Evolution or Revolution? Americans Being Micro-chipped?

200 Feet of Sea Level Rise

The bad news: If we burn all of the planet’s fossil fuels, we’ll melt all of the world’s land ice.

The good news: You’ll be long gone so … party on!

You can read the news release of the study here.

My main issue with this modeling study is that it is doubly conservative. First, it lowballs how fast rapid sea level rise can start, given the latest observational studies from Antarctica, as leading scientists have pointed out. Second — and equally important — it lowballs how fast temperatures might rise.

I would agree with Romm, but it’s worse then “conservative”. It’s ridiculous to even imagine human civilization could even last long enough to experience this. We’ll all be long dead from starvation and war, and I’m not using any hyperbole here. The temperatures projected in this study do not permit any food production anywhere.

It’s always strange (to me anyway) how ‘vertical disciplines’ wear so many blinders. It’s as if the world and nature itself operates in nice, clean little boxes. One box burns up or gets stomped flat or emptied completely out and it supposedly doesn’t affect any of the other boxes.  Which of course is completely ridiculous, the world doesn’t work that way and neither does nature.

Our dependency upon a habitable biosphere is well-understood (supposedly) by these same scientist, yet they keep MISSING the critical points about what it is going to take to keep human civilization and humans ALIVE. Well, not all of them, there are others that are keenly aware of this, but as Kevin Anderson mentions on the video below, they have to publish what is politically acceptable – even though the authors of these reports and their summaries “know it is complete rubbish”.

So they’re lying to you – to us and to our political leadership, but the lies are not like those morons over at WUWT are claiming – the lies are they’re not telling us how bad it already is, and how bad it will actually get and what this really means. Which is exactly what I’ve been telling readers on this blog for several years.

This is a important video with many revelations about what’s being published – find the time to watch this video as it is terribly important:

I do not personally share Anderson’s optimism, but I’m really glad he exhibits the critical ‘try anyway’ attitude that is do desperately needed. Unlike those that just prefer we give up, I still believe that we should make an effort to save ourselves. This is our new agenda, if we can find the willpower and leadership (which is notably absent).

Yet Americans are still being distracted by UTTER BULLSHIT. Yeah, I’m really, really tired of this crap, but here is a prime example:

Residents Report Forced Micro-chipping By Jade Helm Operatives

Several eye witness reports state that residents in the small town were rounded up and brought to an abandoned shopping mall in the area. There they were given the choice between RFID implantation, or imprisonment in the makeshift military base.  Link here.


This is what is wrong with the faketriot community – they’re willing to stoop to the level of absolute lies to get their agenda in the news. Of course this never happened – the date on the article is August 14th, 2015 and there was NO further reports on this anywhere. It didn’t happen. It’s just more made-up bullshit from the idiot wrong-wing morons that are trying to promote a fear-based agenda. Some of these clowns are just aching for revolution – but most of these fools are wanting this for the wrong reasons, while ignoring the real reasons we need a major change in this country. They’re also part of the stupidstitious crowds of fools that deny climate change and its effects.

I suggest everyone read the comments that follow this article (and the byline of the author). Asinine idiots.

This is part of the controlling the narrative, by framing the focus, debate, attention and energy of the people into absolutely useless directions and filling their heads with utter nonsense I mentioned again here.

This is (more) absolute proof that the connedspiracy crowd and many, many of their conspiracies are entirely scripted. I’ve read thousands of these stories, and the “believers” are ready for armed revolution (or that’s what they’re trying to claim). They’re dangerously deluded and are not even remotely grounded in reality.

Any website that would publish such trash should simply be avoided as non-credible. They can’t be trusted to even tell you the color of the clouds floating around in their heads.

Controlling the narrative

Let’s get back to reality. Kevin Anderson has also made the point that the published data on climate change is also being scripted to some degree, they’re not telling us how bad it already is and how bad it is going to get and how fast that this is going to happen – “We are always undermining, always underplaying the severity of the situation” @19:17.

It’s a big, big deal. It’s really important now that we focus our attention and efforts and money on what matters, what’s real and how we can try to help ourselves with the time we have left.

There really ARE big changes taking place and they’re very real. But the narrative that is making it to the news and especially in the alternative media is NOT accurate. Much of it is made-up bullshit, utter mind-fluff for morons and fools. Gladiator sports and figures fill the heads of millions of Americans as “important” garbage while their world is burning up outside their doors. This is part of the narrative being controlled for millions of people – the media simply refuses to dish out daily doses of reality.

But it’s not “just” the media. It’s also in the published data. Executive summaries often fail to reveal the real content of their reports. Policy-makers are often too distracted or disinterested in reading reports. They’re all well-known for passing laws without even reading them. Summaries are all they want – and in truth, it’s all most people want. And it’s going to lead to hell on earth.

In effect, we only have ourselves to blame because we’re not paying close attention to the real issues and how the narrative is being scripted, deliberately or accidentally. The lack of disciplined awareness and the acceptance of shoddy or even terrible data, conclusions or reports has permitted an awful lot of garbage into the “official narrative” which is now entrenched in the minds of the public and policymakers.

The errors being made, applied to any topic, are ubiquitous today. We’re drowning in information (and infotainment), but we are utterly failing to take out the trash and to identify and correct our assessments. I will remind you again – watch the video – because the points Anderson is making are actually applicable everywhere. It’s not just “climate change” and it’s real effects, it’s really the news and it’s affects on our entire civilization and society. We have got to get through this deception somehow.

I don’t intend to be vague by using terms like “somehow”, but so far, after 20+ years of publishing, it’s proven to be incredibly difficult to bring people’s awareness and discipline “up” to the required standard of accuracy and evidence. Even “professionals” are having a hard time with this, accepting assumptions as conclusions and then passing these “facts” along.

I’ve known for years and years how inaccurate much of the news is, and how really big issues such as climate change is being downplayed in the published reports. However it’s been impossible to change as things now stand. The lack of interest, awareness, critical thinking skills and the easy acceptance of assumptions as facts contribute to this problem. But as I’ve said before, it’s going to lead to hell on earth and a rather horrifying competition for the world’s remaining resources.

By now, you should be aware that it IS all connected. In thousands of articles I’ve brought together bits and pieces of what is actually going on. The connedspiracy theories that distract the fools and morons, the infotainment and gladiator sports that wile away lives and money, the extreme lengths Big Oil and Big Business will go to obfuscate and deny their involvement and destruction, the apathy and disinterest in our political process and paid political whores, the pretense of concern and lip-service to “do something” while doing nothing, the fake (s)Election process and how it means that nothing will change in America or even for the rest of the world where we are involved, the endless wars and fake terrorism that has cost millions their lives, the rapidly declining environment being emptied, depleted and destroyed by human activity, and what the real effects of our emissions and actions are going to mean to the world’s climate and our very survival.

Sadly, and quite tragically, the “sea change” that is necessary for Americans to wake up to reality is still not occurring. Too many voices claiming too much bullshit is part of the problem, but we are also all too busy, too engaged in the struggle to survive and “stay ahead” of homelessness to find the time and energy to “take out the trash” that we’re accustomed to keeping in our heads. It’s just easier to go along to get along. We’ll deal with what comes when it gets here. And that is exactly what I suspect will happen, no matter how strident the warnings or evidence gets.


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