European Arrest Warrant

Minor “crimes” result in kidnapping by governments: 1,032 people kidnapped

More of the ridiculous war on (t)error idiocy.

The number of European Arrest Warrant detentions in Britain has risen 43-fold since 2004, when there were only 24 across the year. Many of those detained are accused of relatively minor crimes such as possessing cannabis or leaving petrol stations without paying.

They can spend long periods in jail ““ here and abroad ““ for crimes which might not even have been prosecuted in Britain. They can also be seized for offences which are not crimes in Britain.

Foreign prosecutors do not have to present evidence to the British courts, just demand the person be “surrendered”.

It can be revealed that a middle-aged motorist from Kent spent weeks in a British prison after Polish prosecutors sought his extradition on charges of possessing a forged car insurance certificate.

Patrick Reece-Edwards, 49, was stopped at a Polish border crossing. After questioning, he was allowed to drive off, but months later was seized at his home in Dartford under a European Arrest Warrant.

“He was kept in custody in Britain for weeks,” said his solicitor, Stephen Fidler. “After he was extradited to Poland, matters were resolved by payment of an administrative penalty with no criminal record.”

Another of Mr Fidler’s clients is fighting extradition to Romania after being convicted there of possessing a small quantity of cannabis. He is in his third month in a British prison and is likely to be there at least a further two months before his appeal against the European Arrest Warrant is heard. “Aside from the disproportionality of these cases, the costs to the British authorities are huge,” said Mr Fidler. “Those resources should go towards tackling serious crime in the UK, not minor crime abroad.”

Victimless crimes are being prosecuted across international boundaries by do-gooder fascists. In at least two of these reported examples (the article did say “many” are minor crimes), there is no victim.  No victim = no crime, yet millions of dollars are being expended to extradite these “criminals”, hold them for months and accomplish what, exactly?

More terrorism upon the people? More attacks upon personal freedoms?  Bankrupt some poor sod who will lose his home, his job, perhaps his wife while he awaits prosecution for months?

Politicians and police departments the world over are unbelievably stupid.  Fiscal and social responsibility are concepts they don’t understand.  The “crimes” they pursue are ridiculous.

But this what I predicted.  Governments and their agents would make more and more “criminals” as they seek ways and means to justify themselves and raise additional revenue.  How much you want to bet that the assets of these “criminals” are stolen by the State?  Or that the criminals are required to pay restitution to the State?

No-evidence extraditions has very serious consequences.  Effectively ANYBODY can be extradited for ANYTHING, even accusations simply made up.  No proof required, no evidence needed.

Unbelievable.  Why have the people of this planet put up with this crap?  Have we digressed back to the Dark Ages or what?  Why not just roll out the Inquisition and start burning people at the stake, bringing forth heresay and superstition as our “evidence”?

I keep harping on these themes of lost rights because it is dead obvious that we are going to turn over this planet to a generation (your children and mine) that will have nothing, and I mean nothing at all.  No rights, no freedom, no security, no peace, no health, no safe food to eat, nothing.  But they will have endless wars, overpopulation, pollution, destruction, misery and death all around as this collapse deepens, all orchestrated by an out-of-control State throughout the entire world on each continent.  They will be victims, if not by circumstances, then by design.

And we sit here and do nothing.


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