Feds Prepare to “Vigorously Enforce” California Marijuana Law

Even if California voters legalize marijuana for personal use — the Federal government fully intends to ignore any legislation passed by the State or its voters:

Eric Holder says the federal government will enforce its marijuana laws in California even if voters next month make the state the first in the nation to legalize the drug. Feds Oppose California

The issue here isn’t whether you agree with legalization or not –it is about whether the citizens of California have the right to change their own laws — and have them enforced (or ignored, as intended by the Federal government).

The Feds do not believe that States or the citizens of the States (any State) have a right to pass a law which goes against federal law, which is just another way of saying that the States and the citizens have no rights at all (unless they meet prescribed federal guidelines).

But notice how these federal laws are not subject to voter approval. Which makes them fiat decrees by the Federal Government.

Under the United States Constitution, they are therefore not laws at all but federal mandates from a dictatorial government, the “kings decree”.  They will be enforced as “law”, but that doesn’t make them laws at all.  Anything that the voters are not allowed to vote upon cannot be properly construed as law (in my book). Laws passed by the States and the voters of that State should be respected by the Federal government, period.

Under these types of disagreements, the States cannot do anything without Federal approval, effectively nullifying any attempts that they may ever try to assert ANY States or citizen rights at all.

This is why this issue is so important and is much bigger then just “legalization”.  And in my book, this should be “vigorously enforced” by State citizens (resisted) by any Federal agents who break State laws.

There is a deeper truth here which I don’t often mention.  Most of us think we are citizens of our respective States — but as shown above, we’re actually considered federal citizens of the United States corporation.  That’s right, the U.S. is a corporation (do some research).  But you’re not given voters rights in this corporation — you’re being given bread and crumbs and mandates to do as your told.

The sham (s)elections many participate in are not the voice of the people or “democracy at work”.  They are highly defined and narrowly constrained pre-approved “choices” offered for your perusal.  Just getting a measure on a ballot is a expensive, torturous affair often fraught with massive failure, let alone getting an honest candidate on the ballot that even remotely represents my interests (not one of which I’ve seen in my entire lifetime) or yours.

Everything is vetted and pre-approved, sanitized down for the public “auction” the voters are permitted.  And in the final outcome, we the so-called “empowered voters” get what we’ve always gotten (under a new label) and nothing ever changes.

What this entire issue is about is whether or not you, the citizen of your respective State, has EVER had any real rights that are not being trounced upon by the Federal Government.  And if you do not already know that answer, then enjoy the chains that keep you bound, may they rest lightly upon you.  I know the answer and it’s a situation that is getting worse and worse by the day.


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