Faking Videos

I think the video speaks for itself, showing how incredibly easy it would be to fake a video.

I’ve written a post that Julian Assange is probably now dead or captured. I can’t publish this yet because I can’t prove it either way and I could be wrong. The latest interview of Assange with John Pilger does not provide any kind of date or evidence of proof of life – it could have been filmed before his disappearance or shortly thereafter his internet was cutoff.

Lacking some kind of real proof (which the Pilger interview certainly isn’t), I’m left with what you’re left with – speculation. There are a few others publicly speculating too:

The interviewer mentions the internet getting cut off and Assange responds, but never mentions internet. There’s different cameras on Pilger and Assange. I didn’t see a bit where they show both at once. This could easily be answers from a different interview.

I’m not saying it is, but there has still been no proof from @wikileaks that Assange is alive. If they can get a film crew into the embassy, they can get a pic of him and todays newspaper.

Edit: Nearly two weeks ago we got a poll from @wikileaks asking what proof we needed Assange was still alive https://twitter.com/wikileaks/status/790406530738913285?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw. Video won. Since then, we have a phone interview for some Argentina conference and this. Neither is proof he is still alive.

The video above is another twist on how easy it would be to create video as “evidence” of whatever you are trying to fabricate.

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