Faking the Grass Roots Movement

This worth paying attention to:  Astroturf, or Faking the Grass Roots ‘Movement’

Using bogus Twitter and email accounts, groups with various agendas are creating social change ‘movements’ to sway the real public opinions.

This isn’t unlike what the American media has long done by the way (including Hollywood).  They give the appearance of mass agreement to a given agenda by the sheer amount of coverage, such as the long-running war on terror, or Islamophobic hatred or any number of subjects.

But what is really going on here is these stories are all being sourced from one biased point.  Kind of like that “yellow cake” story we all heard about and Saddam’s supposed plans to build nuclear weapons.

Now, a few hundred thousand or more civilian deaths later, nobody seems to remember how the media complicity LIED about all of this, and then backtracked just like the Bush Administration did for the war agenda.  All those weapons of mass destruction actually did exist — but they were found here, in the United States, under the pens and computers of the media and government who created the weapons of mass disinformation — deliberately and with malice of forethought.

The Twitter ‘revolution’ is really no different.  It’s malicious, disingenuous and deceiving.  But I have already told readers this — stay away from social networking websites, especially with telling everyone what you are doing.

Why would anybody actually do that anyway?  Tell millions of total strangers what is going on in their own lives?  What they think, what they’re doing?  This seems like an extreme form of narcissism.  They will probably have a clinical diagnosis for this one day.

I have always been more then a bit dubious, even suspicious of grass roots movements that allege to represent my interests.  Truth is, in my own particular case, they do NOT represent me, not even close.  Most have hidden agenda’s that are the real focus of the group.

In America, we’re supposed to pick the one’s that are “closest to our own” interests, but I think this type of thinking is also incorrect.  We are often reminded to concentrate on our similarities instead of our differences — but isn’t this the same thing as saying let’s simply accept the lowest common denominator and call it “good enough”?

Sometimes this works, but as I’ve repeatedly pointed out, we are ALL being manipulated into certain groups.  It does not matter at which level of society you find yourself either.  Whether poor and destitute, a welfare queen or working stiff, or even one of the groomed elite, you’re being manipulated into accepting the status quo — specifically, all of it.

We don’t even realize what this means.  The status-quo is a representation of “what is” and how things “are” as we are programmed to believe.  We respond to this on a daily basis — when we go to the supermarkets, or when we read a magazine, or hear the news, or labor away at work.  We think that this is “how it is” and I mean all of it.  That there will always be a society like this, where we work, how we play, how we entertain ourselves, who we should kill, or where we need to go to war, how we harvest food the way we do, how we engage in political conflicts and debates or cast our votes in endless (s)elections, how we drive ourselves around, essentially all of the interactions and so-called ‘involvement’ with our world.

This is all untrue however.  We do these things now because we have yet to learn of or conceive of, anything differently.  We process all kinds of inputs and information that come into our lives and behave and respond in certain ways.  But it is this incoming “information” which I think is largely disinformation, that is governing our response and how we live.

Let me give a simplistic example to put this into context.  We do not really question the energy inputs that are necessary for us to drive a car.  Nor do we really comprehend their actual costs in terms of environmental impacts.  We’re not even concerned about the human impacts, or the impacts on wildlife.  The same could actually be said of nearly anything humans do today, such as build cities, or create suburbs or erect factories or go sport fishing, or do our jobs, and on and on.

But what if the real information was told about these things?  Such as, every time you drive a car, you have created a toxic cloud of airborne chemicals, that will pollute the water, poison your children, and damage the forests?  Acid rain is real, but we don’t really connect it to our own personal activities.

Nobody in the right mind would actually willingly choose to do such things that would have these impacts — but that is exactly what we wind up doing, isn’t it?  Because we don’t question our activity, and we don’t do this because of the disinformation that we have all come to accept.  This disinformation is cloaked in things like ‘minimal impacts’ or ‘convenience’ or ‘modern society’ or simply lied about, that cars do not cause measurable environmental impacts.  Nothing is even said about choking our children or creating asthma attacks or the rise of respiratory diseases or cancers from inhaling these fumes or how many people we are actually killing each and every year.

Another example would be the depleted uranium spread all over Iraq.  Nobody was being told how unbelievably toxic this activity was (to say nothing of its sheer brutality) or how babies would be deformed by the thousands now or our own soldiers would get sick and die from inhaling these particulates.  The disinformation campaign is broad and widespread, claiming that there are no known long-term human effects, and even outrageous lies that such weapons are ‘necessary’ for the protection of our own forces!

The list of disinformation agendas is mind boggling in scale and scope.  I’ve long argued that it’s all a lie, all of it, because we cannot actually handle the the truth.  Whenever we try to expose the real truth and give it some legs (coverage), it is widely attacked and demonized — by the same disinformation agents that we have today.  And to make matters even worse, the people themselves join in on this same witch-hunt, effectively shooting themselves in the foot as they cry out for more of the very things that are killing them.

It’s cognitive dissonance and disinformation, all wrapped up in wrong-headed beliefs and irresponsible living.  It’s actually even more then this — it’s deliberate which makes it downright evil.

