Environmental Refugees

The landslide in China is captured on film by Boston.com.  You should go see them, as they are graphic evidence to how environmental disasters can destroy human efforts so thoroughly and so quickly.

Flooding in Pakistan is still taking lives. Cholera is now reported.  20 million impacted, thousands dead and over 3.5 million children in the impacted area.  And it is still raining.

There will be some long-term issue occurring in both countries.  I’ve always said refugees do not fare very well.  They’re going to suffer under monumental conditions for a long time, and many will die.

Here in America, there are people that are planning to make themselves refugees by fleeing to the mountains for various reason (usually with the idea that a “rescue” awaits them or that they’re going to survive there for the “duration”).

Bad idea.  Very bad idea. The people that promote this don’t have any idea what they are talking about (and have never done it), but it does engender endless discussions and planning and sells lots of books and useless “survival” items.

I wish I could have received a plug nickel for every bad idea like this I’ve seen, by now I could melt them all down for scrap and make a small fortune.

One reason I don’t promote my own website as “survivalism” because I’m do not subscribe to the “survivalist” mentality and way of thinking.  It’s not realistic at all, it’s fantasy living, romanticizing an extreme hardship and very, very temporary existence.  You won’t find “survival tips and tricks” here or promoted by me because that isn’t what is really needed for 99.999% of the people (and is only applicable in very few situations).  Sure, you might get lost one day in the woods and need to know how to do these things, but that’s not what I’m talking about.

Survivalism is a way of life to a real “survivalist”, learning how to do things yourself to take care of your own essential needs.  Mostly, it begins with a mindset and an attitude, which won’t be found in a “kit” but in a way of life that begins deep down inside of you.  Living entirely off the land is way, way, WAY outside of the realm of reality for most people, even if they had all the skills and experience to do so (our environment is so damaged that only very few people could actually do this anymore).  What we need is a way to live off of our land… more on this below.

If you live in an environmentally impacted area — move.  This can be heat, drought, rainfall, snowfall, earthquake, hurricanes, tornadoes, landslides, brush fires, flooding — anything at all.  Playing “chicken” with ‘ol Mother Nature is a prescription for suicide.  If not you, then your family, as they set down roots and build their own families.

Humans have built their cities and towns in some really stupid places.  To make matters worse, they’ve made their risk-factors even higher by increasing erosion, or drought through human activity, or building into the sides of mountains or ravines, or erecting cities on flood plains or marshland, building over earthquake fault lines or even on unstable “land fills” (usually garbage dumps).

Other dangerous activities are too obvious but never mentioned anywhere.  We build on top of each other like rats.  Erecting towers of concrete and steel, we pile people and possessions higher and higher, leaving 6 mere inches between us, top, bottom and sides.

I lived like that way back, hated it then and can not comprehend it now.  Such structures require constant maintenance, piping in everything, even the air, and then plumbing / pumping it all back out.  Extremely costly in terms of energy, buildings of this sort will claim the first victims in collapse.

Don’t get me started on rents.  Even here in this poor town, rent is insane.  With over 70% apparently on food stamps, they’re charging and arm and a leg and your first born (month-to-month) for the privilege of paying someone else’s mortgage.  But we don’t have any high-rises or apartment buildings, just houses and dumpy little homes that I wouldn’t let my dog live in.

If you are a renter — once again, move.  There are multiple reasons for this.  As collapse deepens all over the world, you will need a place to “be”.  I have exhaustively explained this to people on the phone, again and again.  Don’t be a refugee.  Don’t let yourself become one either.  Don’t make yourself one through paranoid planning.

You need a place to live, where you can survive.  Where you can grow some food, wiggle your toes in the dirt and build / erect / pitch your tent (home) and make your stand.  You also need a place where you can leave your essential possessions and not have them stolen from you, or confiscated by the landlord (same thing).  Or be subject to ever-increasing rents.

The notion of “having a place to be” encompasses many concepts.  Land permits you to live, and adapt yourself to survival in a collapsing world.  An apartment does not and never can.  I’ve touched on these concepts before.  Being indebted to the bank (or a landlord) makes you their slave, chained to their demands.

You should teach your children to obtain a bit of land, debt-free as fast as possible.  Build a shack / shanty / R.V. or tipi and have a place to live debt-free.  If you have to buy it on payments, pay it off as fast as you can.  Pick an area unlikely to be affected by environmental collapse (good luck however on that one, you can avoid the obvious already mentioned above, by Nature is going to slam-dunk us all I’m afraid).

Live in whatever shelter you can.  Don’t be proud — be frugal.  Be debt free.  Starve the banks from their interest and choose economical, simple, practical and essential over media and corporate induced “guilt living”.  You can live in nearly anything if you want to, but the key here is you.  Desire, determination, focus and intent and a lot of hard work thrown in can make this happen.  I do speak from experience here by the way.

I’ve seen a lot of people give up their dreams of having land over the years.  Essentially, they “quit”, and rejoin the herd, usually for economic reasons, convincing themselves that they’ve made the better choice.  One guy I know now lives in Los Angeles, where he’s a mere 6 inches away from his unknown neighbors.

Having a place to be, to call your home is absolutely essential, one of the most critical steps you can make in your entire life.  That is how important this is. Stop supporting the wage-slavery mortgage system that will keep you in chains your entire life and obtain something you can live on debt-free.

Land is essential for human habitation.  Just make sure that it isn’t already owned by someone else.

I’m all for the return of tribes and the non-ownership of the land.  I think it is absolutely insane that we have to “pay for our existence” to the corporate monstrosities that have taken over this world (banks, agriculture, the plantation owners of this planet).  Humans once lived for tens of thousands of years without such encumbrances.  No taxes, no rent, no mortgages, no permission slips, nothing at all that gave “permission” or forced you into servitude or slavery for your daily existence.

The tribe was a very successful human structure that kept humanity very well for a very long time.  We perceive our current civilization as the epitome of our endeavors, but fail to realize that we have created a precipice of disaster by doing so.  Humans cannot survive long with cities such as we have, which produce nothing but consume everything.  Nor can we remain an energy-intensive civilization indefinitely, the resources simply do not exist.  And when they’re gone, then what?

When collapse happens, it can happen suddenly as we’ve seen in Pakistan or China, or slowly as we see on the Gulf coast.

Our environment is what sustains us — we need to re-adapt ourselves to social structures that can live in that environment and not constantly against it and at war with it.  What we have today is extremely destructive, very short-sighted and fated to self-induced collapse and massive social unrest.  We cannot last like this forever and such arrogant thinking is why we are already in such trouble.

We continue to perceive that we are immune from our own hubris, but time and time again, this is proven to be patently false thinking.  The stresses of our world are cracking the foundations of our structures. We engage in endless warfare and atrocities to protect this way of life with an equally endless amount of human suffering and tragedy.

There is a way out of this dilemma.  But it is a step you yourself will have to take.


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