Extreme Events Escalating World Wide Part III

Louisiana massive floods – 18 ft of river rise in just 12 hours. 24″ of rain and counting.

Record flooding in Louisiana may get worse – “Colossal amounts of rain”.

Louisiana flooding, evacuation and rescues – There will be more.

Flooding Now Causing Most Crop Damages – The extremes of drought and rain are vying for 1st place.

Wildlife and Plants Feeling the Heat – “It’s a wicked problem”. “It’s almost all bad news. … We’re sleepwalking to disaster”.

Climate Inertia Will Last For a LONG time – Some comments about this (based on inaccurate RCP estimates, reality is worse).

10,000 Evacuated in South of France – Forest fires, this time.

Arctic Leaking Methane 200 Faster – Can you spell a.c.c.e.l.e.r.a.t.i.o.n? I can.

Accelerating sea level rise – Acceleration of ocean levels from heat (expansion) and ice melting globally.

The western Atlantic Ocean is cooking right now – Unbelievably hot waters in the usually cold ocean.

300 US Cities At Risk – Rising seas are getting worse.

Limiting to 2°C Warming No Longer Possible – It’s actually far worse then this.

Chemists Reject Chemtrails Theory – Debunking the connedspiracy surrounding chemtrails, the cause is global warming.

Expert Consensus vs Public Perception on Chemtrails – An important read.

Massive Wildfires In Portugal Due to Severe Heat – Dangerous fire conditions are worsening.

Greenland Ice Melting From Below – The entire ice sheet is destabilizing.

Rain Bombs in Florida and Gulf Coast – Excessive temperatures increase evaporation and gigantic precipitation events (rain bombs).

Amazon Forest Now Bleeding Carbon Dioxide – A stunning reversal of the carbon sequestering in the Amazon.

Cornwall, England is now “Subtropical” – Huge shifts in global climate are occurring.

Permafrost Thaw Triggers Huge Anthrax Outbreak – Warming temperatures are dramatically increasing disease vectors.

Scientists warn anthrax just one threat as Russian permafrost melts – Well, duh! The carbon contribution in the permafrost alone is enough to cause global extinction.

Ellicot City Experiences Rain Bomb Event – More signs of a collapsing climate.

Global Environmental Records Shattered – 2015 was pretty bad, 2016 is already worse.

Next Ice Age Delayed 100,000 Year By Human Impacts – The future will be ice free, and we will all be long gone.

Extreme Climate Causing 25% Jump In Regional Conflicts – The cause of many conflicts can be traced to increasing temperatures.

Arctic Sea Ice Getting Terribly Thin – Massive levels of melt occurring in the Arctic, impacting global climate.

It Could Become Unbearably Hot in Many Places In Just A Few Years – What do you think this is going to do for global food supplies?

There is no ‘technofix’ for CO₂ – Stop burning fossil fuels NOW.


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