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I’ve been too busy to perform updates here. Today, I uncovered multiple attempts to pass stolen credit cards on the Food Assets site, so this mess had to be unraveled. It always takes a couple of hours to root this sort of thing out. Fortunately, we caught this before anything was delivered, but these are expensive to the merchant in any case. I’ve also notified other suppliers of this attempt, I discovered that this fraud attempt was also being tried at other dealers too.

I can’t stand thieves. I’m pretty sure this is a criminal organization that is doing this too.

Yesterday was another busy day with doing some semi-professional photo shoots. I lucked in to a professional light room to use and after many false starts and stops, got things working and took some new photos. Now the real work begins with post-processing, we’ve got about a thousand images to do.

If you’ve seen John Wick 2, you’ll already “get it” regarding the video below. I had to kill some time in the city and hating the place, went to a movie and saw this film. It was more then a little over the top – I started laughing at how overtly ridiculous the scenes were, only to get worse and worse as the movie progressed.

Typical these days. Hollywood and the mass media has this notion that pure entertainment “fun” is what people want to see. Not me. I prefer realistic movies, realistic action and of course, history, backstories, documentaries, etc., that give movies and video entertainment a sense of reality. I live in the real world – Hollywood doesn’t.

Just sitting through watching the previews in a theater shows me just how ridiculous Hollywood movie-making has become. I mentioned this in the recent past – super-heroes and super-villains and super-powers. Supposedly what Hollywood thinks makes good entertainment. I disagree.

Anyway, this is still funny, especially if you’ve seen the original movie.


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