I get a lot of strange requests, tonight, yet another one:

Hate to do this . . .

Been giving you free advertising for about six months. Need $20
p/moth to continue. Will discontinue without it on 1/1.

If you decline, your site will still be on my sidebar, but I’ll take
the iconed link to your site down.

The above is from ddjango — a member here (was).

My response:

Take it down. Here’s why:

December: 4 referrals
November: 4 referrals
October: 2 referrals
September: 5 referrals
August: 2 referrals
July: 0 zero

I get more traffic out of almost everyone else, but I’ll be honest with you, I don’t care about that. The “traffic game” is a SCAM and I know it.

I don’t care about the traffic, the money, the cost, none of that (which is why I do support some sites that are really shitty with traffic).

You implied something you’re not giving. A free link is a free link and should NEVER be extorted for money (which is what you are now demanding, extortion, which I will never submit to).

You have in otherwords, changed your mind, your agreement and your views. We part company right here.

~Survival Acres~

ddjango’s response!

Distortion? You’re a paranoid asshole. Have at it. You got those clicks for nothin. You got your paranoia by your own devises, I feel sorry for you, You hate fucking everyone. Even your firends.

Be at peace, if you can understand that. Your blog is fucking still on my site, becuase your posts are correct. Grow the fuck up or get some help. ……………. ddjango

But he wasn’t through yet, and sent this blank email:

god you’re sick!

At least he got the spelling right (this time), I’m often guilty of failing to put that apostrophe where it belongs.

This is one of the reasons (among many) that blog registration is (still) turned off. In the past month, I’ve had no less then four ‘threats’ sent my way. The first three apologized (in writing) after I pointed out their behavior towards me (which I now call the Savinar Syndrome, which has become very commonplace today).

Alas, ddjango is in a desperate place (not that hard to figure out). A lot of people are, but this does not give anyone the “right” to abuse someone else (verbally or otherwise). I simply won’t tolerate it.

Website traffic IS a scam. Clicks and referrals are what everyone gauges as being “meaningful”, but I don’t. Nor do I see any point to paying $20 for 3.4 clicks (average) per month. I support specific, selected sites that are meaningful to me (and hopefully to you), and ALL the links on this blog and my website are FREE.

But I don’t and won’t advertise everyone. And I don’t think anybody should submit to outright extortion, even if it is just a mild threat. Either keep your agreement or admit you’ve changed your mind.


admin at survivalacres dot com

3 thoughts on “Extortion

  • December 28, 2008 at 6:26 pm

    I think they are refered as “WINGNUTS”.
    Why do you keep beating youlself up?
    Your a good person. Just let them go away.

  • January 20, 2009 at 11:46 am

    How sad. DDjango has had some serious problems over the years (clinical depression and addition problems, among others), had no idea he was on the sauce again though.

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