The Final Post – Extinction Is Now Our Only Future

This blog is now closed (forever) Update: oops! Not true – resumed publishing in September, 2014).  I’ve tried about five other times to write a “closing post” to convey my reasons for closing this blog and why now is finally the right time to do so, but could simply never write the words. There was either too much to say, or too little to say, and it was being influenced by a sense of outrage mixed with mind-numbing grief.

I’ve now reached the point where I can be reasonable about this – at least on the keyboard. So don’t worry – what follows is pretty mild, but I think it is important.

I’ve always known, as any insightful person probably does, that collapse of our civilization would eventually occur. There was never any possibility that humanity could continue on its destructive path indefinitely. Sooner or later, we’d screw things up so badly, so completely, and with such irreversible effects that we would destroy any possible chance for “recovery”.  I am convinced – although you may not yet be – that “that” day has now come and it cannot be undone by any means.

The cliff analogy often used really no longer applies. We’ve long since driven right off the cliff – all that remains is the spectacular crash that remains below. At the moment, some of us still hang in the space of empty air (and empty heads), a moment of blissful ignorance and euphoria that complete freedom through ignorance gives. But the rapidly approaching ground below is not to be ignored or denied – no matter what you read or believe. The disaster that awaits us all will be without precedent – and will never be repeated in the history of mankind. But for tens of millions worldwide already – that disaster has already happened and this is why the “cliff” analogy isn’t really applicable anymore. Their “collapse” has already happened.

Like you, I live in the generation that will experience the global collapse that begun many years ago. At some point in time, we’d either over-extend ourselves, or release an uncontrollable technology, or deplete the environment so badly that there could be no chance of survival from these “oops” moments, mistakes that have grown in such size and scale that they utterly dwarf our ability to change them even slightly.  The stark warning signs that flashed by at light speed over the years were repeatedly ignored and dismissed – with the end result being we are now facing an irrecoverable disaster that will affect virtually all life forms on earth.

We’ve now committed ourselves to all three, a disastrous triple-whammy of human hubris and indifference, an unstoppable force of sheer stupidity and arrogance. Apparently, nothing can match this “force” – because almost everything has been tried to no avail. We’ve proven beyond all doubt that we are unable to control our population, or our technology, both of which are now wildly out of control, with the results being catastrophic environmental depletion occurring very rapidly on a global scale.  There is simply no possibility now for “recovery” as demonstrated below.

So for my children and for the troubling legacy that I have left them, and for their sake alone and none other, I dedicated the past twenty years of my life to learning everything I could about what was unfolding. What I discovered as I learned was worthy of a monumental disclosure, a once-in-a-humankind series of occurring events that pointed to only one inescapable conclusion, the shocking truth of an unfolding global catastrophe leading to only one possible outcome for all of humanity and all life on Earth.

As a father, I am deeply grieved to tears about the fate of my family and how fast we have ruined our only home. I’ve uncovered a stupendous amount of information that speaks loudly and clearly about what will occur, but no matter what the evidence may be, even in the cost of human lives now being extinguished, seemingly nothing could be done to change any of this on any meaningful scale. The willful destruction, the “collective suicide pact” of big industry and big oil and all those billions who embrace this utterly false paradigm continues to this day, accelerating daily, despite every protest and every attempt to slow it down.

The time that remains for humanity is really quite short now, only a few decades at most. Approximately ten years ago, I began a series of publications on this blog and two former forums, which has (now) proven beyond all possible doubt that nothing can or will change our behavior, or the outcome that we now all face. Early on, I focused on civilization, collapse, peak oil, peak energy and issues of freedom, politics and sustainable living. Later as my own awareness increased, I expanded my research and publications to include climate, personal preparedness, tyranny, war and many other topics – all of which are having a terrifying impact upon human lives the world over.

But the “big one” was the future habitability of our home (and only) planet. The planet was (and still is) being rapidly degraded, accelerating the possibility of collapse, even “guaranteeing it”. But it was actually much more then that in the end – what research revealed was something far, far greater then another collapse of civilization (which we might recover from, if that’s all there was). What was revealed through years of study was something else altogether – something humanity has NEVER had to face in our entire history. For 40,000 years, humans have lived on this planet, but at no time like today, did we live under the threat of total extinction from our own hand. But now we do – and it is very clear that we are completely incapable of doing anything about it in time.

