Famine, Fools & Fascists

VERY few people are paying attention to the escalating food crisis unfolding around the world. Americans in particular have chosen to keep their heads buried in the sand, but food prices and availability continue to be a growing problem.

Desdemona and the Atlantic Counsel are cautioning the world that famine is now a fact of life. Locally, I’ve seen a huge jump in food prices occur and estimate that this is only going to get worse and worse.

This is exactly what I warned about – Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine was to gain control over food production. As the war grinds on (you can rightly call this a “war” in every part of the world without being imprisoned except in Russia), the world is careening towards disaster. You can get 15 years in prison if you call it a war in Russia. Putin thinks oppressing his own population is the way to retain power and control, but this is going to badly backfire.

Russia is still losing tens of thousands of conscripts (bond slaves) and troops who are being ground up and spit out as so much dead meat on the front lines without adequate equipment, training or support. They’re also starving, lacking sufficient food supplies to even put up much of a fight. Ukraine on the other hand, is as ferocious as ever, defending their land and their freedom with the help of Western weapons and support.

American fascists at home are still supporting Putin and his incessant lies, but this isn’t anything “new” here. They did the same thing under the Trump era, refusing to even consider the fact that they were being constantly brainwashed with the spew of vile lies emanating from the Antichrist himself. I’ve kept silent on here for a while but not elsewhere. America inches ever closer to internal conflict and explosion over trumped-up bullshit (pun intended) and fabricated claims about “freedom”.

Go back ten years and consider how much this country has changed in such a short time. The United States is now totally unrecognizable. And extremely dangerous. Nobody is safe here anymore, not anywhere. Not at school, not at work, not at the hospital. And that’s exactly how these fascist fools want it to be. They’re stupidly convinced that YOU are the problem (and worthy of death) while brandishing their assault weapons and making non-stop deadly threats to kill anyone who disagrees with them. Mass shootings here have already exceeded thousands in the past ten years. 200 THIS YEAR alone, and over 700 in 2021.

The acceptance of widespread death and suffering by the gun lobby is largely based upon fear and paranoia. It’s plainly obvious that there are plenty of “lawful gun owners” who cannot actually be trusted with firearms. This is a problem that these people have brought upon themselves, refusing to act both lawfully and responsibly. The rhetoric around their claims of fear, paranoia and fabrication is so unbelievably bad and ill-guided that it makes your head spin.

But they will not listen to anything. No amount of innocent death or suffering has any effect on their misunderstandings. We’ve now reached a point where mass shootings occur someplace every single day and American’s hardly blink at the non-stop carnage.

But this is not just about “gun control” in reality, not even close. It’s about lies, deception, gross misrepresentations and fabrication of belief systems that serve the ruling agenda. I’ve written about this many times before to no avail. Nobody listens to reality anymore, nobody even seems to want reality. Living in a fantasy-based world complete with heroes and villains, death and destruction, vigilante “justice” and disrespect for the law and civil society where “anything goes” seems to be the preferred world view – which is now taking place in the real world, where self-appointed deciders either take up arms and commit horrific crimes, or American “law makers” pass horrific laws, punishing entire segments of our population.

This is a very, very sick society. America is clinically insane now. Politics are used as a weapon to punish people and inflict harm, pandering and pretense (lies) are used to persuade millions into supporting policy and agenda that is against their own best interest. This is one of the reasons why I’ve been avoiding writing anything here. You can’t speak the truth anymore and expect anyone to listen. We’re much too far gone now for that.

Numerous accomplished writers and authors, speakers and personalities have attempted to wake up Americans to the extreme peril that is now unfolding here. But it’s not working as fascist elements are getting more and more bold, loudly screaming that they alone are the only voices worth listening to. Even American churches have abdicated their adherence to the tenets of Christ and his teachings about not being enamored with the things of this world, and to do good by others, preaching instead to embrace this horrifying march to fascism, personal wealth and power. It only takes a nano-second of thought to realize and understand that they are all proclaiming another Gospel, and a false one at that.

The America I knew is definitely gone, likely to never return in my lifetime or yours. Our leaders are corrupt, our institutions have failed, our own families have imploded, divided over false loyalties, fabricated realities and empty promises. We’ve lost our way as a people, but the real cause of this can be blamed on our leaders who chose personal power, privilege, wealth and corruption as their defining characters, willing to do and say anything to stay in office. We took notice – and many Americans followed their example, whether they be church leaders or elected officials.

American companies followed suit, swiftly realizing that Washington was easily corrupted and extremely greedy, always willing to trade lives and favor for money and votes. Lobbyists and power brokers lavished billions of dollars on elected officials to pass asinine laws and policies for maximum personal benefit.

Ultimately, everything and everyone was for sale, to be bought and told [sic], auctioned off to the highest bidder. What was left was a distracted, disillusioned and broken populace looking for real leadership and finding virtually none. This was and still is a ripe environment for the likes of a strong man like Trump and other wanna-be dictators to rise to power, promising what they can never, ever deliver. A dumbed-down, lowest common denominator population was too ignorant to see the warning signs, and voted against their own best interest.

And it was so damned easy to do, after all. Subvert the politicians, brainwash the population. We’ve always had our corruption like this, but never this bad. This is now institutionalized and fully normalized, we’ve come to fully expect it. The only difference between a Banana Republic and the United States now is the lie “United”, which we absolutely aren’t. We’re ready to tear out each others throats over the stupidest reasons and fabricated fears.

Get out if you can, don’t wait. If you do not have strong attachments here, then leave. I can’t advise you where to go (because I don’t know) but staying here means you’re painting a target on your back, no matter who you are. America is going to degenerate much further then what we’ve seen so far, you can see it coming.


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