Experiencing My Own Collapse

I came across this water calculator that might be useful to someone else besides me. It’s based on water figures used for Tampa, but you can use it to quickly calculate how much water your household is using.

I was cutting a path across my useless “lawn” (trust me, I didn’t plant it) a couple of days ago, when the ground crumbled under my feet. Thinking I had found a gopher hole (I had), I dug down a little and discovered something else. This appeared to be a badger hole, a near horizontal cavern about 18″ in diameter. This alarmed me, because there haven’t even been any badgers here for many years (if ever, I really don’t know).

So using a long pole as a probe, I began to probe the ground. I found one spot where the pole sank straight down with relative ease for over 5 ft! This was directly under the path I had just cut in the lawn. This was bad news, it was only a matter of time before the pathway would collapse, so I got out the shovel (again!) and dug down and discovered a flow of foul smelling water. Uh oh…

Many test holes later, I’ve learned that the septic system isn’t working properly. I’m still not sure if the tank is cracked, or the leach lines are plugged or if the manifold wasn’t installed correctly, but I’ve got a smelly project on my hands. Not fun.

I’ve been told that the washing machine could be the cause, putting out too much detergent into a septic system. I’ve used liquid soap for the last couple of years specifically to avoid this problem and yet, here I am. Sigh… Well anyhow, that’s how I found the water calculator above, curious to know how much water my washing machine has been using.

Front loaders are much more efficient. With all the drought news going on in the world, keep this in mind should you be in the market for a new washing machine. Meanwhile, I’ll be digging up most of my useless lawn (which is a good thing, because I can’t eat it and will replant with stuff that is edible).


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2 thoughts on “Experiencing My Own Collapse

  • May 25, 2007 at 11:51 am

    Leaving this stinky mess is tempting, but I always clean up after myself…

    And I haven’t got what it takes to leave anyway. If I did, I’d be gone!

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