Rhetoric? You decide, I’m not going to even bother any more with “trying to convince” people who refuse to listen or read the science or come up to speed on the research or even begin to gain the rudimentary understanding of the interconnected life-support systems that are now failing all over the planet. You do the work if you are truly interested in knowing the truth – that is the least you can do before joining the flotilla of “denial” that is headed to oblivion.

Over the past two months, there has been a gigantic amount of information on the rapidly escalating climate disasters taking place worldwide. There does still seem to be a lot of people who remain completely unaware of these events, probably because the American media refuses to publish them. That’s partly your fault – the information is readily available if you want it, but since it seems to interrupt the daily fantasy of being an Americant or watching the StupidBowl, it generally doesn’t seem to penetrate the public consciousness. It’s a rare individual who will actually READ anything or take the time to learn, the rest will instead rely upon virtually everything that they are told.

Americans absolutely love to be distracted, taking little to no interest at all in the real world occurring all around them or how they are affecting it. Somewhere between earth and sky and the fantasy illusions they’re being spoon-fed, they’ve parked their brains into orbit to become absolute putty in the hands of the policy makers and media executives and advertisers and the mega-national corporations that keep them alive. A Pavlovian response to the marketing, programming and incessant brainwashing is now all that is required for daily existence. Independent critical thought is actually considered a crime in America. These attitudes and beliefs are now so completely pervasive throughout our entire society that it’s downright scary. It’s like living in a land of zombies starving for brains.

Starvation is coming to America again. There, I said it. I won’t say it again. I’m placing the largest food orders of my life now, for myself and my family. I have zero doubts about what we can expect. The escalating climate disasters are going to dramatically increase every year, impacting farmers, future and food supplies in a very negative way.  I encourage all climate-deniers to not order any food from anyone (Apple has the right idea – time to take a stand). I can’t stand willful stupidity and frankly, I don’t want to feed it either.

I’ve updated our MRE page and Shelf Life page – pointing out that anyone that thinks they are going to be eating supermarket food after the collapse of civilization is nuts.  Ill-informed “advisers” (and Hollywood) are depicting “survivors” scavenging for food among the ruins of civilization years after the collapse. This is mythical bullshit.  You’ve got 2 – 5 years to eat wet-packed canned food before it spoils, and far less (3 – 12 months) to eat supermarket “dry goods”. In rare cases you might extend this a bit in cold storage or sheer luck (conditions would have to be just right), but you will not get the decades of shelf life that will be necessary from storable food.  You’d also better learn how to grow as much food as you can while you can and before the climate becomes so unpredictable that you can’t. I went with a large greenhouse, but it won’t ever be enough (or reliable) and therefore, will store as much long-term food as I possibly can.

Those of you in water-short regions – MOVE. Do it NOW while you still have “choice”.  You will soon have no choice, it’s only a matter of time and then you’ll be looking for a place for your sleeping bag among all the other refugees. Last year, over 30,000,000 refugees (that’s 30 MILLION) were looking for a place to live – what do you suppose it’s going to be like when it’s 3 billion or 6 billion bodies you’re having to step over to find a place to park?

There are many other reasons to move, but that’s really your responsibility to figure out. No place will be “safe” or immune from climate change effects, so decide what’s best for you. Consider population, proximity and the future availability of food, water, security and access. Refugees will be pouring in from everywhere – even some of you who are reading these words will fall into this category – so finding what is “right” simply isn’t possible. You’ll just have to do the best you can.

Personally, I have worked myself into the hospital (literally, this isn’t rehetoric) trying to prepare a place for me and mine. It’s hard, difficult work to do everything that you can do to prepare for collapse, and it takes many years of intensive effort, but it’s quite impossible to prepare for extinction. Even still, I will try to live as long as I can, because I love life and I love those in my life (and they feel the same way). Being alive is a very precious thing, not to be taken lightly.  Respecting self, life, living and those in your life are the most important things you can do.

