Environmental Collapse Signs & Signals

A pretty big earthquake has hit Ecuador (7.2), and Papua New Guinea had a 7.0 on August 5th, with 4 more quakes all on the same day of 6.0 or better. Update: 7.4 quake strikes Mariana Islands region.

Flooding in Pakistan is reported as being worse then the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, the 2010 Haiti earthquake and the Kashmir earthquake in 2005, combined.  Over 16 million people have been affected.

Russian fires are still raging out of control and report a 25% grain loss (several regions in Pakistan are now facing starvation if emergency foods supplies relief are not seen very soon). Update: China landslides kill over 1200.

The Gulf of Mexico environmental disaster has affected tens of millions of people in the Gulf States.  Economically speaking, billions have been lost, but this is a pale figure compared to the huge environmental damage.  Already being buried and ignored by the U.S. media, the damage done to the Gulf has received the approval of the White House.

FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (S. 510) is baaack, and might eventually reach passage. This is the bill that makes it illegal to grow your own food among other things.  Several people have reminded me of this monstrous legislation — but my response will always remain the same — I will not obey what is immoral, unethical or unjust.  They’ll have to take the food from my mouth first.

I have long resisted the notion that we are going to “manage our way out of collapse” — just the opposite is actually true. We are going to insist on the BAU (business-as-usual) model right up until we die.  Our inability to stop predatory corporate practices, corrupt government, complicit media and massive cover up of what is happening all over the world is precipitating our collapse, economically and environmentally.

The Earth itself is literally screaming now at our refusal to change.  All the lifeforms that cannot speak are being wiped out, faster and faster and faster.

“The dolphins aspirate oily fumes through their blowholes,” he says. “They’re eating fish exposed to oil. They’re getting oil in all their orifices. They’re bathed in a continual soup of oil. There’s nowhere to go to get away from it. We know from the Exxon Valdez that even those animals not killed outright suffer lesions in their organs, including the brain. They go blind. They experience reproductive failures, changes in their blood chemistry, and possibly multigenerational changes passed down to offspring never even exposed to the oil.”

“Oil is toxic to most life. And Corexit is toxic to most life. But the most toxic of all is oil that’s been treated with Corexit.”

Barataria Bay has become a hospice wilderness, full of dying plants and animals. Nearly all the marshy islands are oiled. The oyster beds covering 10 percent of the bay (pdf) are dead or dying and now closed to human harvesting. The post-larval brown shrimp (pdf) migrating into the bay (the estuaries of Louisiana and Texas are home to the highest densities of brown shrimp in US waters) are running an oily gauntlet. So are the speckled trout that normally feast on brown shrimp during their own breeding season. For the first time in my bird-watching life, I’ve seen multitudes of clapper rails€”notoriously secretive marsh-dwelling birds€”running down levees and roads in broad daylight trying to escape the oiled wetlands.  The BP Coverup (must read)

Humanity should be OUTRAGED at what is happening to them and all around them.  But if you step back for a moment and examine the media sources that we have all relied upon, what do you see?  Ads for the latest celebrity gossip, promotions for new electronic gizmos, scandalous titillation to turn your attention quickly away from biosphere collapse.

Wake up people.  You are in severe peril.  If you do not stand up and stop this insanity, you will have no future at all.
We have engineered, literally engineered our own collapse.  We designed it right into the way in which we live, the destruction that we cause, the extraction of resources that we plunder.

And we’re going right along with it, happy-go-lucky saps that we are.

Americans will get their turn — I can assure you of this.  The Gulf Disaster is but a taste of things to come.  Your country is one of the major leading destructive forces on this planet.  And you are going along with it as if it will never affect you.  This is illogical thinking, the Earth is a closed system, the damage that we do does not leave us immune even if it is thousands of miles away.

We are destroying the very basis of the food chain on this planet, faster and faster and faster.  In response, the Earth is reacting to humanity, also faster and faster and faster.

There is still constant, and what I believe to be absolutely useless debate about whether or not we are into overshoot or overpopulation or whether we are extracting too many resources, or how much impact humanity “really has”.  I find such discussions mind-boggling, as we only need to look outside and see for ourselves just how bad we’ve made this planet. In exchange for all of our glitz and glitter and comfortable lives, we’ve exhausted most of the planetary resources already, and polluted the place with such damage that it would take a million years for nature to clean up.

It is rather unbelievable that the connection of human activity to environmental collapse is not being widely recognized or accepted.  I’ve pointed out the lies being promoted by media and government and corporate interests, but throughout the entire American spectrum, you can still find ample disbelief of such magnitude, that it boggles the mind.

There is a war going on for you mind (and for your money) and even for your very life.  You are being programmed to believe in lies, accept them for the way things are, and the way things should be, even if these lies are going to eventually kill you.  There is an illusion holding a death-grip upon your minds, a distortion of truth and how the real world really is.  These forces at work are no accident at all, but carefully crafted and engineered to blind us all from the truth.

We need to pull back from this insanity and categorically reject these distortions of “life” as being the false pretenses that they are.  We are at a critical junction in human history and how we respond to this call for truth will determine the fate and the future of humanity.


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