Exploding the Myth that We Can Change

I sometimes wonder if the young people of the world have any real awareness of the sheer horror they’ll soon be facing. I rather doubt it. If they knew, or even had a glimmer, there should be a global outrage occurring right now.

What’s more likely, is millions of them are too busy playing computer games and not bothering to be pay close attention to accelerating events that will affect them. I don’t think there is anything more important than grasping what the future now holds for everyone.

The young won’t stay young forever, and when they finally wake up and realize just how utterly and totally screwed they are, what will the reaction be? Uncontrollable rage? Resignation?  Disbelief? Despair? Or like many of us now, indifference and continued apathy?

The facts: They’re going to inherit one hell of a mess. The lasting legacy from preceding generations bequeathed upon them all. Not one person will escape this dubious inheritance

Do they really have any idea at all just how utterly and totally fucked they really are? I really doubt it since we see nothing that indicates they are even aware of what lies ahead.

There is virtually zero evidence that human behavior is changing anywhere, or even will or can change. Miniscule efforts at replacing incandescent light bulbs with a fluorescent, or driving 50 mpg cars effectively changes nothing.

Build a new sea wall to stop the rising oceans, or repair a hurricane destroyed city – these are not indications of a change in human behavior at all. They are in effect, the same behavior as before, with the same demands. They do not actually solve anything or address any of root causes to the problems that they’re (still) creating.

You see this everywhere if you can just unplug your mind for a moment. Going to the supermarket, driving to work, support Empire and capitalism by “employment” (slavery) – it’s all the same behavior as before and will all have the same inescapable results.

Why isn’t it obvious yet that if we are still doing exactly the same things we’ve already done – with the full knowledge and awareness of all of the problems and pain this has caused – do we insist on doing the same things still? Don’t we yet realize that an endless repetition of past mistakes achieves the same outcomes? It is foolhardy for any of us to think otherwise.

A lot of people continue to argue that we can change, precisely because we are now being directly impacted by the mistakes of our past. But this is not happening! Instead, there remains an insistence that we continue to do the same things we did in the past – but “better” this time. This is patently STUPID because it refuses to dig deep enough into how deluded we’ve become.

The extreme weather events that are now pounding the planet are “supposed” to be our wake-up call and change our behavior, but once again, this is NOT changing our behavior – and never, ever will. Just the opposite is true – extreme events are increasing our activity and efforts to preserve and maintain all that we have, not decrease it.

I just watched a documentary on Australia opal mining. The temperatures are extreme, its 130 degrees on the surface. So instead of not mining (which is really the only thing that makes any sense) – they moved their homes into the tunnels they carved – so they can continue mining. This only works (for now) because of the massive levels of fossil fuel inputs, but once that’s gone, they’re destined to be toast.

This is probably one of the best examples of the future now unfolding that I can portray. It won’t matter how hot or how dry it is, or how much rain, or how “bad” the storms get, or even what is still left for humans to eat. Humans will do everything they can to continue to exploit whatever they can, as long as they can, in a desperate bid to survive – while STILL refusing to change.

There is evidence throughout the whole Earth of this type of mentality. Preservation and “advancement” of civilization and society is the only thing being tried. Because this repeats the same mistakes of the past (connedsumption, exploitation, resource depletion and pollution), this can’t work indefinitely in a finite, faltering world.

Choking down jellyfish burgers or eating algae from a toxic sea is strangely considered preferable to preserving the oceans and sustainable fish stocks. Companies who plunder the world’s oceans are always seeking to make stupendous profit at virtually any cost, and to take advantage of the dwindling resources around them.

The unbelievably stupid paradigm of “endless growth” and incessant global connedsumption is destroying everything. There can be NO OTHER CONCLUSION ANYMORE.

This behavior is the core component in the global destruction and collapse of the entire biosphere, multiplied 7 billion times and counting.

Repeated all over the entire planet, in every society, every town, every village, every city, the “goal” is still “growth” at any cost, even though we have more than enough evidence that this is planetary suicide.