Ok then, if you managed to read this far, then read these links and articles. I hope to leave all of you with something that will reinforce the points above and why it’s time to shut this blog down and move on. The time that remains to all of us needs to be spent as wisely as possible. The evidence is growing daily now on what we’re all facing, and it’s nothing short of the extinction of all life on earth. We’re only now at the very beginning of the ‘effects’ that will worsen each year.  At the moment, civilization itself, through aerosol emissions is “shielding the Earth” from the full-effects of rapidly escalating temperatures. So when we stop, as we undoubtedly will, we can expect extremely rapid temperature increases in just a few weeks to a few months.

Basis for a Carbon Budget? by David Wasdell – The critical risk now facing humanity – Why there is NO carbon budget left whatsoever – The 2°C° Delusion – It’s 10°C° (extinction). Absolute “proof” that we have fucked up beyond belief. Yes – that IS possible. It DID happen.

Mantle Methane (for background, read Unfolding Methane Catastrophe) – Methane Global Warming Veil

Near-Term Human Extinction – Global Warming and Feedbacks

And the still-standing This Means Extinction.

Mantle Veil

The 8°C atmospheric temperature anomaly will be exceeded indicating that total deglaciation and major extinction will occur by about 2053. The buildup of the global atmospheric methane concentration (Figure 11) indicates that the oceans should start to boil off at 115°C to 120°C when the atmospheric methane concentration anomaly exceeds 20,000 ppb (20 ppmv) by 2080. The atmospheric temperatures will approach those on the surface of Venus (460°C to 467°C) when the atmospheric methane concentration anomaly reaches 80,000 ppb (80 ppmv) by 2100 (Figure 11).

Atmosphere Boils Off Earth

At this rate of temperature increase the temperature anomaly in 33 years will be more than 8°C (7.26°C + 0.8°C, the present temperature anomaly) and the world will be facing total deglaciation and extinction between 2047 and 2053. Since the release of this data, the WAIS (Western Antarctica Ice Sheet) has been found “irreversibly melting” – with a projected sea level rise of no less then 45 feet. (in addition to the Greenland MELT – which is now (May 2014) admitted to be “irreversible”.

Although still not widely understood – no life can survive the temperature increases projected (which if you research even further, range over 15°C – I am NOT kidding). The Arctic is already showing 20°C+ anomaly – in January no less!

If you have “any doubts” about “triggers events” occurring and when – stop wondering. It’s already happened.

Deglaciation means rapid sea level rise, inundating the coastlines and cities of the world. Over 3 billion people will be displaced if they are still alive. These temperatures also mean global food production will drop to virtually zero sometime between now and 2050.

Long time readers will realize that I’ve issued these warnings for years (and have been widely ignored) – that scientific reticence, and the IPCC have consistently underestimating by several orders of magnitude the severity of the crisis now facing humanity and all life on earth. They were wrong and I was right, being “unlimited” in my assessment and analysis, but it did little good, although the “try” that I always advocate (and still do) was there. The growing body of evidence is pointing to “worse and worse” with the ultimate “worst case scenario” now a 100% likelihood. Extinction is as bad as it is gets.

I’m DONE. You’ve been warned.  The entire WORLD has been issued warning after warning – and it has been IGNORED.

I may yet re-organize this blog for those who will come along later, I’m sure it could use it, but for now, my time will be spent on living out the remaining years of my life and loving those that I am privileged to know as friends and family. That is all that is left.

Food sales will remain open and available as long as possible (which are still essential for all mankind), but there are absolutely no guarantees now of future food supplies for anybodyanywhere. We just tripled the price on Quinoa due to shortages and availability, and I expect food prices to absolutely skyrocket as the climate gets worse.

As a finale – it did not have to be this way. I am heartbroken beyond words, I cannot even describe how I feel, carrying a grief with me that has scarred me very deeply. I have seen absolutely nothing that indicates that this future is not as real as it gets.

Rather, I have now absorbed countless articles and information from credible scientists and researchers that have supported these conclusions. It’s more than missing ice and rising temperatures and drought or floods that we face – the real culprit is human ignorance and apathy. Our hubris is still with us, even growing in America – the land of the stupid – with most yet believing (without evidence) that we can either solve the crisis or that it’s not actually happening.

Both views are dead wrong as the evidence shows. But I’m not going to engage such mindless stupidity anymore, it’s robbery of my time, my life, and what future I / you have left. I do not owe idiocy anything. Better to spend it doing what you love and embracing those you love.

Do pay attention to what you have left. Appreciate it for all it’s worth, which should be quite a lot since it won’t last much longer.

