Fascists Have Breached The Gates

There are many, many signals and signs unfolding around the country that indicate that 2022 (mid-term elections) and 2024 election are at serious risk. Countless articles depicting the non-stop march towards a fascist takeover by the Republican party have been published. Reuters just revealed what some election officials have had to endure.

Trump-inspired death threats are terrorizing election workers

Everyone should read this article, it’s sick and disturbing, but it shows the mental thought processes of the connedspiracy crowd and what they’re willing to do.

My own haunting of the StupidNet and what is being posted and shared have shown me enough – America does not have a functioning government. The future also looks far worse.

What is being revealed, bit by bit of the Trump years is quite shocking. Trump weaponized the US Department of Justice under Attorney General Bill Barr, spying on “enemies” in Congress and journalists in the media that were “unfavorable” to Trump. Former Attorneys General Bill Barr and Jeff Sessions may both have to testify to their actions.

There is even some speculation by attorney’s the Bill Barr could lose his license. Barr went out of his way to engage in spying. Barr is a fascist, and a enabler of Trump’s fascist policies and demands. I hope he winds up in jail, it can’t happen soon enough. But if recent history is any guide, the Democrats will bungle this investigation too and Barr will remain unpunished.

The damage Trump continues to inflict upon this country is hard for outsiders to imagine. Trump is already sabotaging Senate GOP electoral fortunes in 2022. No one can stop him. But this is only the “official” crap going on. Behind the scenes, apparently being broadly ignored by most everyone, is the rising tide of hatred and vitriolic being spewed calling for violence, all in the “name of Trump”. There are millions of Americans that actually want a fascist dictatorship (hard to believe, I know), but they’re working towards exactly that goal.

They’re not alone – during Trump’s tenure, Trump managed to appoint two critical positions that have lifetime appointments in the Supreme Court. Supreme Court Justice Amy Barrett like Justice Brett Kavanaugh, both whom Trump ramrodded through to confirmation are BOTH affiliated with sexual abuse claims. Barrett was raised in a religious group long known for covering up sexual assault within. Almost none of Kavanaugh’s accusers were actually interviewed by the FBI when his sexual assault case exploded across the country during his confirmation hearings. Now both sit on the Court, thanks to to the Chief Misogynist and sexual assaulter, Donald Trump who’s own cases of rape and assault have still yet to be tried in a court of law.

Impeachment is possible for a Justice, provided that the evidence supports such actions. Yet the evidence is not being allowed to come to light. Oddly, the Department of Justice is still suppressing evidence in many cases, including the January 6th Capitol attacks.

The report notes, however, that the committees have not been able to review all the information they have sought. Both DHS and the Justice Department have not yet fully complied with the committees’ requests for information, and the Office of the Sergeant at Arms of the House did not cooperate with requests for information.

Apparently, many of the career employees within the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Justice fully supported Trump’s assault on democracy and think that unlimited executive power was a good thing. These enablers are still in position to do enormous harm to this country. So far, Biden’s Attorney General Merrick Garland is doing a miserable job on prosecuting the evidence the Department of Justice is still hiding from the public.

Trump’s former spokesperson Jason Miller is now going to head up a new tech startup that could become Trump’s new social media “platform” (propaganda outlet). Millions of dollars are being spent to ensure that Trump retains a firm grip upon the traitorous Republicans. I’ve long wondered if Trump like Epstein, keeps dossiers on his supposed colleagues, forcing them to comply with his demands. It’s even possible he got his hands on Epstein’s materials and is using these to blackmail Republicans. Something has to explain for their traitorous behavior. Many of these very same people were enemies of Trump before he became President, and for some time afterwards, but are now fully in his encampment. I can’t explain it – nobody can.

How much evidence went missing from Epstein’s island? Nobody knows. His death remains extremely suspicious, and Ghislaine Maxwell’s hasn’t yet officially revealed what she knows. But we know that Trump was best pals with Epstein (despite his incessant denials, however the evidence strongly indicates they knew each other well), and many Republicans were likely his “clients”. Matt Gaetz was a top advisor for Ron DeSantis (Florida Governor) and is now facing sex trafficking charges. Bizarrely, Idaho voters want a “DeSantis” to take over their State if you can believe that. DeSantis emerged as a radical Republican who helped perpetuate Trump’s insane lies and march to fascism.

The country has severe problems with the body politic and the entire elected and non-elected leadership. It’s actually worse now then it was while Trump was in office as the lines of division are still being drawn. It’s “redestricting” writ large, all over the country. Those against Trump and those still for him. Those that believe in a elected government appointed by all the people and those that demand a fascist government supported by some of the people. Over 400 election law proposals have been attempted to restrict voting rights of Americans.