Adaption, as the word is being widely used today, means “find ways to survive” the escalating disasters we’ve caused, by exploiting the environment and the resources even more than before. It never means do less or stop growth. It never means control population growth. It never means adapt and live differently with fewer demands. Yet this “adaption myth” keeps coming up in science and policy proposals and papers. The argument that “we can change” is a cover term that means “we’ll find another way to do what we’ve always done“, which is to continue to over-exploit the environment as long as we possibly can.

Many people claim that we will change when things get bad enough and force our hand. This does not make any sense. If we can’t do it now when it should be relatively easy, we can’t do it when there’s nothing left. How do you adapt to nothing? Adaption can only occur when there is something still left that makes it possible.

The kind of adaption they’re talking about isn’t really adaption at all – it really means what I shared earlier – find another way to continue exploitation and growth. There can only be one possible outcome for this, and that is exactly the situation we face now.

We won’t change because in reality, we don’t want to. And if we did somehow manage to change after things got really bad – what would that accomplish?  Nothing at all, as it would be far, far, too late to have any effect.

I’ve reviewed a bunch of documentaries on the real state of the world’s oceans, the declining Amazon, the increasing desertification of vast tracts of land and much, much more depicting the environmental conditions of the world. Virtually every documentary screams out the message that “we’re destroying everything” but then always ends on the lie that “we can change” if just try a little harder.

It’s utter nonsense with no basis in facts or reality. The exact opposite is actually true. We are not changing and we never have. Not this civilization. Not this culture and society. Uh uh. All we really do is find something, somewhere or someone else to exploit.

That’s why there’s more and more documentaries being made all the time – with more dire reports than ever before!  The proof is absolutely everywhere – the decline, destruction and devastation of the biosphere and species extinction is still accelerating! What more possible proof could anybody actually require to realize we are NOT going to change?

The “humans must change their behavior and activities” mantra is a total myth with virtually no basis in reality or practice. Humans will do what humans have always done – ignore the problem and go on living, seeking every possible advantage over the environment for as long as possible.

This is clearly what we’re doing now – despite escalating news about extreme events and increased public and corporate awareness. None of this awareness has effectively “changed” anything.

Many acts of desperation will be tried (like geo-engineering) and larger tidal barriers and even mining methane hydrates from the sea floor, but none of this represents change. It’s all a desperate bid to continue to do what we’ve always done and that is to exploit everything that there is – even “disaster” – while ignoring the damage we’ve already done under the delusional notion that “we’ll do it better this time!”. This is a grand delusion that permeates every “solution”. And it’s dead wrong.

Extreme climate events will not change behavior at all, they will in point of fact, exacerbate our activities with more construction, more use of fossil fuels, more attempts at providing better resistance in business, farms, homes, cities, more efforts to “preserve us” and our way of life, versus preserve what is left of the environment, or God forbid, stop using technology to destroy the Earth, and stop using fossil fuels altogether.

Climate change will most definitely not change human behavior for “planetary good” even when (not if) it gets REALLY BAD. It will cause humans to increase their energy demands and carbon emissions, not decrease them.

We will all soon hear about the last elephant, the last rhinoceros, and the last lion being hunted down and killed into extinction. The last fish will be eaten. The last honeybee will die. The last of everything we need to sustain life (not just “us”) will be extinguished.

The epitaph of humanity will read to the silent skies –

They killed everything in order that they might live (excessively)“.

Despite our knowing what caused catastrophic climate change – we will not change, even in the face of self-extinction.

There are a number of examples in our history that proves this point – we WILL cut down the last tree, or harvest the last plant, or eat the last fish, because we’ve done this before. Former civilizations collapsed precisely because of this type of depletion.

Virtually ALL of them collapsed because they wiped out their environment and ignored the warning signs. This has been well documented on this blog for years now. In the past, humans have always been able to migrate away from the ecological destruction caused again and again – but not this time. This time, there is literally no place to go, and now the world is interconnected and dependent like never before.

And just in case that this is not really and painfully obvious – we’re not really trying to solve our problems.

We don’t even intend to in reality. This point is plain as day. It’s politically incorrect and causes no small amount of disagreement. But I have always said, watch what people do, versus what they say.

All we intend to do and all the evidence we’re seeing, is to find ways to continue to exploit whatever is left.

