Environmental Collapse

More bad news on the environment, the greenland ice sheet continues to melt at alarming rates, the Antartic ozone hole reaches record proportions.For some, extreme climate change will be a double whammy, especially in the Pacific Northwest. The drought in the Western United States will have severe impact upon food production for the entire nation.

The researchers took 10 international agreed-upon indices that measure climate extremes – five that deal with temperature and five with precipitation and ran computer models for the world through the year What Tebaldi called the scariest results had to do with heat waves and warm nights. Everything about heat waves – their intensity, length and occurrence – worsens.

“The changes are very significant there,” Tebaldi said. “It’s enough to say we’re in for a bad future.”

Fewer “freeze days” equate to higher bug infestations.

The bottom line is wild temperature swings, higher rainfalls, longer droughts, fewer crops, more bugs, and rising sea levels.


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