Face To Face With Stone Age Man

“You are welcome here. But please tell your people how things are for the Hadzabe. Please do not add things and please do not take things away. Please just tell the world that we are dying.”More than wild animals or sleeping sickness, what Gonga fears is that rich men with guns and helicopters from the ‘new world’ are about to arrive on his doorstep, spelling the end for a tribe that, with the exception of headhunters in remote parts of Papua New Guinea, represent the only bridge between modern and ancient man.

It is the modern story “” of clashes between people from the first world eager to exploit Africa, whatever the cost to ancient customs, and the desperate battle by the world’s few remaining indigenous people to survive. Face To Face With Stone Age Man

The great sadness here is how capitalists are planning on buying the Hadzabe’s ancient lands (who themselves don’t understand the concept of private property) to use as their own private hunting grounds, thereby depriving the Hadzabe of their own means to live. In return, the Hadzabe will be “given” private homes, hospitals and schools as if this would be a “fair exchange”.

This is the last surviving hunter gatherer tribe on the African continent (according to the article) and is facing the same threat from their own Tanzanian government, who considers the “Hadzabe an embarrassment” “” ‘a backward people who should be living decently in proper houses’.

Nevertheless, the Tanzanian government has repeatedly tried to ‘tame’ the Hadza, building houses and trying to teach them to grow crops. One attempt to resettle them ended when a dozen perished when they were forced into modern homes.

“They just rotted inside and died,” said Charles Ngereza, a tribal expert.

After another bid to clear them off the land, ten Hadza died in police custody.

Recall that I’ve made the point that it is illegal nowadays to live ‘differently’ as we once use to. This is true in majority of the world with few exceptions. Even indigenous tribes are now being outlawed and threatened for their very existence. A “backward people” who have managed to stay alive on their own, providing for themselves for tens of thousands of years!

Control and ownership is like a disease to people who cannot respect the lives of others. The need to take and take and take consumes them. But not all people are like this. Only those who have failed to find peace and contentment in their own lives. Unfortunately, this constitutes far too many people who never consider that their lives and actions are the cause of incredible pain and suffering to others.

“All we want to do is live in peace and hunt for meat. We don’t want to fight anyone. We just want to be left alone on our land.”

To be “left alone” is the heartfelt desire of most thinking, considerate people. But when confronted with rapacious greed or in this case, incredible wealth, something seems to transform people from within. The irony here is that the Arabs who were once tribal themselves, and nomadic, are using their wealth to destroy the last Stone Age hunter gatherer tribe in Africa.

“But we hear bad things about the modern world. The people there are confused, they want more and more. But that’s not happiness. We, the Hadza on this earth, believe the life we have is enough for us. We are always happy “” as long as we have meat and honey.”


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2 thoughts on “Face To Face With Stone Age Man

  • July 21, 2007 at 10:20 pm

    For a sobering look at how a segment of our population considers this case, read the comments on Reddit here.

    The stupidity and arrogance expressed by xenophobic morons is disgusting.

  • July 24, 2007 at 11:48 am
    Those same commenters will be among the first to die in a crisis/collapse scenario.

    This story also makes me even more convinced that the future will be more “1984” than “The Roadwarrior”

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