It’s time for some real honesty in the entire scientific community and environmental movement.  Their “solutions” are to find new ways to use up even more resources, which is simply no solution at all and never, ever will be.

Some think that once we’ve “suffered enough” then (and only then) change will come (they’re even advocating widespread suffering and death). This is very unlikely because it does NOT reflect what humans do accurately. Humans (in this civilization) are conditioned to demand as much as possible for as long as possible. Even in collapse this expectation does not change.

Areas that have been devastated by storm or disaster don’t change – they immediately attempt to rebuild, restore and resume everything that they had before.

Although this would be the perfect opportunity to foster a change in human behavior and demands upon the environment and natural resources, this doesn’t happen anywhere in the world.

The world’s corporations will continue to be happy to continuing to provide everything for us so that we might live – thus perpetuating the dependency and demands that were previously there. Nothing changes, life goes on under the very same paradigm as before.

Corporations exploit everything that they can, including disaster. They refuse to even acknowledge that we’re running out of resources. They are, just like us, very poorly equipped to adapt their ways and have no intentions to do so.

Real adaption for the world’s corporations and business would mean to abolish them altogether and forever, and that will never happen while there remains a tree to cut down or a resource that can be exploited and sold at profit. Follow the money and you will uncover the horrible truth – that our civilization is designed to destroy.

The change-myth fails to recognize that the changes required are orders of magnitude greater then what we are willing or even able to do now. The little changes oft-suggested do almost nothing and make no meaningful difference at all. The big and essential changes that are so desperately needed now would cause massive business failures and disgruntled populations who would be unhappy and worse (they’d riot).

The culture change that advocated by scientists, policy makers, educators, authors, researchers, etc., is simply not occurring either. It’s really just lip-service and delusion. Their “best” idea is to replace anything that is “lost” with something equally as “good”. This does not represent a meaningful change at all, it’s just business-as-usual and the same tired and destructive paradigm we are saddled with today.

The green wash agenda of environmentalists and “ecologically conscious” people of the 21st century is a complete joke. Go live under a tree in a tipi and I’ll start taking them seriously – otherwise, stop lying to us all about “what can be done” while still dining at the supermarket and eating food transported from 1500 miles away.

The techno-fix “solution” advocated by science is another myth. Technology and its use is an elemental component of what helped destroy the biosphere in the first place, and it will not save us now. It might enable us to go faster, or squeeze more out of whatever remains, but it cannot replace or repair the damage already done.

The gods of technology are not a solution to behavior and demand.

Unfortunately, nobody will find a way to “escape” what lies ahead. Your children cannot escape. Nor will their children. There is virtually no possibility of avoiding any of this now.

I used to go fishing here. Now it’s a theme park for idiots and assholes on ATV’s.

Nobody notices. Nobody cares. Here’s a bit of proof that even in “disaster”, humans will not change – they’d rather find a way to exploit the place.

I could post a million more examples like this from all over the world, documenting and demonstrating that at every single opportunity – humans will exploit whatever remains for their own private and “privileged” use. It’s unbelievably tragic – and indictment of who and what we really are.

It’s hard to fathom that this is happening virtually everywhere – water ways being poisoned by fracking; tar sands being superheated for oil, releasing cancer-causing chemicals thousands of miles away; the very bottom of the oceans being scraped clean of virtually all life; coral reefs dying throughout the world or “harvested” for human use; forests being razed down and replanted (sometimes) in monoculture plantations where not a single bird or animal can survive; entire mountain tops being blasted into oblivion with polluted creeks and toxic slurry building up by the billions of gallons – the list of our crimes on life and the biosphere is virtually endless now – but nobody cares or even notices.

In just a few hundred years we’ve managed to destroy the very fabric of life that has kept humans alive for hundreds of thousands of years.

I expect massive crop losses in the months ahead. But even this won’t be a siren-call for humanity. Instead, we’ll find a way to exploit the Arctic for “new energy reserves”, increasing our carbon emissions and killing everything up there that we can lay our hands on. Watch and see.

