England Stabs Its Citizens In The Back (Again) And A Few Thoughts On The Real Terrorists

First found over on Cryptogon, United Kingdom citizen will be forced to present a passport to buy or use a mobile phone.

A compulsory national register for ALL 72 million phones will force England residents to open up their entire private lives to the government. Just imagine all the things you do with your cell phone. And now they want to force you to submit to government registration, which will lead to monitoring of your calls and all of your activities — but won’t do a damned thing to stop terrorism.

It is not hard at all to rightly imagine where this is headed and why it won’t even remotely work as a method to “combat terrorism”, but will be a great way to bring about a Big Brother government (to a higher degree then it already is).

Terrorist must be flat-out stupid if they use (any) electronic technology these days. Apparently the GPS chip in these phones isn’t good enough.

The truth has always been terrorism isn’t what all these government claim it to be — if it was, it would be much more common and frequently occurring, instead of these very rare occurrences, which most often have been directly traced back to government operatives.

Either “real” terrorist are unbelievably stupid, or they don’t actually exist in the numbers that justify all these privacy invasions to billions of the world’s citizens.

I am absolutely convinced that the latter is the truth. All these claims of terrorists in our midst is total bullshit and always has been. We don’t have “freedom fighters” lurking in the woods (anywhere) ready to strike, or cave-dwelling Arabs planning on launching attacks from half-way around the world. These stories are absolute crap and always have been.

Real terrorists would have ALREADY struck, yet NOTHING has happened in seven years (using America for an example). Someday, we might see real terrorism in this country, but the only terrorist I’ve seen are government goons, including those that blew up Oklahoma City and the World Trade Center.

Terrorism would be unbelievably EASY to perpetuate, no need for cell phones, international flights, false identities, international financing or any of the other “points” that have come under attack by government in England or the United States. To get here, simply walk across the border. There are a great many places where this can be done, to put a little satire to it, just ask any illegal.

In your pockets would be the cash needed to keep you operational. Then simply go buy what you think you need, paying cash.

I won’t detail how unbelievably easy it would be, but to put it another way, I have never been to England. But I guarantee you, I could get there rather easily, infiltrate the city or the countryside and wreak havoc if I wanted to. And no Big Brother government could EVER stop me, not until I was caught after the fact. But I don’t want to — and nor does 99.99999% of the world’s population.

This is why “combating terrorism” simply will never work. It can never create an airtight environment of protection for the world’s citizens. Every effort to create this type of shell is resisted by the people being caged inside and is very easily penetrated by the people on the outside and always will be. Unless you want to be caged yourself in a maximum security prison to keep everyone else out.

Anybody remember the D.C. snipers? Two idiots with one rifle put 10,000 cops on the case, tying up a massive amount of resources and costing millions and millions of dollars and creating a national panic. These “terrorist” weren’t really terrorist (political motivations), just greedy bastards that thought they could make some money by committing horrific crimes. But just two morons put millions of people to fear and panic. It is that unbelievably brain-dead simple on how terrorism could be easily perpetrated. Yet it doesn’t hardly EVER happen.

Why? Because we do not believe in terrorism. It is not a part of the American landscape or ideology. Yet we are being constantly reminded and bombarded that we must be in constant fear of our lives because other people do have this as a part of their ideology.

Yet, it almost never happens despite these “efforts” by governments to stir up hate and hatred, profiling and singling out other groups.

The Hegelian Dialect is a principle that is oft-used by governments to achieve it’s end goals: create a problem, then offer the “solution”. The truth is, it is the government that is creating the problems and always has been. The citizens of the world generally do not have problems with each other, but are stirred up to hatred and war by their governments, who seek to oppress one group over another (and justify the need for their existence).

Frankly, I’m surprised these groups haven’t figured this out. The deep divisions being created by government can be easily seen for the false “flag” events that they really are.

It is also impossible to suppress terrorism by enforcing laws that suppress citizens. Just the opposite will eventually occur, as citizens rebel against their out-of-control governments and become what is supposed to be suppressed — terrorist themselves as they strike back in an effort to restore their rights and freedoms.

This is what happens in every country that suppresses its populations, even Saddam Hussein had these freedom fighters fighting back against him and his policies of brutal oppression.

These terrorists are in fact created by governments which breeds them in droves under the conditions of oppression and tyranny. This is now happening in England and in America. If George W. Bush was to preempt the (s)Election, this country would experience a revolt, which would have the very real potential for civil war. It’s even possible this might happen if McInsane is (s)Elected and continues on the same oppressive path launched by Bush, new terrorist will be created and would fight back against more government tyranny (we could always hope).