Is it really as bad as that?  Yes, it is.  It doesn’t matter what the topic seems to be either.  We prefer to accept the veneer of “truth” versus the real thing, because we have long since become more comfortable with the imaginary and the illusion then the real truth.  We have accepted comfort and “easy” over reality, at a staggering cost to our quality of life, longevity and even survival as a species.

I think that this is a pretty sad state of affairs in reality, so when I read of social networking and media and political agendas at work together to continue the manipulations of the human mind and behavior, I well realize that this is just an extension of what has long since been going on.  It’s just a more refined technique, that’s all.

Nobody in the right mind would use depleted uranium as a weapon — or anything else. Nobody in their right mind would deliberately pollute the air, the water, the soil and the human body with toxic chemicals either, but we do this all the time, day in and day out.  Nobody would ingest chemically laden and poisonous foods, but this too is something that we do.  Nobody would put toxic chemicals on plants and in the water and in the soil and then eat food grown there — but of course, this is exactly what we do.

It’s a long, long, long list of irresponsible human behavior of what we are actually doing despite its know risks, effects and manifold problems it creates. Nobody would endlessly cut down entire forest and expect zero impacts on soil erosion, wildlife, water quality or air quality. Nobody would drive 15,000 miles per year (the American average) and honestly believe that the destruction caused by oil production and refinery, car manufacture and usage, air pollution and emissions expelled, would have zero short or long-term impacts, but of course, that is exactly what we do.

See, we simply have long been instructed to not actually question any of it.  And if we dare question, you can be sure that we are doing so within carefully scripted boundaries.  Let’s build hybrid cars instead!  Let’s create clean coal power plants instead!  Let’s design super-efficient jetliners!  Do you see?  We’re not allowed to question the real problems or even address them, we’re scripted by the disinformation agents to pretend that efficiencies and ‘improvements’ will magically solve the issues we might raise.

But going just a bit further, this is a long-held but undelivered promise throughout human civilizations. It never happens.  Things like Jevons Paradox take hold and any efficiencies we’ve designed are just as quickly consumed and we’re right back to where we started.  We’re zero “better off” and in many, many cases, we are much worse off.

The Crisis of Conscience, of being consciously aware of what we are really doing, is a real dilemma for the modern human.  We cannot seem to find it within ourselves to do the actual and real right thing. We constantly compromise and do what it seems like “we have to” (as if we have no choice).  But we rarely question what that means.  It means what we’ve been told to do.

We drive cars, because it’s “what we do” (there are alternatives), or we pull triggers because that too is what we are told to do.  We create toxic dumps in pursuit of our jobs, or our consumerism, because this too, is what “everybody does” and “how we live”.  But underlying this all is the disinformation that is supporting all these behaviors and activities.  It’s vast, it’s highly integrated in our society and our minds accept it as “how things are”.

But this isn’t true — it’s not “how things are”, but how things were created by us and kept in motion by us.  It’s a conscious choice in other words, even if it is actually all killing us.  And we have the same power of creating as we do the power of uncreating, or rejecting “how things are”.  We can stop believing the disinformation that supports these activities, we can stop doing what we can clearly see as wrong, we can stop — if we want to.

But I don’t think we want to.  And we’re not going to stop as long as these disinformation outlets continue to regurgitate their lies.  We’d have to stop them first I think, but we don’t seem to be able to do that either.  We’ve actually lost control in my opinion, having grown too big, too fast, and given over our own power and sovereignty as human beings to others.  Now, we can’t get it back.

Way back, I’d written that it was illegal to live the way you may want to.  In some states, you can’t live without electricty if you have children, or raise your own food in many restricted neighborhoods, or collect rain water, or simply refuse to live within the system.  Essentially, the agenda is very, very clear — all must comply and participate, all must be “a part” of the larger human society — or else.  Punishments are varied and can be extreme, including punishment by death.

We’ve become very adept at this too in case you haven’t noticed.  Indigenous tribes and groups that have always lived independently are wiped out (to this day) through toxic poisoning, assault or having their lands stolen, of course always “for the greater good”.

They know nothing of Twitter or social networks, or Google or any of the endless ways in which we fritter away our own lives.  But we can’t have none of that and ‘insist’ that they conform, and the end result is the same as what has happened to each of us.  They’re ‘assimilated’ (or killed) and effectively they have disappeared into the homogeneous mixture of bland and disempowered humanity.

But we know little about it, because this too is one of those areas of disinformation, where we are ‘told’ that progress is good for them (and for us of course) and that we must move forward and categorically and forever ‘reject’ their type of ‘backwards living’ — you know, the kind where the water stays clean, the air fit to breathe, the food healthy, the forests vibrant and no toxic chemicals to be found anywhere, not even in their own bodies.

Yes, it is as bad as that.  A long, long series of lies and disinformation, wrapped all around us all and our so-called progressive and modern society, a cloak of disingenuous representations of ‘reality’ that we are programmed to accept.  You can start with Twitter or Google or Facebook or the New York Times or anything at all, and work your way backwards, and you will come to the same conclusions.

In ‘our’ world — everybody is in on it, but nobody is allowed to even really talk about it.


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