I’ve just reviewed a huge number of posts on this blog and virtually everything I’ve warned about is coming true. We are viciously destroying everything we need to stay alive – and we WILL collapse because of this staggering indifference.

We’re so married to the notion of progress, growth and advancement that even when facing disaster and total destruction, we can’t give any of this up.

We’d rather keep “trying”, sacrificing whatever remains of the biosphere, desperately trying to “prove” we can still have it all while refusing to admit to the real problem.

This is tragically stupid.


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14 thoughts on “Exploding the Myth that We Can Change

  • January 20, 2014 at 10:57 am

    You are right.
    Part of the cause of youthful apathy is that they do not know anything else than the period of chaos we are in, and they are also way too isolated from the natural world. My own son, for some reason, is aware, and he’s only 7! He states that humans and cars are destroying the earth. For some reason, he has some wisdom.

    My wife, on the other hand, is putting most of her efforts into being an entrepreneur in health and wellness. Well, those are worthy goals, health and wellness. However, she is focusing on the corporate market, i.e., the people who are wrecking the planet.

    My wishes to move “up north” and basically get off the grid, or to simply learn to do with a lot less, basically fall on deaf ears. Thankfully, she is a minimalist, and I can’t accuse her of being a terrible consumer.

    Little story: last night she wanted to take me to REI to look at hiking boots, try them on, then she would find them online for cheaper. So we drove about 10 miles one way, just to find that the store was closed. She was irritated. She didn’t get less irritated when I said that I looked forward to the day when humans would be unable to drive 20 miles to shop. She said I’ll be waiting a long time -that people won’t stop driving anytime soon.

    I responded that more and more people are unable to drive. They are just invisible – fallen off the unemployment roles. End of conversation.
    Whatever. All I can do is adapt as best I can. Adapt or die. I am learning skills, downsizing, trying to find people interested in some kind of communal life in the woods or small town. Wish me luck!

    • January 20, 2014 at 11:15 am

      I read an article just yesterday where a man and wife went to an island off of Washington and homesteaded. Grew their own food (most of it), tried to do the minamalist living, but after ten years of working very hard, realized that they were not disconnected from civilization at all, there were in fact highly dependent upon it still. There was at least some honesty there.

      This has been my own experience. I KNOW I can’t live without civilization, and everything I do contributes to our destruction. It’s maddening to know that as hard as I’ve tried, it’s not even remotely close enough.

      Modern society is basically screwed. Our environment is so depleted and terra-formed now that we can’t live without all the ‘assistance’ we receive. We’re all on a one-way path now. It’s conclusion is easy enough to recognize, but we’re still be infotained with hopium and deception about how we can ‘fix’ what’s wrong. Uh uh. Not ever going to happen now.

      My two sons have agreed: no children. I suspect they’ll keep their word on this. One of them bought me the book Ten Billion after first reading it for himself. They’re aware as much as any young people probably are. They go silent all too often when we discuss what the future really means.

      I just can’t believe that humans would do these things to their own kids and not care about what happens to them. But that is all rather obvious now.

      • January 20, 2014 at 12:32 pm

        It is at least plausible that John Michael Greer is at least partly correct, and there will be a period during which we live in a “salvage society,” scavenging what is left of industrial civilization. That seems to be pretty common in history, too…

        Regardless, the future is unknown. Some of us are uber-doomers, some are super-doomers, some are standard doomers.

        I have to say that I foresee major violence and chaos in the USA within a decade, perhaps significantly less.

        None of us will survive long without groups of like-minded people around. A village, a commune… however long we have, however long we last, our lives will be much better living communally.

        I would say my greatest frustration by far is the inability to find like-minded people. The attempts I’ve made in which I think I’ve found someone locally who might be interested in working together have all fizzled out. It’s like it’s all a game to them and everyone. They seem serious online, but when it comes to action, nada, nada, y pues nada.

        I have, however, decided to leave the city as soon as we can, and not wait around for some possibly fictional payoff from my currently highly successful employer. I am not going to live my life waiting anymore, or treating life like a state lotto game. It’s existentially depressing, passive, and wrong.