Governments cannot control or oppress their populations unless they have the acceptance and the acquiesence of their citizenry. This is a fact. Standing armies or even invading armies cannot do this through sheer force and violence. Always simmering under the surface is the deep resentment against oppression and war crimes. This is what is going on in Iraq right now, America has not “won the war” and never will. Americans do not even remotely understand the centuries-old levels of conflict and oppression that the Iraqi’s have lived under. Our occupation there is but a heartbeat, they will never submit to America.

The “other war” nobody ever talks about is the political war, where the battle for the hearts and minds of the surviving citizens is fought. This is accomplished very easily these days through massive propaganda and brain washing. This is always why independent media is swiftly marginalized or simply taken out. Words are given new definitions to create and foster the “alliance” and misguided belief systems that governments seek as they create tighter and tighter controls. Dissent is now “terrorism” and unpopular speech is labeled as “hatred”. Journalist and even independent bloggers are singled out and banned, blocked or arrested.

The real battleground has always been for your mind, to get you to meekly accept the disinformation and lies being promoted. All these security provisions are for your own good they say, you’re not really giving up anything, you can still buy and sell and shop and drive around (and remain stupid, dumb and pacified), we’re just doing this to protect you they say. But these lies cover up the real abuses of our lost rights and privacies and how little they actually do to stop real terrorism.

There have been a number of reports that these measure simply do not work, but they are great tools to oppress the citizens, stripping them of rights and privileges, bloating government bureaucracies and increasing budgets, which is most definitely a part of their goal. Modern day paramilitary storm troopers exist in America as a result, armed to the teeth against a mostly harmless and defenseless population (but not one without teeth of their own).

There has long been a justified fear that Bush & Co., would use these troops or Blackwater mercenaries against Americans. This fear remains entirely justified and will always be justified as long as America (or England or any country) seeks to instill fear against bogus enemies and make-believe bogeymen.

But don’t think that terrorism cannot happen, it does. But all too often, these acts are perpetrated by government agents and operatives. This even happens at low levels, like the Seattle protests, where “anarchists” (undercover cops) began smashing windows and burning cars.

Governments are not at all above creating false flag attacks (or allowing them to occur) against their own citizens (or anyone else’s if it serves their purposes), this methodology has been going on for decades, and includes recent examples like Oklahoma City and the Word Trade Center, but also includes Pearl Harbor, launching this country into a world war, killing millions and millions.

The lies leading up to the Iraq war is another example, Americans were sold a pack of lies by almost everyone, the media, journalist, television reporters, politicians and of course, that mealy mouthed Liar in Chief. Millions have died as a result and yet the perpetrators are still not being held accountable for the genocide we’ve inflicted. America has not accomplished anything in Iraq except rivers of blood slaughter. To say that Iraq would have been better off under Saddam Hussein would be an accurate statement, the brutality and unbelievable devastation caused by American troops and bombs, irradiating the entire countryside for thousands of years doesn’t even remotely compare to Hussein’s legendary brutality.

But America has more (stolen) oil now, so we’re “justified”, but only if you believe and accept these lies. The “insurgents” in Iraq (freedom fighters) are willing to fight to the death to throw off their American oppressors. This is a battle that can never be won by America and more American troops are going to die long before this is fully realized and accepted. The Soviets learned this lesson in Afghanistan. Even though the Afghans suffered terrible losses, they continued to throw their bodies into the fire to throw off their oppressors. They succeeded only because America began to provide a flow of cash and arms. Ironically, America is now raining down bombs on their country, almost always only killing citizens in their bogus war on “terror”.

It is patently clear that the real terrorists are the governments that are enforcing their draconian policies and politics upon the world’s citizens. They are the ones dropping the bombs, raising armies and invading countries. Misguided citizens are brainwashed by massive levels of government and media propaganda (which is really the same thing) to go along with this. forcing us to kill each other, which when you really think about it, is unbelievable.

This should shock you to your core. You are expected to hate and kill in the name of your government anyone whom they claim is your “enemy”. Yet these enemies are just like you, and have the same hopes and fears you do. They have the same families and the same lives (except your life is far more privileged and padded then theirs would ever hope to be). But yet, they are your declared “enemies” because your government has declared their government the enemy.

This is stupid beyond belief and should be categorically rejected as insane behavior. The people promoting these kinds of beliefs should be locked up. My enemy is the individual who has done me harm. Everyone else is either my friend or a stranger, nothing more. My politics do not reflect those of my insane government and never will. I will think for myself, decide for myself and act for myself in my own best interests. I do not need nor want nor appreciate what my government does for me (while it rapes me and my countrymen blind, demanding that I also thank them for this privilege), alleging that it is protecting me against bogeymen and ghosts.