Take the time out of a busy life to take it all in again – maybe you’ll find some peace in “knowing” what is certainly hard and difficult to accept. We can make the unacceptable the acceptable, but only when we come to grips with what this really means now, and to do that, go outside and live.  Breathe it all in, slowly and deliberately. You’re still alive, so enjoy it and appreciate it while you still can.

This was a beautiful place. I am truly privileged to have had the opportunity to call it my home.  These are my final words.




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8 thoughts on “The Final Post – Extinction Is Now Our Only Future

  • March 4, 2014 at 6:48 am

    Great final post – I’m right there with you – done trying to convince people about the unfolding climate disaster. They’ve all taken the blue pill and stayed in the matrix. Hard to blame them b/c what’s unfolding is heartbreaking. On the other hand, justice is blind, and we are all to blame in some way or another, so her sentence will be doled out to all of us one way or another. As you said, time to go enjoy the time we have left. Thanks again for all the great commentary.

  • March 4, 2014 at 3:34 pm

    Wow. Great last post. I have been reading your blog since around 2008 and you were always the dose of reality I needed when I started smoking too much hopium.

    I have felt this collapse coming since I was a child. I didn’t know what, but something just felt off. I think lots of others have too. Luckily being exposed to blogs like this gave me the gumption to change. Since 2008 my family has 5 acres of workable land, water, food, wildlife, wood fired sauna, and more in a region of the world I think will stay livable for awhile. Thank you for generating motivation. Im sure I wasnt the only one your powerful words resonated with.

    Finally, I want you to know I share your grief. I feel it everyday. I hold my little girl a little closer and I am truly thankful for what I have. Now, I want to let go of the daily stress that brings me down as I know it is truly not important. In closing, once again I agree completely with your ideas…spend your time loving your friends and family. Respect life.

    Good luck to you and yours.

  • March 5, 2014 at 8:47 am

    I have been reading your posts since 2005. Got to admit that I will miss them, a lot.

    We also have talked about closing our blog, Always seems like here is one more reason to keep it open, although our entries have become few and far between. Seems like there is so little to say anymore. Discussions of trends and the lunacy of government and decisions of powerful people have become pointless.

    I’m quite aware of all the data and projections, they are all readily available. I am also aware that doomday has been forecast since the beginnings of written history and in the mythology that was not written down. It hasn’t happened as was forecast. Scientific projections have proven to be faulty also.

    I’ve reached the age where I am pleasently surprised in having one more day to engage the world. Yes, holding close those you love and respect is a good thing with or without doomsday.

    I know not what the future really holds for us. I suspect the universe has some more surprises on hold. If extinction is in our future, so be it. I’ll struggle on until it appears pointless.

    Good luck to you and yours. Sorry to see you go from the blog sphere.

  • March 5, 2014 at 8:53 am

    It’s been a helluva ride, bro. Thank you for trying.
    Blessings and best wishes to you and yours.

  • March 5, 2014 at 10:05 am

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this blog which I have followed for years. Your blunt honesty was one of the major influences on my thinking that helped me see the big picture of human hubris in its entirety. Certainly from my perspective your efforts here – and I know they were considerable – were not in vain. I too have cut way back on writing and no longer wish to persuade anyone of anything. It’s too late and I share your grief and sense of loss of our beautiful world. I know you will make the most of your time with those you love, and that it is a wise decision to devote yourself to that. I hope you keep the posts up though as people who start waking up and seek knowledge will find it infinitely helpful through that painful journey.

    Fond regards and best of luck to you,


  • March 5, 2014 at 12:24 pm

    FWIW/IMO. for most anus apes, aka misery monkeys, the whiplash from the permanent psychotic break (both personal and social) that will accompany the so-called “crash” is going to be felt as more of a “splat” (of a cranial cavity content implosion). One will know that it has happened (maybe) when it happens to them and theirs. Yet there is fuck-all one can do about reconstituting ones (alleged) sanity – assuming any existed in the first instance – while the entire ‘civilization’ and everyone around you enters the panic attack mode of unrestrained insanity.

    In the meantime, “All IS Now. Then IS Not.”

    Bye-bye Bipeds

  • March 7, 2014 at 12:38 pm

    Thank you everyone. I appreciate your long term support. My best wishes to everyone.