  • January 20, 2014 at 12:21 pm

    As it is with ANY (all) ‘good’ pathogen(s) growing exponentially in a petri dish, we too are surrounded on all sides by impenetrable walls (aka resource limits). We’ve knowingly and deliberately consumed all the agar, replacing our source of sustenance with accumulations of putrid toxic wastes (of every possible vile description). For the bacterium, there is not outside of/to the petri dish. For us, there is no outside of/to the Earth, no away. And no ‘do over’ /clean up, transformation, transition, etc. possible even if we were literally aware of the consequences to our actions, and we all did want to change and we actually collectively knew how, which is obviously NOT the case in any way, form or sense and never fkn will be. Nor could it. We are no more intelligence that yeast, fungi, slime molds – toxic lethal slime. We’ve ‘made our bed’. Now we lie in it, Soon we die in it. As will ALL other multicellular life. It could not have been and will never be otherwise. We have not become “Destroyers of Worlds”. We ARE destroyers of worlds, and we always have been sat least since the first seed was sown by a willfully delusionALL (sic) misery monkey. Bye bye bipeds. We now return this planet to its previously scheduled programming. All hail the omnipotent slime molds!

    PS: I’ve further concluded that Peak Anything => Peak Everything that ‘sustains’ Peak Misery Monkey. Peak Willful Stupidity excepted, of course.

    PPS Interesting, yet entirely trivial, crude approximation of /attempt at compartmentalizing contemporary high profile cyber-personalites, cum doom-sayers aka “collapseniks” (with a few notable exceptions) at PO.com (here) http://peakoil.com/enviroment/recharting-collapseniks. How many times/ways can the deck chairs on Titanic Earth be rearranged as this doomed ship sailing around our sun is snuffed out while the band plays “Good Ship Lolli-pop”?

    • January 20, 2014 at 2:02 pm

      Didn’t know such at thing existed. Trivial – and inaccurate as hell. Figures. A pre-approved list of vetted “public” (and profitable) doomers for public connedsumption. Fucking idiots.
      The real irony – this doesn’t mean shit, and never will. It’s completely irrelevant to reality. More useless distractions from idiots.

      It’s downright pathetic how there is constant discussion / debate (prescribed hopium, ad naseum) and now apparently, self-congratulations of “status” among the ‘elite doomers’. What a dubious distinction – THIS is what (these) people are spending their time on these days? How utterly stupid.

  • January 20, 2014 at 2:45 pm

    That ^^ was my reaction to that chart, exactly. So much blather, and none of it matters.

    Sorry about your fishing hole. For those who can see the difference between nature in its glory and nature being trashed by ATV’s and other motorized vehicles in the name of “recreation”, it’s not a pleasant time to be aware.

  • January 20, 2014 at 6:29 pm

    Real Climate has a post, “If you see something, say something” regarding what scientist should be doing.

    I weighed in on this one, because I’m REALLY disappointed:

    Many of us climate watchers (non-scientists) believe that scientist have failed us. Just when we needed you most, you let us all down. The scientific reticence, and the unwilling to put career on the line to be forcefully outspoken is unforgivable in the context of what is now happening.

    Consider that we would not be in the position of where we are today if scientist had simply demanded an audience back in the 70’s and 80’s when there were already clear signals of danger even then. And then stuck to their guns throughout all the denial.

    Many environmental scientists are just as “guilty” in my book. Species extinctions are now occurring at an unprecedented rate and scientists are simply not trying hard enough to get the message across. The oceans globally are in a state of severe collapse – and yet, this is barely even known in the public discourse.

    Their not alone of course, but you guys and gals are the researchers of what is happening to our planet – and you are most definitely NOT sounding the alarm stridently enough.

    If it took a “science walkout” on a global scale to “send the message” of the clear and present danger we are now all in – then that is exactly what should have been done (at a minimum). But almost at no time (with few minor and noteworthy exceptions) did this sort of thing occur.

    So now we’re all faced with the “too little, too late” and “how in $#@ do we solve the crisis” situation. Species extinction for example, is forever, and we’re just now being told how many species and which ones are now gone forever.