The world’s citizens need to reject the insane propaganda being spouted by their politicians and their governments that instill hatred, fear and “us against them” as they foster wars, death and destruction and false flag operations meant to divide and destroy. Protecting us does not mean oppressing us, or asking us to die for the flag against bogus enemies. Obama is recommending a mandatory “national service”, which would only make sense if your country actually was in the business of safeguarding your life, rights and liberties (it’s not). It’s busy stealing all of these away, requiring the blood sacrifice of thousands of us in foreign lands. This is “national service”? I think not, you’d have to be an absolute moron to believe these lies.

It makes no difference if you live in England or Australia or the United States, the people of the world are not your enemies. Their country’s leaders might be your enemy, but decide this for yourself, not because of some media or government propaganda has told you to.

If you want to live in fear — then believe everything your government tells you without question, doing nothing (should be easy for most of you). But if you want to shake off the yoke of bondage and bring light to the darkness they have created — question everything and decide for yourself what is really the truth.


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6 thoughts on “England Stabs Its Citizens In The Back (Again) And A Few Thoughts On The Real Terrorists

  • October 20, 2008 at 12:27 pm

    from http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2008/10/20/mccain-camp-manager-colin_n_136095.html

    [On accusing Obama of being a terrorist] quote, “It’s great fodder for us to debate every day. I think it’s fun,” [McCain campaign manager] Davis said.”

    FUN? FUN !!!!! FUN ???? okay, bald-faced scum-sucking lying is fun, And fraudulent overt fear mongering in fun. And inciting morons to riot and wantons acts of mayhem is fun, And stoking the fires of raging paranoia and hate is fun. And mean cruel demonic race baiting taunts and far worse is fun. And driving a stake of white-fear into the heart of what little is left of Amerikkka [thanks to the Repugicunt ones) is FUN. Uh huh. Okay (not). Are we having fun yet?

    I suppose that would make race riots “hilarious” and mob-lynchings a “smashing-good party”, eh? And they may well have a ball as the white-man fear of any/all other takes hold and corpses burn and hang from trees.

    To say nothing on the use of the term “debate” – which apparently now means slander and/or subversive to Repugnican’t scum-suckers.

  • October 21, 2008 at 8:45 am

    More data based stuff: http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2008/oct/20/interpol-facial-recognition

    and other misc. tidbits:

    Everyone has gone survivalist, http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/27244465/

    Pakistan get new Nuclear plants: http://www.kentucky.com/524/story/559744.html

    Getting harder to hide: http://www.defensenews.com/story.php?i=3778072&c=FEA&s=TEC

    Day after day more government, more high-tech, more lost of plain common sense, and with it all comes more and more control being put in place to make humans void and null…

  • October 22, 2008 at 4:29 am

    Argentine Government Seeks Control of Private Pensions. Sounds like Social Security, all of your deductions for it actually go straight to the Treasury. There is no actual fund. Realize now, that you will soon be on your own. Plan accordingly.

    Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner proposed legislation calling for the nationalization of the country’s private pension system.

    The plan to take control over 10 funds, which hold about $29.3 billion in savings, will be sent to Congress today, Fernandez said in an interview with C5N television after she signed the proposal.

    Analysts said the move is a bid to seize assets and stave off Argentina’s second default this decade.

  • October 24, 2008 at 12:13 pm

    What is the final solution for the paranoid? I’ve often mused about that. My idea is that they want a cop in front of every doorway!

    But what if this cop actually said, “In order to stand in front of your house and protect you, I also need access to the inside of your house; in fact, I have to protect you from yourself. Therefore, I’m going to observe what you are doing on the web, what you are writing via email, who you are talking to and what you are saying. I’m going to look in your closets and in your basement to make sure you aren’t storing or growing anything that might be illegal. I’m going to look in your bathroom closets. I’m going to check out your IRS forms. I’m going to examine what you tell the insurance companies – can’t have any lies about pre-existing conditions, now can we?”

    Are these the tradeoffs that one would make for total security? The stupidity and insanity of it is apparent. Yet some would be willing to do this, even this – give up all their rights for such security.

    And as Admin points out, they would give up their very lives for the “flag,” regardless of whether it was a real or imagined enemy.

    I always crack up at the media. They are always so quick to report that the United States did this or Russia did that. The United States believes this or Russia believes that. My government does not speak for me nor does it represent my viewpoints. So why would the media suggest that I said or believe something that I do not? I am an American but I don’t subscribe to the opinions of the Bushitters. So why mischaracterize MY opinon and feed it back to me as truth. These are the lies of the media. Orwellian reality.

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