    Todays Climate News is worth sharing:

    Climate technofixes ‘will not work’


    By Tim Radford

    Hopes that we may be able to use geo-engineering to avert dangerous levels of climate change have been dashed by a German research team.

    LONDON, 7 March – Global warming will be bad. Geoengineering could make it worse. Once again, a research team has considered all the benefits of climate technofix – that is, deliberate steps to neutralize the consequences of unrestrained greenhouse gas emissions – and come to a grim conclusion.

    At the best, any attempt to geo-engineer the changing climate back to its starting point would be relatively ineffective. At the worst, it would have “severe climatic side effects.”

    David Keller and colleagues from the Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research in Kiel, Germany and colleagues report in Nature Communications that they used an earth system model to simulate five very different strategies to reduce the rate of global warming and keep the climate from dramatic change.

    Geo-engineering is a catch-all phrase for some very different approaches. One favoured and much-examined technique is to counter global warming by reducing the levels of sunlight that hit the planet’s surface, a technique called solar radiation management.

    This approach has already been comprehensively dismissed by other studies, which have demonstrated that such an approach could change rainfall patterns or make conditions worse in arid zones such as the Sahel or just make things worse once the technology ceased.

    But the Helmholtz team decided to look at the bigger picture: although climate scientists have repeatedly warned that the only safe answer is to reduce – and go on reducing – fossil fuel emissions, and although governments have acknowledged the urgency of the problem, very few really effective steps have been taken.

    Varied options

    So the technofix remains an option. How effective could it be? What could climate engineers do? There are plenty of powerful ideas. One of these is to exploit the appetite of green things for carbon dioxide: for instance, to irrigate the Australian and Sahara deserts and grow forests that will soak up more carbon.

    Another is to nourish the ocean surface waters, by pumping deep, nutrient-rich bottom water to the surface to give algae a chance to bloom across the oceans. A third is to add lime to the oceans and chemically increase the uptake of carbon dioxide.

    And then – still at sea – ships could spread that vital trace element iron across the ocean surfaces and give plankton a chance to bloom, grow, die and take all that carbon down to the seabed out of harm’s way.

    And lastly, there is solar radiation management, either by pumping sulphate aerosols into the stratosphere, or putting reflectors in space: anything that reduces the sunlight levels a little could balance the impact of the greenhouse gas build-up.

    The researchers simply contemplated the crude consequences of each step. They did not concern themselves with the economic, political and technological feasibility of each, nor the ethical questions. They just wanted to know whether any or all of these options could possibly work.

    Limited potential

    The answer, spelled out in 11 pages of close argument, is, basically, no. Could any of these limit warming? By about 8% perhaps: not nearly enough. Could all of them together have an effect? Even a combination of approaches could not stop global warming increasing by a lot more than 2°C by 2100 under the notorious “business as usual” scenario.

    Would they have side effects? Yes, afforestation of deserts (if it could be done) would increase the local temperatures and increase freshwater flow and thus reduce the salinity of the oceans and change circulation patterns.

    Ocean upwelling would increase the regions of the ocean with low oxygen – bad for living things – and precipitate rapid climate change if the upwelling stopped. Iron fertilization would increase ocean acidification and solar radiation management would do exactly what previous researchers have already said: change the weather patterns with alarming consequences and make things worse when the programme halts.

    The message is: the most effective way to prevent further climate change is to limit carbon dioxide emissions.

    “We find that even when applied continuously at scales as large as currently deemed possible, all methods are, individually, either relatively ineffective with limited warming reductions, or they have potentially severe side effects and cannot be stopped without causing rapid climate change,” the authors write.

    “Our simulations suggest that the potential for these types of climate engineering to make up for failed mitigation may be very limited.” – Climate News Network

  • March 8, 2014 at 2:44 pm

    Thanks for the reality check, Admin. For those who want to still make a go of living in this future, it’s worth taking a look at the recent research done on long-term Mars and Moon habitats. We haven’t figured out full self-sufficiency methods, so it likely won’t work long-term, but it will give your children a good chance at living out their lives in this, the twilight of the ecosphere.

    Good luck, everyone. Try to stay out of the way of homo-panicus, and keep as much of the Earth alive as you can, as long as you’re able.

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