Eugenics and Homeland Security

Eugenics and Homeland Security. Mull those words over in your mind, and twirl them around. Play them backwards if you like — and your quickly realize just how damnably dangerous this can be.

Will be.


Because it’s happening already without your knowledge and without your approval and of course, without your consent.

States Hand Over DNA Of Newborns to DHS

Not hard at all to see where this is going, is it? First off, what in HELL does DHS have to do with genetic screening? In a normal world, the answer is obvious — NOTHING.

But we do not live in a normal world anymore. We live in a world where our every thought, our every word, our every behavior and our every action is monitored by someone, somewhere. Even our DNA.  Tiny toddlers are now rated “high risk” for criminal behavior according to studies now being performed across the nation. This information will plague these people for life — even if they have never committed a crime.

A modern day (versus future world) Minority Report is being practiced by our overseers for our “protection” of course.


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