Expect It

There is something that needs to be thought about. The public outcry and finger pointing at Bush & Co, FEMA and other federal agencies, while justified, will in all likelihood result in a tightening of federal control and regulation, ostentiously to “improve services”, especially in times of national or regional disaster.

In fact, this may be the real agenda underway now — to force upon Americans that idea that we “need” more federal intervention in our lives to “protect us” from any possible harm or hindrance.

Just like 9/11 and the Patriot Act I & II, the governmental knee jerk reaction will be to make things worse – for all of us. Expect it. Plan for it, because it will probably happen.

On the horizon will be new legislation to control the lives of Americans in new and more restrictive ways. A “Emergency Preparedness and Planning Act” or some such, which will include where you can live, what you are allowed to do there, what you must do in case of a declared emergency, the tactical response of federal storm troops, restriction on private and NGO (non-governmental organizations), further consolidation of federal and state agencies, an “application” procedure for private entities who traditionally provided assistance in disasters, requisite funding from state and local governments to pay for these “improved” services, etc. And of course, they will expect us, the future “victims” to pay for it.

Isn’t that how the government always responds? So you know it’s coming.


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