    Climate science is the biggie, and climate scientists are STILL not sounding the alarm stridently enough. Do you scientist actually think for example, that all the now missing ice can simply be replaced? Do most climate scientist truly realize what this means RIGHT NOW for over one billion people who rely upon glacial melt? Why aren’t you literally screaming from the rooftops to literally force policy makers, including your own departments to finally pay attention? Do something RADICAL FOR ONCE.

    We’re way past the time when we should have had a global rebellion over the ongoing planetary destruction occurring virtually everywhere – and scientist should have been leading the way with facts, evidence, research, analysis and their decades of expertise. They should have been blowing their horns loud and long – and if that didn’t work, they should have chained themselves to the Lincoln Memorial. SOMETHING to finally garner media, public and government attention to the sheer scale and scope of the crisis we are now in.

    There is no point in sounding the alarm after the cows have escaped the barn, but now, finally, scientists are themselves “waking up”. Too bad for all of us – you’re really a day late and a dollar short. This isn’t a game people, its life or death for the whole of the biosphere.

    But we’ve yet to see this. We’ve yet to see scientists “get involved” at the level of activism that is absolutely essential and necessary. You’ve had DECADES to do this – and it simply never happened. You’ve also got the credentials the rest of the world desperately lacks – so USE IT.

    So as much as I appreciate all that you have done, and all the work and research, what I’d much rather see now is a total global outcry to demand actions from the world’s governments and leaders. Nothing less than this “will do”. Nothing less then this will stand a chance of changing the outcome now.

    This has always been a part of “your job” by the way. No expert in his or her field is expected to stay silent or demurely say “but you don’t understand the significance of what this means…” or some such polite nonsense, especially when you consider the true significance of what you’ve uncovered.

    The world DESPERATELY needs scientists from all disciplines and research fields to take a VERY strong position regarding what is occurring to our planet. The very survival of the entire biosphere is at stake – or if you scientists still don’t realize this yet – then shame on you. Many of us have taken years out of our lives to read up on the real state of affairs, spending countless hours connecting all of the dots to the best of our abilities. We think we are in serious trouble and there is absolutely no time at all to waste piddling around anymore. We don’t believe we have a decade or two – or even a year or two, the time to act is already past, but now is still far better then NEVER.

    So where are you? Why are you still engaged in the field when we need you engaged with our governments and leaders? Do you really need more proof or evidence? Why not task some of your best and brightest and most outspoken and organize a resistance movement? Or would you rather just stay in the field taking your measurements and writing your reports? What good is that going to do any of us now?

    I’m not advocating you stop science – not at all, but it’s time to put down the pens and pencils and the spreadsheets and databases and instrumentation and go grab our stupid politicians and corporate destroyers by the throat and GET SOMETHING DONE that will enhance our chances of surviving the destruction we have unleashed.

    Nothing less then this will suffice. Some of you know this. Some of you still haven’t connected all the dots. If we can do it – so can you. You are eminently more qualified to do this then we are.

    So where ARE YOU in this fight for our survival?

  • January 20, 2014 at 6:59 pm

    Still, I wonder why a few rare groups of peoples seem immune, or almost so, to the lure of the trinkets of civilization. Think Kogi of Colombia, Kalahari BushPeople, Australian Aborigine, many NativeFirstPeoples in Canada, and others.

    True, many indigenous peoples have been decimated, but not wholly by their own doing. Some of the aforementioned do not want our lifestyle, as they have known all along the end result of our lifestyle.

    So why are they different? Maybe they are intellectually superior.

    Like some others here and there, I find myself secretly screening friends and acquaintances as potential tribe members, but usually red flags raise their heads. One seemingly minor problem (actually major) is that most people have no clue that carnivore pets, especially dogs, are not sustainable. Read the chow bag list of ingredients. Yet, potential tribe members talk of dragging a bunch of dogs along with them, and these are not animals that are fed only scraps as canine friends of Native peoples were.

    It would be impossible for 99.999% of “developed” world populations to change and by golly they’re not gonna try.

    • January 20, 2014 at 7:16 pm

      They’re culturally different. They weren’t steeped in the poisons of civilization like we were, and therefore they were not poisoned in their minds. Their connection to the land and nature is very different then ours, we can’t hardly fathom “how different” it really is, but I’ve done a bit of reading on it.

