Extreme Events Escalating Worldwide Part IV

There is always plenty of news to report on the ongoing signs of collapse. These can each be called ‘extreme events’. Taken together, they portray a future that will be very difficult indeed.

There is a lot of hand-wringing over this – and (still) endless amounts of hopium by all the usual shills that ‘something can be done’ while steadfastly refusing to take into account our track record, our inability to resolve our differences, our lack of political will, and finally the hour-glass of time we never really had. My position on all this remains the same as always.

Climate change escalating so fast it is ‘beyond point of no return’ – Positive feedbacks will pump 55 billion tons of carbon into the atmosphere from warming soils.

Global Soils Now Contributing Another 55 Billion Tons of CO₂ To the Atmosphere – This is really bad news for human survival. Full paper here.

Climate Change and the Coming ‘Humanitarian Crisis of Epic Proportions’ – Awareness dawns slowly, as does what the real number of refugees will really be (far higher then this). “We’re already seeing migration of large numbers of people around the world because of food scarcity, water insecurity, and extreme weather, and this is set to become the new normal.”

More Plastic In The Ocean Then Fish – the future of the world’s oceans are already here. By 2050, there will be more plastic in the ocean then the total biomass of fish. 2 – 3 billion people rely upon the ocean for food right now, by 2050 it will be even higher. Ocean biology is collapsing, virtually poisoned by plastic, and so is the ocean food supply for humans and wildlife.

Antarctic Ice Shelf Could Collapse, Raising Sea Levels by 10 Feet – The West Antarctic Ice Sheet is enormous, and expected to collapse in less then 100 years, inundating coastlines and cities all over the world with a huge sea level increase.

19 Tipping Points In the Arctic Have Already Occurred – Any resident of the northern lands can tell you how different things already are. Ice was melting again in November with temperatures 20C higher then normal. An introduction to these changes with some great photos can be found here.

Amazon Deforestation Up 29% in 2016, and 24% in 2015 – The loss of the Amazon is well underway and accelerating.

What You Need to Stockpile Right NowFood is at the very top of the list. As our environment collapses faster and faster, our ability to feed ourselves will be increasingly harder and harder, eventually leading to massive starvation and riots.

44% of Bee Hives Lost in Just One Year – This will have a large impact on pollination and food production.

2 Dozen Tornadoes In At Least 7 States Leave Devastation In Their Wake – Late November tornadoes? Evidence of a significantly changing climate.

Extreme Tornado Outbreaks Are Becoming More Extreme – Bigger, deadlier and more destructive. A U.S. map of where it is occuring.

Massive Fires In Tennessee – Seriously dry conditions and fires left at least 700 structured destroyed or damaged. Photos here.

Climate Change Is Causing A Refugee Crisis Of “Unimaginable Scale” – Unfolding in a town near you. Regions affected by drought, sea level rise, food shortages and the resulting civil strife have already displaced millions of people. The American Southwest is predicted to experience the same thing, as are all low-lying coastal cities and towns. It’s all about food, safety and habitat, finding a place to live while the world turns upside down.

Warming U.S. Could See Extreme Rains Increase Fivefold – Expect ‘deluge’ due to increasing evaporation and the ramped-up hydrological cycle. This will have a HUGE impact on food production, especially in the U.S. which is very vulnerable. “I think this is one of the most severe consequences of climate change, at least in the U.S.,” study co-author Andreas Prein, of the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colo., said.



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