucker’s comments and the actions of this kid have lost their minds. A 17-year old is untrained, unauthorized, in illegal possession of an assault rifle, and lacks the critical skills, education, and training to engage safely with members of the public – to wit, he randomly shoots and kills people while performing an illegal act. Taking upon himself this awesome responsibility while performing illegal and deadly acts has now ruined several lives, those that were shot, those that were killed, and his own, including his parents lives. And you people SUPPORT this? Have you lost your minds? There was nothing legal, moral or justifiable about ANY of this.

And this:

Tucker is a ignorant fool, always has been. He panders to the brain dead morons who think just like him, making poor judgement and lacking common sense. Fox should have fired Tucker long ago, he’s a useless commentator and almost always dead wrong. But Fox panders to idiots and morons, ignorant stupid people that only listen to their confirmation bias.

Tucker’s recent rabid ignorance TOTALLY ignores the actual facts: private citizens are NOT responsible for “maintaining order” as alleged, nor are they lawfully engaging themselves carrying assault rifles. As a Class III licensed dealer for decades, it is absolutely appalling that so many gun owners / gun “rights” claimants believe that they can illegally threaten and shoot people with impunity. None of this is lawful, none of this is authorized in the Constitution.

This kid will be prosecuted, now having literally thrown his life away having made a horrifying and disastrous decision. Guns do NOT make you the law – EVER. They cannot be legally brandished or used when YOU are not in immediate danger to your life. Tucker knows this, but is pandering to the idiots and morons that are champing at the bit to engage in civil war, with many just “waiting” for the trigger-event that they they will authorize them to start killing other Americans.

That will NEVER be legal, and anyone that uses a firearm in this manner either will wind up in prison, shot or dead. It is NOT the responsibility of private citizens or self-style “militia” morons to act in the capacity of “keeping the peace”. The legal militia has NOT been called up by the State and anyone pretending that they have this right does NOT know the law and will be in direct violation of the laws of this country and the United States Constitution.

The country is in severe trouble when talking heads and news networks that have so much influence over the thought processes and missing synapses of millions of followers suggests that illegal actions are to be applauded and endorsed. Carlson is part of the far-right rabies movement that has polluted so much of this country and abandoned common sense and reason.

The people that support this type of activity have also lost their minds. There was nothing legal, moral or justifiable about any of this. They’re actively advocating for more of this lawlessness and death.

It has been alleged that this kid had “training” (which clearly didn’t stop him from randomly shooting as shown in the video), but there isn’t any evidence yet he had assault weapons training (parking attendant skills) and that he was  somehow justified” in “defending himself” (which isn’t supported by the charges of first-degree homicide), or the fact that he’s a high-school drop-out (uneducated). His ignorant fans are trying to hide these points, which do matter because he’s not the hero they claim he is – he’s a murderer. He’s made a terrible, tragic mistake.

Do not conflate this lawlessness with anything else that was going on because it is factually irrelevant. The facts surrounding this kid murdering other people he had no right to do, no training to do, no lawful authorization to do is what matters here. Citizens are not the law and are not authorized in any way to do anything more then to defend their own lives if in danger of immediate harm. This kid was at no point “in danger”, even though someone tried to disarm him. It was him that presented the danger, bringing a loaded assault rifle to the protest.

It is up to the State and it’s law enforcement arm to handle unrest. That fact does not matter one bit if you don’t like it or disagree with it, it is not your decision to make. You are not the law, and you will never be the law unless you are either deputized or enroll in a training academy and are then hired to perform law enforcement duties. Private citizens who engage in illegal “law enforcement” are acting as vigilantes – and they’re being prosecuted and put into prison.


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  • September 13, 2020 at 12:04 pm

    Well, that took several months, but Twitter finally responded:


    Thank you for your patience as we reviewed your appeal request for account, @SurvivalAcres, regarding the following:

    @oliverdarcy @DRUDGE Carlson is an ignorant twit. This babbling idiot is beyond stupid, anyone that listen to anything this fucking fool has to say isn’t worth paying attention to on anything. Fox should fire this moron, asap.
    Violating our rules against abusive behavior

    Our support team has determined that a violation did take place, and therefore we will not overturn our decision.

    You will not be able to access Twitter through your account due to violations of the Twitter Rules, specifically our rules around:

    Violating our rules against abusive behavior

    In order to restore account functionality, you can resolve the violations by logging into your account and completing the on-screen instructions.


  • September 13, 2020 at 12:12 pm

    Twitter can kiss my ass. I’ve no interest in playing their mind-control games, ever. My comments about Tucker are still factually true, accurate and to the point. And I’ve seen a LOT worse on Twitter that goes entirely unchallenged, but the reality is, the voices being silenced are people like me who are not afraid of these companies and will speak up about it.

    Social media like Twitter, Facebook and many other media platforms is the worst-of-the-worst when it comes to permitting real dissent and social discourse. Capricious, arbitrary “rules” that suit the platforms agenda and behavioral modifications are applied (and not applied) depending on the political climate, time of day and moderators involved.

    Nobody needs social media. Nobody needs Twitter. Social media is DANGEROUS. And quite stupid (just read the garbage that gets posted). In fact, it’s been well documented that Twitter, Facebook and other media platforms are heavily involved in mind control and behavioral modification. Shoshanna Zuboff’s book, “The Age of Surveillance Capitalism” reveals just how deep this type of crowd control goes.

    And now, there is a fascinating Netflix video that just came out The Social Dilemma, which I highly recommend everyone watch. Social media experts, the very people who designed this spider’s web of manipulation and deceit, weigh in on just how dangerous this has been for humanity. The downside is hugely significant on the ability of humans to function in a normal world. But companies like Facebook and Twitter don’t care. They want you to play THEIR game (mind control). Tell ’em to fuck off and get off.

    Get OFF of social media, asap. And stay off. It’s a trap.

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