Expiration Date

A new giant-sized, 1 kilometer-wide crater is being reported in the Yakutia region of Siberia. I’ve not seen the pictures yet but will soon.

This is one of the smaller ones:

If true (and it probably is, since it was first reported by the Oil and Gas Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences), this is more evidence of destabilized methane in thawing permafrost.

Over 20 craters have now been reported with more being discovered. It’s a sobering thought and the topic title of “expiration date” does come to mind.This site contains daily updates on temperature anomalies occurring throughout the world, Climate Reanalyzer.

By paying close attention to these and other world shattering events, you just might get the picture that something is not right in the world.

The Category 5 hurricane that just struck Vaanatu was very bad – “Aid workers arriving in Vanuatu witness ‘apocalyptic’ destruction – ‘This is likely to be one of the worst disasters ever seen in the Pacific’ – ‘Effectively the whole country is flattened’.

For a long time, I thought we might have until around the year 2100 to cope with escalating disasters and mitigation efforts. But as time went on, I realized that none of the data actually supports this position. Then I thought that 2050 was much more accurate, but that adaption was not possible.

But now I don’t view this as being accurate either. There are too many big events now occurring that dispel mitigation or adaption – and we do not have the time left that we think. Already the Arctic sea ice is at the lowest ever for this time of year and by summer / fall 2015 we may actually no sea ice at all.  Also note (in the link) the very strong winds already breaking up the ice. Scientists are very worried about this because of ocean warming and the albedo effect will cause even more temperature acceleration. Clathrate destabilization has already been occurring – and all this will lead to even more. So when they start finding kilometer-wide blowout holes in Siberia – well, not that hard to figure out.

Our expiration date is nigh upon us.

It’s hard to envision what this will be like. It’s also hard to know that the hopes and dreams of all of mankind – throughout all of our entire history – are going to be dashed to pieces, never to return. We all grow up learning to embrace the future. But when a future, any future, is no longer possible, what then? Despair sets in. Depression. Even suicidal thoughts.  However…

The future hasn’t occurred yet. Something we ought not to never forget.

Therefore, we should still try. Humankind has never before experienced what is now unfolding. And despite how it ‘looks’ to us who are paying very close attention, we owe it to ourselves, our children and all of the possible ‘futures’ that could exist, to try. Do what we can, when we can and do it right now.

So – I planted my greenhouse – two months early because it’s that warm here. Most of my spring cleanup projects are all done already. I’m already looking ahead towards what I suspect will be a hellish summer and I live in the heavily forested mountains!  I can’t even imaging what it’s going to be like elsewhere. California water reservoirs are severely depleted and winter is “over”, so anyone in these drought-plagued areas would do well to plan too – for severe water shortages and crop losses.

It may not be the future I want, but it is still a future – for now. I’m going to make the best of it with the time and life that I do have.


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