Everybody Dies: Super Heatwaves Of 55°C To Occur Every Other Year

Desdemona has shared an article that is of extreme importance to the entire world: Super-heatwaves of 55°C to emerge if global warming continues – “Humid-heat waves with these conditions were never exceeded in the present climate, but are expected to occur EVERY OTHER YEAR at 4°C global warming”

Heatwaves amplified by high humidity can reach above 40°C and may occur as often as every two years, leading to serious risks for human health. If global temperatures rise with 4°C, a new super heatwave of 55°C can hit regularly many parts of the world, including Europe.

However, if temperatures rise to 4°C a severe scenario is on the horizon. Scientists predict that a new super-heatwave will appear with apparent temperature peaking at above 55°C– a level critical for human survival.  It will affect densely populated areas such as USA’s East coast, coastal China, large parts of India and South America. Under this global warming scenario Europe is likely to suffer annual heatwaves with apparent temperature of above 40°C regularly while some regions of Eastern Europe may be hit by heatwaves of above 55°C.

I’ve been warning about this for years now. Wet-bulb temperatures will exceed human survival. There was zero to none interest. But it was already evident from my own research and the data contained within science publications. I’ve shared that here on many occasions.

According to the study, the effect of relative humidity on heatwaves’ magnitude and peak might be underestimated in current research. The results of the study support the need for urgent mitigation and adaptation action to address the impacts of heatwaves, and indicate regions where new adaptation measures might be necessary to cope with heat stress.

You don’t “adapt” to 55°C – you die. And so do all the animals, plants and fish. Those elements that cannot leave, that cannot escape this level of heat and humidity will simply not survive.

This means no food – a theme I have desperately tried to get people to wake up to. There will be no crops that can survive these temperatures, wherever they may occur. No crops, no livestock, no food. Humans taking shelter in these regions will quickly starve once their food supplies are exhausted. Along with heat related deaths, there will be riots and extreme levels of violence as competition for resources increases dramatically. I’ve warned and warned and warned about all of this and more for years. Get ready for massive die-off – and that will include the vast majority of my blog readers.

This is why something like the Life Project is so essential. Nobody else seems to get it yet. Nobody else has proposed this. Human survival is going to be increasingly imperiled. It will take DECADES of effort to establish bio-regional survival habitats (if even possible), something I identified twelve years ago. But everybody seems to be placing all of their hopes upon vapor-technology to save our species – technology which doesn’t even exist and even if it did, it is extremely unlikely it could make the difference because of the scale of the problem.

We now know from other studies that it is likely impossible to reduce carbon loading in the atmosphere no matter what we try to do. And we certainly have zero ability to reduce carbon saturation in the world’s oceans. Therefore, we are committed to absolutely hellish conditions – which will exceed the limits of human survival.

Well god damn. I knew this all years ago and could not get anyone to listen. This isn’t an issue about who is right and who isn’t – it is about making the right decisions at the right time with the right information – so that the species might have a chance at survival. I also see this as being more then just a species-centric issue. We are not the only species that will be severely effected, the entire planet will be effected. Non-migratory species will simply die, thereby severely crowding other remaining areas where migratory species managed to escape to. Those regions don’t have enough food (or they would already be there) and the increased competition will just make it that much worse. And that’s just at the lower 4°C “scenarios” which I already know are too low anyway. Higher temperatures then this are expected.

It is still quite stunning to me that the world refuses to sit up and listen to the most urgent and REAL message of this global emergency. Instead, we have really stupid shit like this garbage and this garbage being published into the minds of millions to entertain total zombies. Humans will believe any damned thing – except the truth. This is strong evidence that we do not deserve to survive this folly we have brought upon ourselves – our species is just too damned stupid to get out of its own stupidstitious way.

But not all of us fall into this camp of whacked out fundamentalist crazies. Some of us have really tried to help humanity. And we get no support, no thanks, no readership, virtually nothing.

Yeah, I’m mad alright. I’ve poured my life’s work into this blog and it’s proven to be a total waste of time and effort. I have to sell off things just to keep this blog operational. It would have been better for me to continue to publish stupid shit like everyone else to retain an audience and get some support. But I chose not to, because this is a very real, very dangerous, global emergency unfolding right now. And I cannot get any of you to pay attention.


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  • August 21, 2017 at 10:01 pm

    Causes of climate denialism:

    1) Exxon and other fossil fuel companies that actively promote false science on the issue, to confuse and mislead the public and legislators;

    2) Liberals whose adherence to the dogma of economic growth exposes them as liars and hypocrites, lending political disrepute to the cause of climate awareness;

    3) Lack of interest and/or aptitude in science, and the complexity of the topic;

    4) The apprehension that this knowledge, if true, entails a rejection of our favored and acclimated way of life, that of industrial civilization.

