Extreme Events Escalating World Wide

Here are a few of the extreme events that have been occurring, there are thousands more being recorded.

Trembling Tundra. Massive levels of carbon dioxide and methane are now bubbling up in Siberia.

From the Arctic to Africa to the Amazon, More Troubling Signs of Earth Carbon Store Instability.

Permafrost ‘bubbles’ are leaking methane 200 times above the norm.

Deluge hits Siberia’s largest city. Gigantic deluge of rain creates ‘waterfall’ skies in Siberia.

Global Coral Bleaching Event Just Won’t End.

Global Heat Leaves 20th Century Temps ‘Far Behind’ — June Another Hottest Month on Record

Greenland’s Contribution to Sea Level Rise Doubled During 2011-2014 — Larger Melt Pulses on the Horizon

Siberia’s wildfires seen from 1 million miles away: even the tundra is burning

Coastal Cities, Critical Infrastructure Unprepared to Face the Rising Tides of Climate Change

Fahrenheit 85.9 Near Arctic Ocean Shores — Extreme Heatwave Settles in Over North-Central Siberia, Canada’s Northern Tier

Shattered records show climate change is an emergency today, scientists warn

Blazing Hot First Half of 2016 Sends Climate Records Tumbling

Hurdling pace of Arctic meltdown startles scientists – ‘The extraordinary years have become the normal years’: Scientists survey radical Arctic melt

154 killed, 8.6 million affected as extreme rains flood China

Wildlife Dying En Masse as South American River Runs Dry

Think you’re hot? Spare a thought for Kuwait, as mercury hits record 54°C

North American Forests Not a Climate Change Remedy

NASA Study Reveals That Historical Records Miss a Fifth of Global Warming



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