      Dogs will be fair game in the days ahead. Supposed to taste pretty good. They’ll wise up really fast and start eating livestock, rodents and people themselves. But like all critters, they’ll be hunted into extinction before we are. Plenty of ammunition to go around.

      I realize that (modern) humanity refuses to change. Asking scientists to get serious won’t change anything either. I’m deeply bothered by the “lack of serious try” that I see evidenced in virtually everything. We’re heading towards self-extinction and we’re too fucking lazy to do anything about it. I find this absolutely mind-blowing beyond all comprehension, but it is an apt description of the state of affairs within modern human society. We’re not going to make it.

      I’ve decided I will stop posting on this blog. It’s changing nothing, doing nothing. I do not want to spend my remaining years pleading with fools and morons or browbeating the converted with what they already know. Those that get it already do, those that don’t won’t make any difference anyway. This, like everything else online, is a complete and total waste of life. It is and never will be, a substitute for the real thing.

    • January 20, 2014 at 7:45 pm

      few if any dogs are aware than humans (Homo miserabilus) are highly nutritious … yet
      nor understand that they’re twice as smart as us self-righteous vertical talking dung sticks.

      Dogs! ? ! NO multicellular life form can/will survive the temps/chaos that’s ahead
      Nothing in/of life is “sustainable” (‘evil’/horrid word) – never was and never will be.
      Animals of every sort are an evolutionary ‘mistake’, dead end, self-extinguishing plague – as ultimately witnessed by us , the pinnacle of selfish aggressively ecocidal violently greedy primates. The terminal ‘mistake’ was me and you and them and us, ‘bless us, everyone’.

      The reset button has been mashed – long ago – by ‘us’.
      Processing (things) … requires time to develop/unfold/resolve.
      “Crash & Burn, When NOT If” – Coming soon to a theater near you.

  • January 21, 2014 at 12:53 pm

    In Review: Once upon a time, there was a tree full of happy contented monkeys eating fruit and socializing peacefully day after day. Suddenly, a retarded monkey child was born – perhaps landing on its head during birth. This happened to be a female idiot moron fuck monkey, too stupid to merely hold onto the branches or cling to its mother. So, sooner rather than later it fell out of the tree and was too retarded to climb back up to safety. Then, shortly thereafter, a vile evil male monkey was born. He was an aggressive, violent, massive asshole monster monkey. No one in the troop could stand this gaping anus monkey. So they ganged up on him and kicked him out of their tree permanently – there wasn’t anything else they could do and continue to survive in peace in their tree. With nothing else to do on the ground, and no one else to fuck, the anus ape fucked the idiot ape and the rest is history – aka US. So you see, here we all are – the prodigy of aggressively violent horny idiot moron fucks. Eventually, the direct ancestors of anus ape and idiot fuck invented the chain saw and they cut all the trees down. And we did not live happily ever after.

  • January 21, 2014 at 8:20 pm

    A few months ago a naturalist for a local state park called me telling me about a recent visitor she had at the park. Someone from National Geographic is apparently writing or going to write about people who are living fairly primitively here in the U.S., compared to the average American suffering from Influenza. He asked my friend if she knew anyone who fit that description, whereupon she called me.
    I gave her the names of a couple who have lived without running water for over 5 years, and w/o many other amenities we all take for granted. They haul water from a spring for cooking and bathing, and they can garden produce on top of a battered wood stove in their front yard, and more.

    Not sure if the article ever is completed, and if it is accepted for publication, but if so, at least we might be reading some really interesting stories.

    At least a little diversion while we mutate and burn.

  • January 21, 2014 at 8:21 pm

    Correction: Substitute “Affluenza” for “Influenza”.

  • January 30, 2014 at 11:19 am

    Well, I just got through the snowpocalypse in Atlanta. Was traveling to Phoenix and then the storm hit and came back to Atlanta to find that a inch of snow and ice can shut a city down for 24 hours. It really demonstrates how vulnerable we are and imagine how much worse it is going to get with ever rising temperatures and the associated feedbacks it will cause (like Polar Vortexes).

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