    In a previous thread, I posted an article by Nicholas Georgescu-Roegen, the founder of the sub-discipline of thermo-economics. Roegen realized that orthodox economics assumed perpetual growth, something quite impossible given both the laws of thermodynamics and the fact that we live on a planet of limited low-entropy earth stock. His life’s work was to try to correct his field’s error and bring economics back into unscientific reality.

    Here’s that article again:

    “Energy and Economic Myths” by Nicholas Georgescu-Roegen (Reprinted from Southern Economic Journal 41, no. 3, January 1975)



    So, Acres—you think your life’s work has been wasted? Take a look at that article. And that’s just one small example of Roegen’s output. IIRC, he wrote three large books on this topic.

    He was almost completely ignored, except for his disciple, Herman Daly, the founder of the journal “Ecological Economics,” which is, of course, also largely ignored.

    That article was written in 1975. Did it deserve to be ignored, or, instead, placed upon the desk of every Congressman of that era?

    Anyway … climate denialism and near-term human extinction.

    The first time I heard of NTHE was when I was exposed to Guy McPherson’s work. Until then, I thought civilization would collapse as a result of the exhaustion of mankind’s dowery of low entropy earth stock, which was Roegen’s thesis. When I heard about NTHE, however, it was easy to revise my model, which was the one Rogen had created.

    The limiting factor was not the earth’s supply of low entropy battery stock. Rather, it was the earth sink’s ability to recycle high entropy heat and waste. The earth sink recycles heat and waste at geological times; this is the very formation of fossil fuels over millions of years. So if mankind releases tens of millions of years of safely stored heat and waste in a few centuries, obviously, it will be far too much for the earth sink to safely recycle.

    Even though McPherson’s lectures were the first time I had heard of NTHE, it clicked, because I had a workable model with which to make sense of it.

    Now then—in regard to climate denialism: consider that practically everyone in our society has been taught to think in terms of orthodox economics, with growth being the ultimate good, and the prospect of continual growth never really questioned. Consider the prominence, and indeed, the dominance, that the infinite growth orthodox economic model has today, everywhere.

    Should it really be surprising that so many are so ready to reject the reality of climate change, either outright, as the Republicans do, or just operationally, as the Democrats?

    Most of us are operating with a mental paradigm that runs exactly counter to real comprehension of climate change and NTHE.

    If this thesis is correct, the key to convincing “skeptics” (if we’re still bothering with that at this late stage), is to attack the perpetual growth paradigm of orthodox economics by demonstrating the primacy of the entropy law. Then, a new paradigm established, the actual data collected from scientists can be assimilated rather than rejected.

    Keep in mind again that that rejection may be either conscious and outright, as in Republicans, or unconscious and operational, as in Democrats (and pretty much everybody else).

  • August 22, 2017 at 7:49 am

    I want to invent a new word.

    The word is “horriveled.”

    It’s a combination of “horrified” and “marvel.” Because when I think of these issues, I’m both horrified by them, but not only that, I also marvel in astonishment that we, as a species, as a people, are so totally unable to deal with it.

    I am often quite horriveled these days.

  • August 22, 2017 at 2:59 pm

    Interesting information, but the comparison to Nicholas Georgescu-Roegen still misses the point I’ve raised. Georgescu-Roegen successfully earned his living from his work. He was not unrecognized or ignored during his lifetime either. He was in fact, supported by his own efforts and those that gave assistance. Just not widely agreed with.

    None of these successes of Georgescu-Roegen apply to the effort I’ve expended, it’s not even a fair comparison. This is a deflection, also called a “biased sample”. There are definitely others more worthy of the comparison who were just as ignored as I.

    Nicholas Georgescu-Roegen also wrote to a decidedly different audience and topic matter (non-threatening) that would contributed to his success during his life. He was well respected among his peers and achieved even more success later on in life.

    Everyone who has read this blog is quite happy to continue to do so for free – and when I’ve shut it down because I ran out of funds long ago, it’s just complaints I receive.

    Non-support has extended much further then this economic issue too – multiple requests to share posts and information to increase awareness and readership were also broadly ignored. My audience is lazy, indifferent and non-responsible with the information they’ve received. I’ve known this for many years.

    It’s why I rid this blog of certain individuals, they were dead weight requiring my engagement and I found myself needing to defeat their defeatism all too often. The damage being done by the NTHE movement is incalculable and it is my opinion that this has destroyed effective commentary, engagement and essential action. You can’t even have a respectable conversation about action without some fucking idiot tossing in a monkey wrench with defeatism. There is no “try” and there never will be with such people. I don’t want any of these assholes here. They’re already dead.

    Commentators want the benefits of endless free postings (theirs and mine) and refuse any type of support while reaping whatever benefits they may find. It’s no different then a non-paying renter. My answer to this is to turn off comments here altogether. Anyone that wants to “talk” can simply email me. There is no reason I can think of to be the only one to shoulder all the burden here indefinitely.

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