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There’s a few good points in this article I’d recommend you read – This is how your world could end

At first, I thought this was going to be another pathetic attempt to describe how we’re going to survive the warming of the planet. And in some ways, it does exactly that, while getting several of the projections off by several decades (it won’t be 2050, more like 2020). But it also explains a few critical points worth reading (while missing things like wet-bulb temperatures and global crop losses and starvation at just 4 °C):

What dies when as the temperatures rise

0.6 °C higher
As temperatures increase beyond preindustrial levels, widespread extinction of amphibians begins.

1.0C higher
As warming causes ice sheets to melt, krill populations suffer, threatening the penguins’ main food source.

1.6 °C higher
About half of wooded tundra is lost, putting pressure on its inhabitants such as moose, lynx and brown bears.

2.2 °C higher
At warming just over the +2 °C limit agreed in Paris 25% of large mammals in Africa are extinct.

2.6 °C higher
Major loss of tropical rainforests and the species that depend on them for habitat, including orangutans, sloths and jaguars.

More than 4 °C higher
At these temperatures, up to 70% of species would be extinct, coral reefs would be dead and deserts would expand across the globe.

[and all humans die too – from starvation. Crop losses would be worldwide. Wet-bulb temperatures would be higher then plant respiration rates. Pests, disease, drought and habitat loss would be quite extreme, along with billions of refugees all trying to compete for rapidly diminish food supplies – Admin]


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