We may have a new President, but it’s already very clear that we do not have a functioning government with equally shared power. There is almost no bipartisan agreements taking place. But what is really scary is how the Democrats are still trying to play nice with the Republicans, who are steadfastly trying to undermine democracy. Trump has YET to be held accountable for his actions as President, and especially on January 6th. Every clear thinking American should ponder that for a long time.

I’m not going to bury readers with more links and stories, just going to keep sharing the warning. Fascists have breached the gates and they occupy the halls of power. Take this very, very seriously if you want to have a free country. It’s all in jeopardy and getting worse.  I’ve no doubt that some fascist mouthpiece will eventually replace Trump who looks sicker then ever now (we’re hoping this traitor strokes out), but his party is still trying to overthrow the U.S. Government and the United States Constitution. They seem to be stronger then ever now that Trump is out of office, but he’s not yet out of power, nor is the fascist Republican Party.

These are dangerous times for America, the most danger we have ever been in, with enemies within and without, all trying to overthrow this country.


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5 thoughts on “Fascists Have Breached The Gates

  • June 12, 2021 at 11:37 am

    I believe fascists took over in America in the 1940s (arguably before), and that the Second World War was fought to decide which group of fascists -America-British or German-Italian-Japanese- would dominate the world.

    I believe it is all a ‘shell game’, and that all that has been debated since the USSR obtained nuclear weapons capable of halting the advance of fascism into the USSR has been which group of self-serving liars would have the opportunity to enrich themselves at everyone else’s expense, and to mislead the general populace.

    Donald Trump is most certainly the most demented self-serving liar ever to have gained high office by promising the unachievable, and has orchestrated carnage on a scale never witnessed before. But to imagine that Biden -another self-serving liar- will get America out of the diabolical predicament is it in, is to be utterly deluded.

    I note this on the week’s drought status report:

    A very dry week for the region, with only areas of New Mexico, northeast Arizona, western Colorado and northwest Washington having above-normal precipitation. Temperatures were well above normal with most areas 3-9 degrees above normal for the week. A reassessment of conditions in eastern New Mexico took place after the most recent rains, and this led to improvements in the region, with some being multi-category for the week. Eastern Washington saw conditions continuing to decline, and an expansion of moderate, severe, and extreme drought took place this week. Oregon was similar with widespread areas of degradation in the state and expansion of exceptional, extreme, severe, and moderate drought. Idaho also had widespread degradations with expansion of extreme, severe, and moderate drought and also a new introduction of exceptional drought. California continued to see the impacts of drought increase, and there was expansion of extreme and exceptional drought in the northern and central areas as well as along the coast of central California. A small area of exceptional drought was expanded in central Utah. As with the conditions in the northern Plains, some areas of eastern Montana were reassessed this week and a large area of extreme drought was removed while other areas of the state had an expansion of severe and moderate drought. Some of these same areas improved in Montana received rain after the cut-off for this week and could see further improvements next week.’


    The mention of worsening conditions in eastern Washington [state] got me wondering.

    On the other hand, the whole globalised, Neoliberal, industrial system makes everything-that-matters worse everywhere.

    The neo-fascist government of NZ is pressing ahead with policies that are make everything-that-matters worse (both locally and globally), as required by the banks and corporations that are in control of the system.

    It rather looks like Britain is in the shit again with respect to Covid-19 or its mutations: having apparently got Nature under control, Britain finds it hasn’t.

    Funny that.

    Who’d have thought that Nature has its way all the time? and that Nature is in the process of ridding itself of the worst species ever to evolve on this planet -Homo collosus, Homo too-clever-for-its-own-good, Homo incredibly-unwise, Homo super-greedy, Homo stupidicus

    The good news [for those who want the system to keep going a little longer] is, there is still some ice floating on the rapidly warming waters of the Artic Sea.

    • June 12, 2021 at 12:48 pm

      Drizzled most of the night last night, but this area is still considered ‘severe’ drought. Supposedly, precipitation is off by 4″ for year-to-date here, which isn’t that much. The snow however, has been missing from the mountains for too long already. I hope it continues to stay cool and damp for obvious reasons.

      I don’t disagree with anything you’ve said. I’m still wondering why more people don’t realize the fraud taking place. They have all their (limited) attention being focused elsewhere.

      Just switched the blog to ‘private’ mode only – which means you have to log in to see it. Going to try this for a bit. Getting scammer and fraudsters trying to register here. Anyone who really wants to read this site can log in. If that doesn’t work for you, let me know.

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